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Carted Away

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With a loud boom the woman crashed into the sidewalk scattering the few pedestrians making there way to and from work. She rose up from the impressive dent she’d made in the concret, apparently unconcerned with the damage she’d caused, and looked around at everything that was going on around her.

“So this is the fabled Freedom City, I must say I’m not impressed.”

She strode purposely to a rather bemused hot dog cart vendor who had obviously seen it all before.

“What are you offering vendor?”

The man whipped together a dog with a flourish of someone who’d done this kind of thing many times before.

“Here try one of my famous dog, the best in the city.”

The woman took the dog and took a single bite before her face darkened.

“Are you trying to poison me with his horrendous processed meat?”

Throwing the offending food away she lifted the man up by the neck apparently aiming to cause him harm.

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