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Clearing up the Grim(y) Waters


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So in working on my next character edits for Grim (which will theoretically involve spending 30PP on a Sidekick and her HQ), it became clear that, well, things are a bit murky; I just want to make sure that everything is legit and I'm not using any slots or rewards incorrectly. Muddling the waters further is the fact that Grim was created as a PL6 in 2008, long before the current systems were in place.


Unless I'm very much mistaken, Grim has earned four Rewards to date: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. This is her >current sheet, and this is her >old sheet. This is Gossamer's >old sheet, which is relevant because I think she started as a PL10 but got bumped to Pl12 by Grim's earnings; however, it's also NOT relevant because I've decided not to bring Goss back after mulling it over, which frees up whatever Reward was used to pay for her.


I think Grim earned her way up from PL6 to PL8, then got a Reward bump up to PL10, and then earned her way up to PL15 prior to her retirement, reactivation and subsequent PL reduction.


Miracle Girl was brought right out of the box at PL8; I'm not actually sure how I did this, since he should have been either a PL7 or a PL10, but I think it's fine.


Deep Freeze was created using the free PL10 SPAAAAACE slot.


Sorry for the headaches!

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Well, as I see it Heri, Grim would have become your PL 7 (even though she started out as a PL 6), with the Bronze reward bumping her up to PL 10 from PL 8 (or so).

Miracle Girl would have been a PL 10 slot (which could have been built on 150 pp as a PL 8 if you wanted).

Deep Freeze is the PL 10 SPAAAACE slot.

So, as I see it, you have only used your Bronze reward. Goss is not a factor, as she is retired and you are not planning on bringing her back.

The same is true if you say Grim was your PL 10 slot and Miracle Girl was a PL 7 which you used the Bronze reward to bump to PL 8.

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