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WIP- Rescue


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Player Name: Grailent
Character Name: Rescue
Power Level: 10 (147/150PP)
Trade-Offs: None
Unspent Power Points: 3
Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30

In Brief: Troubled Teen to One Man Rescue Service.

Alternate Identity: Felix Crenshaw
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Grocery Clerk, Volunteer Medic
Affiliations: Dan and Deb's Healthy Living Convenience, 38th Street 
Family: Lewis Crenshaw (Father, 34), Natalie Crenshaw (Mother, 33), Candice Crenshaw (Sister, 24)

Age: 18 (DoB: 8/13/1997)
Apparent Age: 18
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Asian-American
Height: 6'0" 
Weight: 133
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Shaggy nape-length dark hair, smooth nose and jaw, and slightly bushy eyebrows. Felix is, in a word, innofensive. Not unattractive, but not strikingly handsome, either. Pass him on the street, you probably won't even notice him. Upright but not especially so gait, and a relaxed and blase tone let you know that he probably hasn't led a super interesting life, though that is of course, slightly untrue.

In his daily life, Felix almost always wears simple, baggy clothing in muted palletes, mostly because they're comfortable and flexible. This also unintentionally hides his physique, one of a fairly frequent runner from an early age.

As Rescue, however, Felix takes every effort to be noticed. His "costume," esentially a silk raiancoat, pants, and boots, blares with bright orange and yellow. Silver strips of reflective safety tape dot the outfit. The goggles and scarf help to hide his identity, as well as offer some basic protection. In a storm, a fire, a blackout, an apocalypse, Rescue is very hard to miss as he calls out for you.

Power Descriptions
Rescue's powers, to him, anyway, seem perfect for search and rescue - he can create up to five copies of himself, walk through walls like they aren't there, calm down or inspire hope in uncooperative civies, heal wounded on the go... When using any of his powers, Rescue summons up a minor but pleasant looking water vapour effect. When he creates a clone, the vapor flows off him, forming a human shape that quickly solidifies. When he moves through walls and other objects, he creates and outline of this vapor. When he touches someone, to heal them or manipulate an emotion, he creates a swirling mass surrounding his hand. He throws out a ball of the water vapor to create a slippery area, or a debilitating cloud around one's head.

When working with his doubles, Rescue remains fairly in tandem. He can see through their eyes, as can they, meaning things such as walkie talkies are normally irrelevant. In combat, the Rescue's are not perfectly in-synch, and all of them normally use only basic punches and kicks. Rescue never fights with himself, being something of a hive-mind (though he would hate to admit it.) They refer to each other as different entities (1, 2 etc.) and can be seen in mock conversations often.

Born ostensibly in a city, but much more so raised in the rural portions of Oregon, Felix was often alone in his life. His parents were hard working and honest, but often tied up. His sister was shy and withdrawn, more interested in reading and writing than her brother. With no real substantial talents as he could tell, no real friends, and no real coping mechanism, he was desperate for purpose. Purpose, would soon find him, however. Part of a generation of troubled children, who in their later years formed "cliques" and began to fight over turf, Felix was perhaps a bit out of his happy place. Being the only person in his class with an interest in medical science, he often volunteered to help patch up hurt kids. The wounds often progressively became worse as time passed, but nothing seemed too out of the ordinary otherwise.

That changed when Amanda Springs was found underneath the local bridge. Her body was wracked with a horrible, oozing wound, one not even a called in professional could identify. It grew progressively over her throughout the week, until she was unidentifiable. Then, another teen, Scott Herein, was found, heavily wounded near a smashed part of a forest. This kept up throughout the year, teens found in progressively more wounded in terrifying situations. The only common thread between them was their membership in different cliques around the town.

Felix tried very hard not to think about this. He couldn't help them, they weren't good kids...but no one really deserved a fate like that. He remained torn throughout the year, out of the way of police and supernatural investigations. At least, until he became the next victim. He wasn't part of a gang, unless medical staff counted. He was, however, a bystander who did nothing to help, an accessory to crime. At least, that was what SHE believed.

Tara Edder, famed punching bag of the school. She'd gone missing a year prior, with no evidence turning up. Felix finally understood, why that was. She ranted and raved as she dragged him, paralyzed, toward a cave system. He was far too out of it to hear her, but she didn't care. Slamming him on a roller bed with a giant monster arm helped him hear her crystal clear, though. The caverns were her safe place, where where went for solace from the world. One fateful day, during a minor earthquake Felix could vaugely recall, the cave had collapsed, and she had been sent into it's depths. Heavily injured and alone, she had discovered a machine, alien technology, perhaps? It seemed a good a place as any to die, so she had sat in it. The machine, changed her.

AS far as she could tell, the machine was designed to create super beings. It could drag out latent potential, based on subconscious and knowledge. Tara had gained the ability to copy any other power, though she only discovered this when the nosy, poisonous shrew Amanda Springs had found her new home. With this discovery, Felix realized her plan. The machine had damaged her, internally. She thought she was enacting justice against the town. She couldn't see, how awful her plan was. He watched, as she dragged someone else out of the machine, touched them, and grumbled, leaving them with several others, tied up and writhing about.

Placing him in the machine's center, Tara left to obtain a new victim while Felix "cooked," not even entertaining the notion that he had the will or awareness to crawl out of it's depths. He could barely walk, he was scared out of his mind, he wanted to escape. But he couldn't. Not only because it was pointless and probably impossible, but also because of the others with him in the cave. Failed subjects, presumably, not good for powers or vengeance, left to rot.

He dragged himself to them, and freed as many as he could. Most were confounded by the freedom, and he could only squeak out the barest request to run before his legs gave out. He faded in and out of consciousness then. He saw glimpses of, a battle? Some of the subjects must have stayed to fight Tara. He saw her final moments, limply clinging to the machine that had given her purpose, and he felt pity and sorrow swell up inside. He felt his legs being dragged, back...toward the machine...

He woke with a start, as a piece of debris smashed beside him. It seemed, the machine had had fallen apart, the power holding it's pieces in place running out. But, how was he alive? He scanned the nearby area for others, seeing only a corpse. One which looked, a bit familiar.He screamed, as his own corpse turned to cloud like vapor and merged with him, noting that he felt more whole than prior. He checked himself over. He was till himself, he wasn't a ghost, what was going on?

It would only be, over a month later, back with his ecstatic family, that he finally learned what had happened in full. The people he had helped had dragged him as he lay dying toward the machine. He had cooked in the thing for over a week before it ran out of juice, and got a full blast of super powers. He could copy himself, he could walk through walls, he could heal people with, cloud magic, or something!

He kept secret any powers he discovered, only telling people that the machine had healed him back to life. He thought often about Tara as he reached graduation, about her cause. It was wrong, and awful, but she had been correct about one thing. He had been a bystander, in a way a willing aid in crime, and people, innocent people, had been hurt on account of him. He couldn't let that go. He had to make amends.

And so, moving to the big city named Freedom to start fresh, he began a new career. Innocents in peril would never have to fear, when the Marvelous Rescue was on the the scene to help!

Personality & Motivation
Rescue is friendly, as well as usually attempting to be jokey.  He tries to be non-conflictive, though he can sometimes become annoyed or angry. He rarely hesitates before plunging headlong into nearly any life-threatening scenario if innocents are in trouble, and has prior being involved with arguments with general authority on his refusal to sacrifice an innocent for a good cause. He often works alone, though that has more to do with his focus than any other issue.

Rescue is mostly at peace with his powers. The only real exception, the ability to manipulate the emotions of others, is a bit of a sore spot. He has made a vow to never use the ability abusively, for pure minor personal gain (Free things, gratification, etc,) He makes exceptions for serious situations, however. (Fighting Villians, Helping Civilians, Making a massive bully afraid of the color red during prom...)

Rescue is at times inconsistent with his doubles. He knows as much as they do that they are all the same person, being a hive mind of sorts. Despite this, they interact with each other frequently as individuals, with different names and tones, insults and compliments, and even occasional game participation (though they must promise not to peak through the others eyes.) If nothing else, to him it seems like good social practice.

As Felix, he is much calmer and individual. He's normally just one of himself, much more low key, and concerned with things much more in common with a teen fresh out of school looking for a college or other opportunities.

Powers & Tactics
Rescue's main goal is search and rescue. Split up, sense people in need, move about, heal others as needed, get them to safety. With his five duplicates, he can be throughout a scene fairly quickly, and internally communicate need and danger. If there are no more civies as he can see, or a villain desperately needs stopped, Rescue will join a fight. In actual combat, Rescue and his duplicates attempt to disable opponents and assist allies. Having an extended lifespan, thanks to regenerative capabilities, re-directive capabilities and multiple bodies, Rescue is fairly hard to put down for good.

There are other situations in which having more than one of yourself is useful - doing general grunt work, spreading messages or gathering information, observing, or working together to lift heavy things. He is especially well tune for scouting thanks to his ability through walls and sense living presences.
Secret Identity.
Another day, another double life. Being in more than two places at once helps out a fair bit, however.

Fear of Heights
From a young age, Rescue was never one for heights. He could never see the appeal in roller coasters, or scaling high surfaces (though he did enjoy climbing up safety harnessed rock walls and the like). In a best case scenario, Rescue will be willfully down a clone in extremely high environments. Worst case, probable minor panic attack.

"Super-villians attackin' the mall, we get the frickin road cone man..."
Rescue has a less than stellar public image. Though his efforts and powers are appreciated, organizations and general government are distrustful of him, as an independent hero who refuses to register any groups, schools or the like with more controlled super-heroics. The general public at large are usually disrespectful, if they know or acknowledge him at all. As Felix, he has heard himself referred to as 'D-Tier' and unimpressive, though he tries not to let it get to him. Tabloids, internet groups, they all love putting him down (in the most disregarding, flippant way possible of course.)

Abilities: 4 + 7 + 4 + 4 + 8 + 0 = 27PP
Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 17 (+3)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 18 (+4)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

4 + 2 = 6PP
Initiative: +3
Attack: +3 (+1 Unarmed) 
Melee, +3 (1 Unarmed)
Defense: + 3
Knockback: -3 
Saving Throws

4 + 4 + 3 + 5 = 15PP

Toughness: +6 (Con +2, +4)
Fortitude: +6 (Con +2, +4)
Reflex: +6 (Dex +3, +3)
Will: +8 (Wis +4, +4)

 58R = 13PP

Medicine 8 (+10) Skill Mastery
Climb 4 (+10) Skill Mastery
Knowledge: Popular Culture 4  
Knowledge: Life Science 8 (+10) Skill Mastery
Languages 1 (Japanese, English [Native])
Notice 8 (+10) Skill Mastery
Sense Motive 8 (+0) 
Survival 4 (+0)
Swim 4 (+0)



Beginner's Luck
Attack specialization: unarmed 1
Blind Fight
Defensive Roll 2
Dodge Focus 2
Skill Mastery 1 (Knowledge: Life Science, Medicine, Notice, Climb)
Endurance 2
Teamwork: 2
Elusive Target
Instant Up
Prone Fighting
Equipment 4
Improved Disarm 2
Improved Trip
Improvised Tools
Quick Change
Power Attack
Uncanny Dodge : Auditory


4pp = 20EP

Personal: Flash Goggles [1EP]
          Emergency Pepper Spray [15EP]

Rescue Pack: Binoculaurs [1EP]
             Flashlight [1EP]
             Gas Mask [1EP]
             Rebreather [1EP]

Powers: 24 + 7 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 3 = 44PP
"One Man Rescue Team, on the scene!" 

[Duplication 8] (16 + 6) [24 pp]
PF: Absorption Healing
    Mental Link
    Progression 2
EX: Survival

[Healing 2] (4 + 3) [7pp]
PF: Persistent
Ex: Energizing

[Super Movement: Permeate 3] [6pp]

[Detect: Living 2] [2pp]

[Mind Shield 2] [2pp]

[Emotion Control 3]  (6 - 1) [5 pp]
FL: Sense-Dependent [Touch]

[Mind Shield 2] [2pp]

[Immunity 1: In-Object Suffocation] [1pp]

[Friction Control 1: Loss Of Friction] [3pp]

[Deflection 1] (2+1) [3pp] Ex: Action

[Cold Control 2] (4+1) [5pp] AP: Environmental Control

Totals: Abilities (30) + Combat (??) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (13) + Feats (26) + Powers (60) - Drawbacks (0) = 144/150 Power Points


So the main thing is I have absolutely no comprehension of the combat stats, how to allocate them, how they get boosted, etc.

Any tips on making the character, problems you noticed, things that are helpful? Not trying to min-max but I don't want the character to be useless or non-functional, or illegal.

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This is an interesting idea, a superpowered first responder. I would love to read a series about the guys who show up while the F4 are battling Dr. Doom and make sure that civvies don't get crushed by falling rubble. However, I'm not convinced that this is a workable concept for a PC here. What would this character do if he was confronted by an armed robbery? Or a new super-drug on the streets? Or super-powered thugs running rampant, or an alien invasion, or a zombie uprising? A superpowered medic is an interesting idea, but I don't think such a person should be front and center in a superhero game.

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Your definitely right-ish. I want to believe I can make it work, though. I've added some more offensively useful powers to help even things out, and once I get some dinner I'll probably add it to the fluff.

Though as a side note, I remember The Question wrecking people and aliens, and I would assume stat-wise he's not to different from my PC.

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The concept can work keeping in mind you're going to more than likely be invited into threads that involve a whole lot more punching bad guys in the face.  But your PC should meet some offensive/defensive combat caps in doing so.  If you wish to undercap and meet lower than PL10 caps on 150pp that's fine.  Since at the moment it does meet offensive PL7 caps.  Not so much defensively as that's in PL9 caps they really shouldn't be separate PL.  Should probably decide on what PL you want Rescue to be.  That said.  Investing in Power Attack would be pretty prudent with such an extreme trade-off.

Offensive PL caps are built by having a combined attack and damage(or non damage) bonus of twice your intended PL..  So for example if one's highest rated damage bonus (in Rescue's case STR and not an actual power) is +2 and their attack bonus relevant to that attack is +12.  They add up to 14.  Then She is PL7 offensively (with a +5 Atk/-5 Dmg Trade off the highest one can trade off).

Defensive PL caps works the same as offensive caps. Using Defense/Toughness instead.

Exotic Saves are PL+5 for their caps.  On average, they are built averaged out to PL-2.  So for example a PL10 character would have a Reflex, Fort, and Will bonus that equal 24 total.  It's not a hard and fast rule, just a common build philosophy.  Though heavily defense shifted characters tend to be closer to their PL in saves.

There's little reason to buy odd numbered attributes most of the time.  At the very least I can't think of any for con.  Str or Dex can be useful in the case of situational ties or in Str's case lifting capacity.  I'm not sure off the fluff behind some of the powers like the cold control.  But, I'm sure you'll get into that when more complete.

Set-Up is pretty useless without any interaction skills to actually set-up.  While I have no problem with the profession skill.  It's a skill that pretty much gets no use as anything that fits there is better built by buying ranks in the appropriate skills.  Which you seem to have already done.

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The fluff part is that his powers all have a water vapor effect, which basically just means cloud-like. RP wise, if he was less focused on search and rescue, he probably could have been 'Stratos' or something and it would have worked. So cold control is him throwing a thick, cold, debilitating mini-cloud into your face. I dediced to do this because it seemed like a hero like rescue would have friendly looking effects, basically.

Set-Up was from a different build I changed mid creation. Theprofession thing, I should probably take off, yeah. 

I've edited the combat stats a bit, I assume you mean something more like this?

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