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Next-Gen: A Taste of Death

Brown Dynamite

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Abandoned Warehouse

The Fens, Freedom City, New Jersey
8:00 PM Friday, January 16th, 2015


A recent string of assaults on Terminus empowered mutants had drawn the attention of the local media.  Some calling it a paranoid hate crime after the recent alien invasion.  After Gorge, a student at the illustrious Claremont Academy, was attacked Nevermore sought to personally uncover the mystery.  Nevermore's investigation drew him through many twists an turns until finally he found himself in a small shipping warehouse near the waterfront.  Stalking and taking out multiple gang members on his own Nevermore eventually found himself in the center of the warehouse.  Surrounded by six armed thugs holding a variety of firearms the heir to the Raven was in a hairy situation.


Apparently the gang had planned for his arrival judging by the ticking bomb that was currently sitting on the opposite end of the room.  It was a good plan.  If only Nevermore had chosen to fly alone this night.  They might have stood a 1% chance of taking him out in their odd murder suicide bombing.  As it stood, kneeling in front of that bomb was the boisterous Glamazon.  The bullet holes in her clothing showing that somewhere along the line the men had simply given up on attempting to shoot the demigoddess as it was getting nowhere.


The clock continued ticking as Thaelia declared her lack of understanding of the explosives.

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"Just throw it away into the water."


Nevermore seemed utterly calm in the circle of criminals, with guns pointed at his personage. He was as still as a statue, barely even moving his lips, or so it seemed. His head barely moved as he tracked his vision over the thugs, his eerily glowing eyepieces seeming to unnerve some of them. Then his lips curled in a smile that didn't promise fun times, and he spoke suddenly and loudly.




And then suddenly bullets were going in random directions, because Nevermore simply wasn't there anymore. But what might seem superhuman at first was shown to be training and technology; he had ziplined without warning and caught one thug in passing with a single arm. The unconscious man sprawled out a couple feet outside of the now-broken circle. The other thugs stopped firing, one of them having been clipped by a bullet, and cast their gazes around wildly.




And then there were only four conscious men standing there, and one unconscious man shoved up against one of the crates. In quick succession, two men were nabbed with high-strength tensile swing lines and hauled into the shadows, were muffled screams, the sound of breaking firearms, and sudden *thumps* left the last two men standing almost back-to-back, their weapons erratically swinging around to try and keep every angle covered.


Every angle, except down, that is. So when an armored arm ripped up through some of the half-rotted floorboards to pull one of the men down below the raised floor of the storage area, it was a total surprise to both of them. A single shot went off from that man's gun before it was silent for a few moments. The final gang member was trembling as he backed up slowly, trying to make his way to the door and leave the heroes to be killed by the bomb. But he kept running into this oddly-shaped wall.


"Who put a wall here?"


When he turned around his eyes widened in terror as he saw Nevermore calmly standing there. The young vigilante didn't give the man a chance to do anything more as he swatted the gun from his hands and tackled him to the ground.


It wasn't a good night for the gang.

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"Verily.  This explosive shall be dealt with a haste most utmost."  The bomb was attached to an empty oil drum.  Hardly an inconvenience for Glamazon who lifted it with ease before speeding outside of the warehouse.  She didn't stop to look at how well Nevermore was fairing.  Trusting her fellow team member to handle the assault with ease.  Crossing some distance away so as to assure debris wouldn't hit a bystander the Atlantean hurled the cannister into the air.  Her dash had wasted enough time that the explosion's outward force was still near enough to knock Thaelia to the ground.


Picking herself back up the Atlantean royal would mumble profanities in at least two languages.  Noting if Nevermore had left one of the men conscious. He wouldn't be for long.  Clearly blaming them for the bomb blowing up in her face.  Even if she was left unharmed by the display, it was their bomb.  Someone had to take responsibility.


As soon as she re-emerged into the warehouse, the sounds of the Atlantean's knuckles cracking could clearly be heard through the silent night air.

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She found Nevermore hog-tying a man who was alternating between cursing and begging. Definitely an odd combination, but no odder than anything else today. The man wasn't going to get loose, though he might hurt himself if he thrashed too much. Without looking up from his work, Nevermore spoke to his comrade-in-arms for the night.


"Nice work. Sorry I didn't suggest it sooner. Was a little hectic."


Says the not-at-all-bulletproof guy who fought of a couple dozen gun-armed criminals. 


"Made sure to keep one conscious. We need answers, after all."

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Of course Thaelia's display was for naught.  Nevermore had already swept his way through the gang's forces.  The only remaining one was the man he had captured.  A man meekly trying to paw away at the young man while tied up.  "I will have your head.  I will have all your heads."


The man was spitting all over the place in disgust.  Defiant and above all extremely annoying.  On close inspection Nevermore could tell by the state of the man's irises and his overall complexion he had taken a heavy dosage of...something.


The warehouse had crates and oil drums a plenty to pick out for.  But, there did not seem to be an active drug operation out in the open.  Not that busting the man's supply was their reason for being there.  Aside from the gang member's frantic yelling the warehouse was completely silent.  The rest of the men on the ground not budging an inch after being knocked out cold.

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Thaelia looked over at Nevermore and nodded.  "Bad officer/Bad officer then?" She asked the more cool headed young man. Still clutching her fists together. Unaware of his "medicated" state she hoped he would answer their questions quickly.  But, if not. She wasn't against convincing him either.  Nevermore was better suited for this sort of diplomacy.  Thaelia would be the first to admit that.

Yet the moment a fellow student was injured, the warrior part of the warrior princess title came to surface.  Making her eager to assist in retrieving the information they sought.  "How conscious do you need him?" Thaelia's cheshire smile looked down from above as she loomed over the thug with her amazonian height.


She hadn't, however, thrown an actual punch.  He was tied up.  And it would sully her honor to attack bound and helpless foe.  But, she didn't have to share with the gang member that bit of insight either.

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"Hn. Not actually a cop. These punks wish I was, though."

He yanked the thoroughly-tied bad guy so he was facing Thaelia head on.

"He's got to give me the answers we need. So nothing to his face, and he can't go night-night right away."

He pauses for dramatic effect.

"Other than that, go wild. Try not to knock us into the bay."

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"Gladly"  Thaelia replied before flicking her finger across the man's chest.  Sending the pair skidding back a few feet as Nevermore held on tight.  "I suggest you answer our queries.  The Daughter of the Seas gives no quarter to those who perform harm unto her compatriots."  

The man dry swallowed. Looking back towards Nevermore for comfort. Finding only dread instead. It was not a good night to be him clearly. "Lo-look. I'll talk. I'll talk. Just call her off." He pleaded towards Nevermore. Holding the pair with an equal measure of fear having seen Nevermore single handedly take out a warehouse full of armed men.

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Nevermore just kept a firm grip as he skidded back across the ground, flexing his knees a bit to stay stable. He made no sound when the man looked back at him in fear. He simply stood there, existing. When the man told him to call Thaelia off, he hummed thoughtfully.

"Not her boss. Can't really tell her what to do. Maybe you should ask the lady politely not to hit you again and then go on and tell us everything."

When the man wasn't looking, Nevermore gave Glamazon a smirk. Clearly he thought the routine was working wonderfully.

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"Please.  Please miss.  Don't hit me.  Come on I have a family.  I'll talk!"  The thug was begging while Thaelia held her fist in the air.  This one clearly positioned to strike him in the face.  She held of on connecting.  Having heard reason to believe her work was done.  Notably her fist remained primed in the air.

"Whadda ya want to know, man?  The product?  Our goods?  It'll do you no good.  The whole operation ain't local.  We're just a waystop.  This is really just about business.  Hey, hey, you guys have a code right.  You won't tell Rico about any of this?"

Judging by his lingering stare at one of the men at the ground, it wasn't hard to figure out who "Rico" was.  Or as Glamazon and Nevermore would recognize, the crazy guy who armed a bomb in the middle of their bust in.  Clearly, calm an reasonable was not how he operated.

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