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March Badness


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I assume the White Knight needs no introduction.

The other full-fledged villain is the Thug template with the Muscle-Max Package from the Powerhouse, and some Growth thrown in for fun, driving him up from PL2 to PL7.

Str 34/14 (+12/+2, Lifting 59/14), Dex 12 (+1), Con 35/15 (+12/+2), Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 8 (-1)
Skills: Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+4), Drive 4 (+5), Intimidate 4 (+3), Knowledge
(Pop Culture) 2 (+2), Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+4), Swim 2 (+4)
Combat: Attack +2, Damage +12/+2 Unarmed, Defense +2, Initiative +1, KB 10/1
Saving Throws: Toughness +12/+2, Fortitude +4, Reflex +1, Will +0
Powers: Enhanced Strength 12, Enhanced Constitution 12, Growth 4 (Large), Impervious Toughness 3, Super-Strength 4

The other 10 guys are just the Thug template, with submachineguns (+4 Damage, Autofire).


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Definitely.  I'm letting his precognition basically give him a surprise round before everyone else gets involved in earnest.  He's got time to intercept the armored car or the thieves, but not both.  Figure a move action to get within range of either one, then one standard actions worth of stuff to do with/to it before Init gets rolled.

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Toughness save for Muscles (DC25): 21.  He takes a Bruise.  The bike also takes an Injury.

Foreshadow gets a Hero Point for the awesome.

Initiative time for Foreshadow and the bad guys.

Foreshadow: ? (3HP)
Newt: 11 (3HP, not here yet)
Muscles: 8
White Knight: 7
Thugs (10): 2


EDIT: I changed my mind.  Foreshadow gets 2 Hero Points.  One for being awesome, and another for the setback, because since the crash didn't do more than bruise Muscles, now he has an improvised weapon in-hand.

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Newt is delaying because he doesn't know anything's happening yet.

Muscles uses the grav-bike as an improvised weapon and tries to beat Foreshadow to death with it.

It's Medium-size, so it doesn't count as an +Area attack.  Foreshadow is DC27 to hit right now, so Muscles needs a natural 20 to hit him, even if he were to Accurate Attack (so he won't bother).

Attack check (DC): 17.  *WHIFF*

White Knight hurls a fire bolt at the armored car.  It's Defense Class 8.  I'll give him his Sneak Attack bonus, and he'll Power Attack for -3 Attack / +3 Damage.  He hits on anything but a natural 1.

Attack check (DC8): 16.

The truck is Toughness 12.  It takes 10 on the DC32 Toughness save and gets 22, failing by 10.  It is Disabled.

All 10 thugs open fire with their submachineguns at Foreshadow.  9 of them will try to Aid the 10th.

Aid checks (DC10): 5 hit, 4 miss.

That gives #10 +10 Attack (and a snowball's chance in Hell of actually connecting).

Attack check (DC27): 30.  He beats Foreshadow's Defense by 3, so he gets +1 damage from Autofire.

Foreshadow needs to make a DC20 Toughness save (Lethal damage).

The gunfire finally clues in The Newt, whose Initiative is now Delayed down to match the Thugs.

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Based on the previous flavor text, I'll say that Newt is already mid-bounce and elongated

Move Action: Change the direction of his bounce with a tug from an elongated limb on the surrounding terrain, aiming himself toward the fray.

Free Action: Activate the "Pinball Attack" alternate power in his Elasticity array.

Standard Action: Make a selective targeted attack against the bad guys in the area.  I'll give Newt a Hero Point and limit him to being able to hit no more than 5 of the thugs, even though technically his area of effect would include EVERYONE.

Attack check (DC12): 9.  Screw that.

Attack check (DC12, HP re-roll): 24.  (That 7 becomes a 17.)

5 Thugs need to make DC20 Toughness saves.  Unlike Muscles, they're wearing their standard-issue leather jackets from the templates in the book, so they have Toughness +3.

Toughness saves (DC20): All 5 fail.  They're minions, so they all get knocked Prone and Unconscious, and suffer 10 feet of knockback (Damage 5 - [3 / 2 = 1] = 4 = 1/2/5/10 feet).


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Foreshadow gets a Hero Point for the Accident complication that just hit, with the out-of-control armored car sliding down the sidewalk and bearing down on an elderly couple who don't have a chance of getting out of the way in time.

Foreshadow: 26 (4HP)
Muscles: 8 (Bruised x2)
White Knight: 7
Newt: 2 (3HP)
Thugs (5): 2

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