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Quirky Characters (OOC)


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Okay so here's what happen, describe it how you want:

Your characters are waken up by an alarm. It is the alarm the Freedom League use to call them since apparently they are members of it. They find themselves either in their appartment or their headquarter and are about in their early twenties, living a rather ideal life. They have no memory of how the hell they ended up in this situation. One moment they were outside the mall the next they are woken up.

I'll reveal more of it as we go along.

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Oh my...

Okay, so when you say ideal.  Is it their ideal, or ideal from a hero perspective, or is this a use your imagination kind of scenario?

Oh!  Also, when you say we have no idea how we got there, do we have any memories of this ideal situation?

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Well, think of it as what the character would imagine they would be in a few years if things were going well for them. Stuff like, I don't know, they finished their studies in whatever and the top of their class, they got a nice appartment, met the (sadly completely imaginery in this case) love of their life. Stuff like that. To make an example, it would be like the basic Peter Parker woke up and he was married to Mary Jane, he had a good job (no money problems too!) and the city didn't think he was a menace that eat babies. So yes it is much like Future Imperfect.

And no, they just wake up in this strange scenario not having any memories of living that life.

Same powers and skills as I don't want us to waste weeks over crunch and requiring ref approval for a single thread.

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Of course 'future' as you will find is...quite subjective, here. In fact if anyone's character want to do some quick research once they had the time (which is to say not now in-game, but you can roll anyway if you're curious to know right away and we'll assume your character do it later), they can roll Gather Information or Knowledge (History), the latter actually involving piecing together what is real history mixed with doing some internet research to find out what's the deal in this reality as they themselves do not have the memories of their current lives.

Gather Information

10: Cerulean, Hestina or Rampart never went to Claremont together because...Claremont as a superhero school does not exist.

15: The three of them have been major members of the current incarnation of the Freedom League, which they joined officially around the time they turned 18. The Freedom League is also noticeably smaller in number.

Knowledge (History)

10: The 'Age of Heroes' began roughly twenty years ago when The Centurion first arrived. This make no sense as Centurion should have appeared in 1938.

15: Centurion still died like in the normal timeline, but his death was a more recent event and does not involve the appearance of Omega. Several of the well-known heroes and villains apparently do not exist in this world.

20: Major moments in the superhero history (Terminus Invasion and the like) never hapenned or if they did, they hapenned in a completely different form in the last twenty years or so. It's as if the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron Age of Freedom never hapenned or only happened in a simpler, more recent form.

So yes, there's a bit of a New52, Ultimate Marvel or MCU deal going on here...

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So are you two ready to move along to an action scene? No worry, after that we'll have plenty of time for everything else. Sorry if it feels like I'm railroading people, there are just a few things I need to set up with the thread.

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