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Hūhunu (PL 10) -- Mad Scientist

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Player Name: Mad Scientist

Character Name: Hūhunu

Power Level: (10) (150/155PP)

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent Power Points: 5


In Brief: Elite soldier trained in reconnaissance, armed with advanced armour and weaponry.


Alternate Identity:   Tamahine

Identity:  n/a

Birthplace:  Ipukarea

Occupation:  Marine

Affiliations:  Praetorians

Family: Long deceased.



Age: 24 (DOB: over 2,000 years ago)

Gender:  Hermaphroditic

Height: 4'3"

Weight: 149lb

Eyes:  Orange

Hair:  None


Tamahine, like all of the Ipukar, possesses a relatively short, squat build.  Not possessing the dead protein strands of mammals, his hide is smooth, mottled between hues of burnt orange to russet brown.  Her eyes are a slit-pupiled orange of a lighter shade than his skin, and the flaps running along his nasal ridge reveal a shockingly bright coral colour on their interior when they open.


Bipedal and bilaterally symmetrical, each foot is long and slender, and possesses six toes.  Her hands have four broad, blunt fingers, used for applications of strength, and tucked away to protect them are two long, much more delicate digits that can be used for finer manipulation.



When wearing his Hūhunu (his native Rarotongan for 'recon') armour, she presents a blank-masked face to the galaxy.  A stylized mottling of colour that mimics the natural camouflage of his skin, a pattern than blends well with her home world of Ipukarea, it can employ an aversion field that makes it difficult to notice even when not concealed within the environment.  Advanced Phase Tech allows the storage and retrieval of gear, including the dark, snub-nosed energy carbine favoured by the now-extinct Ipukar marine corp.



Power Descriptions:


While not possessing any intrinsic powers in the greater sense, Tamahine has assigned to him the Phase Tech Marine Recon armour and Variable EM Marine Carbine of the Ipukarean Marine Corps.  This technology is sufficiently advanced to have allowed an entire platoon of the Corps’ Recon Companies to be requested by, and assigned to, the Praetorian Guard.


The Phase Tech of the armour allows for the majority of the tech to be stored away in a perpendicular dimension when not in use, anchored by a forearm-clasping control unit.  When the Phase Tech is employed, it exhibits an eye-bending distortion in the air as the remained of the armour is called out into realspace.  This distortion effect is likewise exhibited when storing away equipment or bypassing solid matter.


The majority of the armour’s tech displays little in the way of discernible effects, a crucial element to a recon unit.  Communications are dampened, and even the armour’s very physical presence can be made to become…obscure, allowing the Marine to evade detection even when out in the open.


The EM carbine can be set to emit up and down the electromagnetic spectrum, fine-tuning often allowing for a particular defense to be overcome through creative frequency use.  With pulse and long-range sniper settings, as well as a short range bioneural stunner and a five-round fission grenade launcher – by far the most violent and overtly destructive of the Marine’s arsenal – it can handle a wide variety of situations.





Tamahine was a highly-trained, young noncom Marine who had been given the great honour of serving with the rest of Ipukar’s contributed force to the Praetorian Guard.  This honour nearly killed him when the insidious might of the Communion was turned back only at the great personal cost of a large fraction of the Praetorians.  One of the few – possibly the only one – of the Recon platoon remaining, she was collected with the rest when the Caretaker took an interest in them, and sunk deeply into cryogenic storage – a nightmare for the tropical-loving Ipukar, and one that took him a long time to recover from.



Personality & Motivation:


Tamahine is young and enthusiastic, but capable of showing sharp focus that is a hallmark of the intense training the Ipukar Marine Corps puts its privates through.  She is, understandably, shaken by the realization that not only were the majority of his Praetorian colleagues wiped out, but thousands of years have passed and the galaxy has moved on.  The return of the Communion is a grim reminder that it all can be lost all over again, and she is determined not to let such a pyrrhic victory occur again, if he can at all manage it.



Powers & Tactics:


The Hūhunu are all about subtlety, avoidance, and distraction, and tend to only fight fair when forced into a corner and left with no other options.  The use of the armour’s matter phasing to pass through objects, the gravity leveller’s ability to reorient personal gravity to any object with more mass than the wearer, and the perception filter that makes it difficult to see the marine even when directly observing the wearer – these things combined allows for an excellent opportunity to come at opponents at unexpected times from unexpected directions.  The carbine’s long range sniping capability also allows for unexpected, precise attacks; should it become necessary, however, it is also useful as a full infantry support weapon.





If All You Have Is A Hammer: Military trained and with military hardware, Tamahine’s reflexive responses are usually military in nature.  Which is fine if dropped into the middle of a firefight, but less so if helping a kid with his bullying problem, or intervening with a drunk townie at the local bar.


It’s Everyone Else Who’s Weird: The Ipukar are a hermaphroditic species, with each individual possessing both of the sexual traits that others consider ‘male’ and ‘female’, and their mating process is a more complex procedure than that of many others.  As a result, they have a difficult time wrapping their heads around a galaxy full of ‘half species’, and often will confuse pronouns and traditional gender roles, at times unfortunately in what could be considered an unintentionally insulting manner by some.


What Are My Orders?  While recon units are trained to be independent in the field, they nonetheless have had instilled in them a strong tendency to obey the orders of a superior, and when a situation arises that requires more complicated judgment a strong desire for someone to tell them what to do manifests.  Barring useful input, there is a tendency to default to Hammer, above.



Abilities: 2 + 10 + 4 + 4 + 0 - 2 = 18PP

Strength:  12 (+1)
Dexterity: 20 (+5)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 10 (+0)
Charisma: 8 (-1)


Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP

Initiative: +9
Attack: +6 Melee, +8 Ranged
Grapple: +10
Defense: +10 (+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed
Knockback: +5


Saving Throws: 7 + 7 + 7 = 21PP

Toughness: +10 (+2 Con, +6 Protection (Armour), +2 Defensive Roll)
Fortitude: +9 (+2 Con, +7)
Reflex: +12 (+5 Dex, +7)
Will: +7 (+0 Wis, +7)


Skills: 72R = 18PP  (* = Skill Mastery)

*Acrobatics - 10 (+15)
Computers - 4[8] (+6[+10])
*Disable Device - 9[13] (+11[+15])

Investigate - 2 (+4)
Knowledge: Galactic Lore - 2 (+4)
Knowledge: History - 1 (+3)
Knowledge: Tactics - 4 (+6)
Knowledge: Technology - 4 (+6)
Language - 2 (Rarotongan (native), Delaztri, Galstandard)
Notice - 10 (+10)
Pilot - 4 (+9)
*Search - 8 (+10)
*Stealth - 8 (+13)

Survival - 4 (+4)


Feats: 8PP

Attack Focus: Ranged [2]
Dodge Focus [4]
Defensive Roll [1]
Skill Mastery [1] (Acrobatics, Disable Device, Search, Stealth) 


Powers:  48 + 1 + 16 = 65PP

Device 12 (Marine Recon Armour; 60PP Container; Flaw: Hard to Lose) [48PP]

Communication 6 (Radio; Feats: Subtle; [Range: 20 miles]) [7PP]
Comprehend 4 (
Languages [Spoken, Singly], Languages [Understood], Languages [Written], Codes, Flaws: Duration: Sustained[4PP]

Datalink 1 [1PP]
Dimensional Pocket 1 (
Phase Tech; Flaws: Grapple Required) [1PP]

Enhanced Feat 6 (Environmental Adaptation (Zero Gravity, Low Gravity, High Gravity), Hide in Plain Sight, Improvised Tools, Improved Initiative[6PP]

Enhanced Skills 8 (Computers +4, Disable Device +4) [2PP] 
Feature (
Video Camera[1PP]

Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP]

Protection 6 [6PP]

Speed 2 (250’ per move action, 25mph) [2PP]

Super Movement: (Wall Crawling 3) (Gravity Leveller[6PP]

Super Movement: (Permeate 1)  (Phase Tech) [2PP]

Super Senses: (Extended Hearing, Extended Vision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Infravision, Microscopic Vision, Time Sense) 7 [7PP]

Super Strength 3 (Heavy Load: 1/2 ton) [6PP]



Device 5 (Marine Carbine; Easy to take away; Feats: Accurate) [16PP]

Weapons Array (21PP, Feats: Alternate Power 4[25PP]
BP: Blast 10 (Variable Focused EM Blast; Feats: Variable (EM) [1]) {21/21}
AP: Blast 10 (Sniper Beam, Extras: Penetrating [4]; Flaws: Action (Full Round); Feats: Progression [2], Improved Range [3], Subtle [2]) {21/21}
AP: Blast 7 (Burst Fire, Extras: Autofire{21/21}
AP: Blast 9 (Fission Charge, Extras: Area: Cloud, Penetrating [3]; Flaws: Unreliable (5 Uses); Feats: Incurable; Drawbacks: Full Power) {21/21}
AP: Stun 8 (Bioneural Discharge. Feats: Extended Reach 4, Subtle) {21/21}

Feature: Iron Stomach (Racial Trait) [1PP]


Drawbacks: -4 = -4PP


Vulnerability (Cold Effects.  Frequency: Common; Intensity: Moderate) [-3PP]

Disability (Racial Trait: No sense of taste or smell.  Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Minor) [-1PP]


DC Block


ATTACK            RANGE      SAVE                       EFFECT

Unarmed           Touch      DC16 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Physical)

Variable Beam     Ranged     DC25 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Energy)

Sniper Beam       Ranged     DC25 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Energy)

Burst Fire        Ranged     DC22 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Energy)

Fission Charge    Ranged     DC24 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Energy)

Bioneural Disch.   20'       DC18 Fortitude (Lasting)   Stun



Totals: Abilities (18) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (21) + Skills (18) + Feats (8) + Powers (65) - Drawbacks (4) =  150/155 Power Points


Edited by Thevshi
+1 PP for Sept 2015
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Letsee I messed with your formatting some, but didn't touch the math.

Comprehend.  You need to specify what you mean by languages. Either Speak All[Limited to One at a Time for rank All at Once for 2], Understand All, or Read All would be what I expect.  Furthermore you took another rank of languages for Read All by the fact you have written listed.  Codes is fine.

Immunity 10 (Life Support, Starvation & Thirst) with a limited to half effect cost 5PP.  If you were only limiting the Starvation & Thirst it would cost 10.  Flaws do not reduce effects into fractional costs.  This also means you should probably buy two more skill ranks or buy two less so as to no

If the entire Immunity is at Half Effect you only have 58(.5) out of 60 Device Points spent so 2.5 to go (you overcosted protection having it listed as 8pp when it should say 6)

If you mean to only have it on Starvation & Thirst then you are 3 points over.

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In all the years I've played MnM, nobody has pointed out to me that Comprehend: Languages at 1 rank is an either/or for speaking and comprehending languages, not a 'speak any one at a time, and understand many at once' effect.  I'll know that going forward, and added another rank of Comprehend and clarified what each rank is for.

Half Effect was to just be on the Starvation and Thirst, but if half-PPs aren't allowed I'm just axing it altogether -- it was more for flavour than anything else.  Plus, I need to help pay for another rank of Comprehend.

Enhanced Skill ranks were subsequently also brought into full PP lines, and learned skills adjusted to maintain desired results.  Redid the math, points should all work out.

And thanks for alphabetizing powers listed -- I'll keep that in mind for future endeavours.

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