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Buddies a-Brewing (CONCLUDED)

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A thread for Vicki and Eileen to get to know each other as new roommates.  Taking place after 'Voice of the People', but before 'A Welcome Lunch.

-= * * * =-

It had been a long day, getting Vicki checked into the school, making sure her stuff had made it to the dorm room, getting her shown around a bit and introduced to a few of the students and faculty.  Plus, y'know, some classes and stuff, which meant that Eileen had only been present for part of all of that.  Now, however, after the sun had gone down and Vicki was no doubt tired and a little overwhelmed, it was just the two of them in the quiet of the dorm room.

Eileen had only been there about two days by this point, but she'd already gotten her stuff unpacked and the beginnings of some personal touches on the room.  She'd chosen the right side of the room, and had an old desktop computer set up on the desk, a picture of a woman and an older girl on the dresser beside that of a middle-aged man, and a poster of...Back to the Future on the wall?

"So...you need any help unpacking or anything?" Eileen asked of her new roommate, sitting cross-legged atop her bed and regarding the other girl curiously.

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While Vicki had changed schools many times, she had never actually lived on campus.  This was obviously a very different experience, and one that she had thought about for some time.  When Eileen asked if she needed help she smiled and shook her head no.  In fact, she had not brought any luggage or bags with her.  There were some advantages to having access to N dimensional space.

She stepped over to the other girls bed and lightly touched her shoulder.

<"Thank you, well I haven't said anything about it, I guess you could say one of my powers is the ability to bring lots of stuff with me easily.  Kind of like having the world's greatest backpack."

"Although one of the problems is that I tend to become a bit of a pack rat.  Still I haven't figured out how much space I actually have so you never know what you actually might need.">

Stepping just a little away from Eileen, Vicki traced a small box in the air.  There was a shimmering light and an otherworldly portal opened up.  Stepping into the glowing portal Eileen could hear Vicki's muffled commentsas several items came back through the portal making a small pile on the floor.

In a short moment Vicki stepped back through the portal and looked at the pile of things, satisfied.

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Eileen sat on the bed for a moment, eyes wide, jaw dropped, phone in her hand sagging and forgotten as she watched her roomie rip a hole in the air.

"...that's freakin' cool!" she exclaimed finally, leaning forward to look at the glowing opening in space.  "How big is that in there? What happens if the door closes while you're inside?  I'm sooo jealous, I had to bring all my crap in bags, and I didn't get super strength or telekinesis or an army of animated broomsticks or whatever to help out."  The words were just bouncing off her tongue, she was clearly enthused.

"Oh, and the, ah, talking thing?" she added, poking at the side of her own head with a fingertip.  "Also way cool.  I mean, it's too bad it's gotta be touching to make it work, but it's sure better than text-to-voice, right?" The curvy blonde laughed and shook her head.  Her phone came back up and thumbs flashed as she tweeted.

New Roomie's got so much cooler stuff than me!  Jealous! :D


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Stepping closer to Eileen she touched the girl again on the shoulder, hoping that she was not invading her personal space too much.

<"Well, right now it's a bit of a jumbled mess.  I have a few odds and ends in there that I've collected... and I've dumped most of my clothes in there as well.  I've thought about trying to make a little hangout inside of it since everything tends to stay the same.  Mostly at least.  As I use it more, it does seem to be getting bigger, which is a total bonus."

But if the door closes, I just open it up again.  It's really convenient that way.  Right now, other than all my junk I have a few beanbag chairs and a small desk.  Sometimes I really need to take the time to organize it properly.">

Moving back to her things, she started to fold her clothes, which were mostly simple and what you might find in the rural south.  Although there were a few formal outfits mixed in, the sort that you might wear to church or a dinner party.  Her mother and father were fine with her choice in clothes, perhaps even relieved given the cost of designer brands.  However, they had insisted on a few nice outfits and dresses for when the occasion demanded it.

As she was standing near her side of the room, folding tops, she paused and punched into her phone.  The mechanical British lady spoke for her.

"So what about you?  I mean, I assume that you have powers as well?  It seems like everyone I've met here has them."

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"So...if one or the other of us need privacy for something, that's totally doable, isn't it?" Eileen replied admiringly.  Talk about a roommate with benefits!  She desperately wished she had her own portable hope she could crawl into whenever she wanted to hide away from the world.  

Assuming the air supply held out. 

She didn't even appear to notice any theoretical invasions of her personal space, nor did she seem nervous about telepathic communication. She did, however, hear the posed question just fine. 

"Oh, yeah, I think powers are a prerequisite of some sort to get the whole on-campus treatment," she observed dryly. "I've got 'em, although it hasn't been for very long yet," she admitted. 

"I have to...power up, I guess," she continued, absently brushing back an errant strand of hair.  "Just like I am now, my only super power is endless useless trivia," the blonde girl said with wry amusement.  "Once I do get going, though, I've got all sorts of things set up around being able to emit blue lights."

Well, that kinda sounded silly, didn't it?

"I glow, a force field, I can fly, shoot like, lasers and stuff," she went on hastily, to hopefully sound a little less lame. "Nothing as useful as a portable hole, though," she added ruefully. 

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Vicki held up a ruffled sleeveless blouse for inspection, turning to the mirror to determine if it would go well with the jean shorts she was wearing.  It must have passed her inspection as she nodded silently and folded it up, placing it carefully into the drawer she had been steadily filling.  Several other country-ish outfits followed along with some classic jeans and tees.  As Eileen described her powers, Vicki opened her arms incredulously, looking surprised that anyone would say flying wasn't cool.

To emphasize, she tapped on her phone.

"Flying?!  Totes awesome.  Besides all of the other stuff too."

As she finished putting away the things that she had taken out of her dimensional pocket, she looked around the room.  Decorations, she'd have to get some decorations.  That was something she hadn't considered this morning in her haste to get everything ready for her first day.  Considering how many new people she had met, she began to wonder if the school year was very non traditional.

She walked back over to Eileen's bed and plunked down beside her, placing a hand on her shoulder and her thoughts flowed smoothly across the link, <"Okay, I kind of guessed that everyone here had powers, but I didn't know.  I'd hate to blow some top secret on the first day.  So where are you from?  Do you still get home much?">

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Eileen's shoulder shuddered under Vicki's touch. 

"Flying.  Gah, you'd think that'd be great," she replied with asperity.  "If you're afraid of heights, though?  It sucks," she reported bluntly.  "I can break the sound barrier...apparently...but I'd rather not be more than ten feet off the ground if I an help it."  Vicki was right -- it was a pretty cool power, and she was too much of a chicken to use it properly. 

"I'm from Boston," she admitted, "but I've only been here a couple of days, so visits home haven't come into play yet," she explained.  "I mean, I should be able to fly there in, like, twenty minutes, but..."  She trailed off, the whole scared-of-heights thing writ large across her face. 

"What about you?" she asked, glancing at the other girl.  "Where are you in from, and can you get there by a back door in your magical wardrobe?" she inquired impishly. 

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Vicki noticed Eileen's reaction, and truth be told, Vicki knew that some people just did not like people touching them, regardless of the reason.  She nearly withdrew her hand, but held it in place deciding that asking was going to be better than communication via phone for the rest of the year.  Besides, she was more of a ask forgiveness rather than permission kind of person anyway.

<"I'm sorry.  Guess I'm being a little forward, if it bugs you I'll go back to using the phone, just let me know and I'll give you space.  I'm really not that clingy normally.">

However, it was Eileen's later revelation that concerned her.  Being able to fly and also being afraid of heights had to be a nightmare situation.  She couldn't really imagine having to deal with that, but she could help in her own way perhaps.  Besides, she totally wanted a ride sometime, so it was kind of in her own interested to help... even if she would have tried regardless.

She smiled as her thoughts continued, a warmth twining around the words, <"well I'm not sure, I've never tried to go that far with it.  I can open doors where I need them, so perhaps?  Still, it's a lot easier to just take a cab.  Dad's stationed at Lonely Point Naval base just a bit away from here.">

The warmth turned to a curiosity and introspection, <"Well it's not just a wardrobe.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I have a lot of clothes in there.  But it's more of a space that's mine?  Gah... that doesn't make much sense.  Um... think of it as a clubhouse!">

Her mental tone turned sour, <"OMG... while that might be true, I just made that sound like I'm 8 years old.">

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Eileen seemed confused for a moment.

"Forward?  What?  No, it's fine," she assured Vicki, wondering where that had come from.  It seemed that it may have been the thought of flying high that had prompted her reaction.

"But no, don't feel bad about calling it a clubhouse," the blonde went on animatedly.  "If I could do that, I would totally call it a clubhouse."  She lowered her voice conspiratorially.

"You know the difference between eight year olds and eighteen year olds?  The eight year olds haven't been taught they're not supposed to have fun," she revealed with a giggle.  "You want to call it a clubhouse?  Call it a clubhouse!  I want to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?  I'm gonna darn well watch cartoons!"  She laughed, not because the idea was silly, but because she had known it was going to happen regardless.

"Buuuuut, I'm guessing you didn't get the whole Narnia reference, huh?" she added ruefully.  Not that she expected everyone to get all of her references.  To be fair, she didn't expect most people to get most of her references.  But that didn't mean she was going to stop making them, not when they usually fit so well.

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<"Sorry... I missed that.  I think I saw the first movie, but never read the books.  Now that you said it, you're totes right, it is kind of like that, and well most places I was at everyone was pretty busy trying to show how old and mature they were.  Short of my BFF who I got into no end of trouble with.  She was the other half of the Gremlin Marauders..."> there was a mischevious twist to the words as she said them with just a whiff of the kind of friendship that bonds people for life.  <"I think that maybe I'll have to redecorate the 'clubhouse' to make it suitable to hang out in, although power is a bit of an issue...  well and the fact I'm not terribly handy.  I can do some, but I'm not like some home remodeler.">

With her hand resting on Eileens shoulder she crossed her legs, letting them dangle off the side of the bed her white sandles half dangling from her feet, <"so tell me about your family... and friends... and significant people?">

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Eileen made a rude noise, dismissing 'old and mature'.

"We're going to have to grow up soon enough," she rebutted.  "I'm not going to squander my last legit chances to be a goof.  And I'm going to want to hear more about the 'Marauders'," she warned Vicki with a wicked grin.  "I can totally give you a hand with redecorating, if you want," she went on.  "I'm not all that handy either, but I've read some stuff on architecture and interior design."  She shrugged, off-handedly.

"And power?  Batteries, of course," she added dryly.  "There's probably someone here who can get you a power source that'll be able to last a while, or if nothing else, solar panels.  They work with other light sources too," she confided with a cheeky smile.

"Oh, no significant people," Eileen sighed, flopping back to lean against the wall.  "Kind of hard to keep that sort of thing going once you're in another state," she pointed out, glossing over the fact that she hadn't had a 'significant person' to end things with when she'd transferred.

"Family...it's just me, my mom, and my older sister, now," she went on.  "My dad died a few years ago, heart attack,"  She told this simply, having had time to come to terms with his absences, as sad as it still was.  Sad, but that's the way it was.  "They're pretty cool about this," she admitted, gesturing about the room to indicate Claremont as a whole, and what that meant about her.  "Worried, but pretty cool anyhow."  She shrugged.

"Your dad's in the Navy?" she countered, turning the questions back on Vicki with a curious look.

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Vicki squeezed Eileen's shoulder gently, she understood loss.  Perhaps not like losing your father, but she'd left behind so many friends that she assumed that Eileen must be going through the same.  Long distance relations really didn't work very well... although if you could fly faster than the speed of sound...

<"I'm sorry about the move.  I know how rough those can be.  You get settled into somewhere and then BAM!  Everything is different and there's new people and new cliques and your friends are still doing the same things you wanted to keep doing.">

She leaned back with Eileen, pulling her hand back, but sitting shoulder to shoulder worked well enough for her to still communicate.  She didn't want to put her feet in the bed, because she still had on her sandals and that would be rude, so she rested her feet on the edge as she continued 'talking'.

<"Yeah, my dad is like a war hero.  He's been all over the place, and... well that means that I was all over the place.  I don't think I have been in the same state for more than 2 years that I can remember.  It's hard to keep in touch with people, but I still have a couple that I reach out too.  If you left someone, you know, that might be an incentive to practice the whole flying thing?">

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Eileen abruptly sat up again, turning to face Vicki.

"Wait -- your dad is Marcus Adams?" she demanded incredulously.  "I guess I shoulda seen it, knowing your name and when you said he was stationed at the naval base," she admitted, half to herself.  "You've gotta be pretty proud of him," she went on admiringly, wishing her dad had been half as awesome even when he was alive.  And then felt a moment's pang of disloyalty for the thought.

"Uh, anyhow, most of my good friends aren't any further away now than when I lived in Boston," she related, her thumbs flicking over the face of her phone for a moment, before holding it up to display the screen.

"I've never even met most of them," she laughed, "but I know more about some of them than I did about kids in my own class back in Boston.  I've found that proximity alone isn't enough to make people friends, and distance won't prevent a friendship from happening."  A romantic relationship, sure, but that was another matter entirely.

"So, I dunno if I'll go visiting all that often," she went on with a shrug.  "I mean, it's not exactly keeping things a secret if I show up randomly on a regular basis," she pointed out.  "And I don't have a problem with flying -- I'm just not thrilled about doing it more than about ten feet off the ground," the blonde girl laughed.



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Vicki sighed a little, getting a happy little grin on her face as she did.  As Eileen had moved, she placed her hand on hers to open the channel again.

<"Yeah, he's my father.  I've never known anyone like him either.  So I guess I have quite a road to follow!">

She turned her own phone to Eileen, showing her a very busy Pinterest site which showed Vicki along with another girl about her age making goofy poses in front of an old AMC Gremlin.  Other pictures showed various exploits of the two girls on trips shopping, posing in front of some tanks, shots at some sporting events, and other photos.  

<"I guess you can keep up with anyone.  Although, doesn't mean that you don't miss them.  Still, every new place means new people and new experiences.  Like say this one... going pretty well I'd say.">

Looking around the room she grinned, <"Definately very good.  So what are you studying for?  I'm going to try for some kind of premed... well and being a hero.">

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Eileen laughed at that question, honestly caught off-guard.

"Oh, I have no idea," she replied, exasperated.  "School's no challenge, so I haven't put any thought into what I might do, yet.  I'm still just a Junior, there's time."  Mind you, she'd only be a Junior for a matter of weeks, yet -- her senior year was on the horizon.  Still...that didn't mean she had any ideas.

"I haven't even really put a whole lot of thought into the whole hero thing, so far," the curvy blonde admitted.  "I'm still really pretty new to all this; truth be told, I've only really had these powers for about six weeks now," she revealed.  A rookie indeed!

"I'm glad this is going well, though," she went on, indicating the two of them.  "I have to admit, I was kinda worried about the whole 'roommate' thing -- I've seen I don't know how many examples of extremely mismatched personalities rooming together," she laughed.  TV, movies, very rarely did random roommates get along with one another.

Honestly, about the only time they did was the racier sort of fan fiction, she'd noticed.

"That's kinda why I was lurking earlier today, being kinda all stalker-ey," she said, her mouth twisting ruefully.  "I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't about to get stuck with some uptight brainiac, or a stoner, or Miss Rich Bitch or something."  Any number of horrible options could have presented themselves; being mute or no, Vicki was a pretty decent option, at least as far as she had discovered.

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<"I wasn't sure what to expect either.  I mean I have been to a LOT of schools.  So making friends has never been too hard, it's just something you learn to do.  Mom talked with me a lot about staying here, I think she was excited to have more of the house to herself... I have three other sisters, so any peace and quiet she could get was a positive I think.  Especially with Dad gone for so long.  But even with all that, I've always lived at home while going to school.">

She looked over shyly at Eileen, <"I think I'm going to like this though.">

After smiling at her new friend, Vicki shook her head in a bemused fashion, her dark ponytail bobbing behind her.  <"No, I don't think I'm any of those categories.  I mean, I suppose everyone thinks they are normal and all.  I don't know, I got along well enough with most of the people in the schools I've been too.  It helped that I have like lots of different interests.  I mean Gymnastics, Soccer, Reading, Chess, Music, Camping, kind of all over the board.">

As her voice tailed to a whisper, she suddenly got a funny look on her face as something Eileen had said registered with her.  <"Wait.  You just got your powers six weeks ago?  Did you fall into a vat of radioactive goo?  No... wait!  You... got bit by a mutant light bulb!  Um... swallowed a blue ray player?  Okay, maybe I stink at guessing origins.">


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Eileen was smiling at the start of Vicki's wild guessing, and laughed outright at the 'Blu-Ray' one.

"No, nothing quite like that," she replied, amused, although her smile faded almost immediately.  "Uh, I think," she admitted.  "Tell the truth, I don't...exactly know what happened."  Her mind flashed back over the circumstances of that night as she organized her thoughts.

"One night, I was at a sleep-over at a friend's house, and partway through the evening -- bam, that's the last thing I could remember until I woke up the next morning.  At home," she revealed, her eyes widening.  "Which was weird enough, because I don't forget things like that.  But it got weirder -- my friends, their parents, my mom, my sister -- none of them remember anything about a sleepover happening.  It's like it didn't happen, except I remember the first part of it.  And, well, I had these."

Turning her hands over, palms up, she displayed a pair of what looked like blue tattoos, one on the inside of each wrist.

"I sure didn't have them before, and they weren't new and raw like I had just got a tattoo," she went on.  "It was the weirdest thing, and the most frustrating part is I don't know anything more than that."  She didn't quite pout, but it was a near thing.

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Vicki looked over the tattoos curiously and after a few moments of inspection, she shrugged.  She had never seen anything like that before.  Putting her hand on Eileen's knee she opened the link again.

<"I don't know... I had my powers pretty much from birth.  Although I was never really able to do much with them until I was like eight or nine.  I really don't remember when.  I mean they just kind of grew in kind of like learning to ride a bike and everything else you learned growing up... not that I think I qualify for grown up or anything.">

She traced the design of the tattoo, marveling at how intricate it was.  Perhaps it was some kind of makeover gone wrong she thought to herself causing a wide smile to creep across her face.  Brushing her ponytail back behind her neck she flashed thoughts to her roommate again.

<"That is strange though, were there any other side effects?  I mean, mine seemed to really pick up power when I started to mature... physically... ya know?">

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Eileen nearly flinched as the light touch on her inner wrist tickled, but she managed to hold still with only a wrinkled nose to betray her inner struggle.

"Well, other than the whole 'powers' side effect, no," she replied teasingly.  As if gaining superpowers was a 'side effect' of a pair of mysteriously-appearing symbols!  "I've only just got them, so I haven't really had a chance to notice if there's been any changes in them.  It's a hell of a change overall, though," she related, her eyes going a little bit wide.  "I have to admit, I freaked a little the first time it happened.  Kinda like you suddenly getting a voice, and it's a top-shelf soprano, too."  It was awesome, but the very suddenness and extent of what had happened was bound to take anyone off-guard, at first.

"That's got to have been weird, though, although I guess it didn't seem so much that way to you," she went on, brushing an errant strand of hair away from her face.  "I mean, being able to put words into people's minds by touching them?  Opening a hole in the air to store stuff in?  That's not normal kid stuff, that must have been pretty cool," she observed with a grin.  "What else can you do, other than that?" she asked, definitely curious.

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<"Well... if you ever have trouble sleeping, I think I can probably help."> she replied.  <"Well that, or if you ever want to do one of those modern performance art pieces where you pretend to be a statue... I'm your girl!  I mean not that I do that, but I can make other people freeze.  It's kind of like a brain loop sort of thing.">

<"I don't really remember a moment like WOW!  I can do this.  You know?  I mean it's more like do you remember learning to walk?  Not really, you just kind of started doing it and it seemed natural.  Well... except the natural part.  It didn't take too long to realize that most people don't like having words in their head.  Most people also get kind of jittery about being touched too.  Add those together and it didn't take me too long to realize that for the most part, powers were a no no when people could see me.">

Vicki sat back again, leaning against the wall of the room but still keeping contact.  She paused for a moment, a partial smile crossing her face, <"well mostly.  The pocket did make a pretty great place for hide and seek... and as I got older, an AWESOME place to go for privacy.">  A faint blush crept into her cheeks, unbidden, and some memories of those moments flitted through her mind.

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Eileen's chuckle was faintly wicked -- she could only imagine the mischief that could be gotten up to given an utterly private place to hang out in.

"I'll bet," she replied dryly.  So, a possible exploitation of bigger-on-the-inside technology, arm's reach telepathy, and artificially imposed panic attacks.  All in all, she had a hard time feeling like she herself had been shorted when it came to powers -- Vicki's had some pretty neat day-to-day uses, but hers felt more...coherent.

"So, are you totally cut off when you're in there and shut the door behind you?" she asked, her curiosity starting to prod at her.  "I mean, where do you go, that's here and not-here?  Do you get cell service?  Or is it like your own little island out in the middle of the ocean, and nobody can get ahold of you?"

The implications of that sank in.

"Oh, wow -- what if something happened to you while you were inside?  Would you, like, just be gone, forever, with nobody able to get to you?" she asked, eyes wide as she imagined the worst.

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There was a wobble in the Vicki's mental voice as she had never quite considered that, <"I suppose so...  I hadn't really considered it.  I mean, when I go there I don't want to hear my phone, or anything really, and I know that I can always open the door back up.  However, I guess if something happened to me, I'd just be gone for a long while.  I know that I can sleep in there, so I don't think even if I passed out that I'd come out.">

She tapped her feet together considering the ramifications, then the invulnerability of youth kicked in and she shruged dismissing the idea as something that might happen to other people.

<"I know that people can't get out unless I let them.  I mean, there were some bank robbers that I stopped back in Meridian... I wasn't sure what to do with them, so I popped them into the portal and walked to the police department and dumped them on the front door.  It was pretty awesome... well other than I think one of them rifled through my clothes.  It was a kind of 'ewww' moment.  I suppose I should work on trying to make two separate spaces.  One for me and one for anyone I place in there.">

For a moment longer she considered the dangers of her powers, but the alure of a new roomie and someone who seemed really nice to talk with won out, <"so what do you like to do for fun?">


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Eileen considered for a moment responding with 'Tumblr!' again, but didn't feel like coming off quite that introverted, especially since she didn't keep her mouth shut enough to legitimately be called that.

"Well, y'know, food is awesome," she observed -- it was never a bad time for snack time!  "I read -- oh, and I love to watch movies," she added enthusiastically.  "So many awesome quotes come from the weirdest movies," she laughed.  "Um, shopping, when I have money, which isn't nearly often enough," the blonde went on wryly -- she really needed a job or something.  Or a way of making this whole 'powers' gig pay out, somehow.

"As you can probably tell, I'm not really much for the whole sports thing," she observed, gesturing at her soft curves that were clearly not concealing any overabundance of muscle.  "I mean, I played volleyball at my old school, but that's really only because of my height, and the coach wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.  But you!" she exclaimed, poking Vicki in the leg.  "You were a pretty impressive gymnast, weren't you?  What happened to the Olympics?" she demanded cheerfully.

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<"Well you at least have curves."> Vicki responded glancing to her own rather plain figure.  <"Well I was on track to at least try for the Olymic team, but dad got transferred and you know... military salaries and all.  Not enough to board me with my coach.  Besides, I wouldn't have left my mom and sisters alone.  Anyway, each time it happened, I had to learn new routines and new ways to do things.  So it was kind of a setback every two years.  I was just starting to get some of my competitive routines down when we moved last.  I don't know, I think in the end it was for the best.  I really want to help people, and I'm not sure if that would have been the best way to do it.">

Then she held up a finger, made a split finger sign for watch me and hopped off the bed.

Rocking her head back and forth, she quickly bunched up her hair, redoing the pony tail at the back to make sure it didn't fall into her eyes.  Then, she bent over backwards onto her hands into a hand stand.  Turning back to face Eileen she flashed her a smile then walked on her hands back to the bed.  Slowly she bent her legs forward until they were resting on the bed, her hands still on the floor.  With a push, she propelled herself up, intending to land back gracefully on the bed.  Yet... it didn't quite work that way.  Perhaps she was out of practice, perhaps it was something on the floor.  All she knew, was that instead of ending up flipped on the bed, she ended up in a heap on the floor, laughing at her mishap.  It had not been the most graceful of moves.

Stretching her foot which was still nominally over the bed, she touched Eileen with her half sock clad toes, <"Well, that's what happens when you aren't in practice.  So maybe we'll have to watch more movies instead.  What movies do you like?">

(Failed Actobatics: http://orokos.com/roll/283214 1d20+10 = 11)

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Eileen half-lurched forward when Vicki missed her landing on the bed and ended up on the floor, but when the other girl seemed to be okay she sank back again, grinning.

"What movies do I like?" she repeated.  "What don't I?  Classics, like the Godfather, or Ghostbusters; cult-craze things like the Evil Dead trilogy or the Kevin Smith movies; anything Pixar," she said matter-of-factly, like that at least was a given.  "Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Hudson Hawk, Paranormal Activity, the Terminator movies, the Predator movies, the Birdcage, the Hangover, the Princess Bride, Goonies, Monster Squad, Super 8, Bridesmaids, Easy A, He's Just Not That Into You, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Forrest Gump, Monty Python's 'Grail' and 'Life of Brian'..."  She trailed off, but looked as if she could have kept going for quite a while.

"I, uh, like movies," she concluded sheepishly.  "Netflix is awesome.  Tons of great TV series, too," the blonde girl observed.  "Although I don't really want to spend all my time sitting and watching stuff -- I could do that at home.  This is super hero school," she went on emphatically.  "What kind of crazy stuff goes on here, do you think?" she asked, leaning forward intently.

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