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USS Theodore Roosevelt, Red Sea

0600 EET 6th April 2015 (0000 ET)

Even though Henry was officially an AEGIS liaison the Army still occasionally sent him all over the world to help them deal with “problemâ€. Generally it was a couple of hour in a transport to support troops dealing with some mercenary Supervillain before the same boring journey back home.

This time it was different Henry was whisked from the base in one of the armies Aurora hypersonic transports and whisked halfway across the world in just over an hour to land on the Roosevelt.

Disembarking from the craft he was met straight away by a Middle Eastern looking woman in Marine fatigues.

“Pleased to meet you Captain Thompson I’m Lieutenant Freedom Jones, USMC.†she gave a sharp salute them offered her hand “I’ll be your pilot and liaison for this mission, I’m afraid I’m going to have to brief you on the way.â€


She gesture to a waiting Osprey apparently prepped and already ready to take flight.

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Henry groggily pulled out a caffeinated chewable, letting the bitter taste of the caffeine wash down his throat as he noted the Lieutenant, grasping onto her hand as he proceeded forward, “At ease, Lieutenant. We have a long, long day ahead of us.†The AEGIS blue-and-green spandex suit encasing Henry shone in the early morning sunlight on the deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, his body shifting heavily towards the nearby Osprey.


“Freedom. Strange name, don’t you think?†Henry opined, walking briskly alongside the Lieutenant as he marched along, like a good tin soldier should, “Regardless, let’s start the briefing. I presume that we don’t have much time for whatever it may be.†Henry stretched, his muscles rippling to life as the two, soldier and Marine, proceeded forward unto the dawn.

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The woman gave a friendly smile as she led Henry to the waiting aircraft.


“I get that a lot sir. My first night at flight school couple of cadets thought it funny to point it out, somehow they ended up in sickbay.†it was calm and matter of fact, that she would suffer fools gladly rather than a threat.


Finally gearing up she climbed into the Osprey and waited for Henry to join her in the cockpit.


“Tower this is Eagle we are ready to depart.†whilst waiting for the tower she turned to Titan and added “And before you say yes I know Freedom Eagle, you not the first to notice sir. It because of my work with Project Eagle. I’m cleared to brief you once we’re in the air.â€


After permission was granted the Osprey almost dropped off the carrier before speeding fast and low towards mainland Africa.

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“Two cadets in the sickbay?†Titan chuckled as he began to strap himself into the Osprey, “My kind of woman, Lieutenant.†Titan popped his neck in each direction looking around the interior of the Osprey as they took off and began across the sea towards the African mainland. “Alright, Eagle, let’s begin the briefing!†He shouted, looking up at the ceiling, closing his eyes as sweat trickled down his face, “I doubt that you fine ladies and gentlemen would call a living weapon out of bed in the middle of the night if it wasn’t important!†Henry was secretly praying in his mind that the Osprey would malfunction in the desert, he hated sand. Sand was the bane of any operations existence. Sand and the heat. “What the hell is Project Eagle anyways, if you don’t mind my asking?!â€

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“I’d like that to be a surprise sir! Girls got to have her secrets.” she gave Titan a cheeky smile.

The folder in front of you have the relevant information we've discovered s far.

“Drone flight picked up a strange movement of vehicles late last night, none of the intel suggested any of the known groups operating in the area, so we sent in one of the Remote Viewers and according to them the area is some sort of magical hotspot. We think it’s related to something the Freedom League was involved with back in the day.”

As she spoke she skilfully piloted the Osprey fast and low over the water rapidly making her way towards landfall.

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