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Jar of Glass

Tiffany Korta

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Mirror Works, Riverside

23rd February 2015

This little boutique like many in the area specialized in a single things, in this case beautiful and fragile works of art in glass. Many of the pieces were one of a kind and hence very expensive, which was probably why some bright sparks were trying to rob the shop.


Doing so in the middle of the day would be stupid normally, doing so in a city full of superheroes was almost suicidal.

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Mirror leans against the door frame, and clears his throat as he rests his cane against the top of his shoulder, ready to use it, though still appearing relaxed.


"Well well well, what have we here? A bunch of idiots robbing a store in the middle of the day? In a city like this one? Tsk tsk, what do you fellows have to say for yourselves."


Mirror spoke, doing his best not to laugh at Mary, who had nearly doubled over laughing at these robbers. 


"You can't be serious, no one can truly be this stupid. Not in this day and age, can they?"


She spoke, though only Mirror could hear her.

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The two thugs turned at Mirrors comments sneers on there faces. One carried a shotgun whilst the other had gone for a baseball bat. One of them showed a moment of doubt.


“I’m not sure about this it’s one of those superheroes man.†he accent suggested that like Mirror himself he was from out of time.


“â€Hey we talked about this, beside it’s not even one of the important ones.â€


It looked like they wouldn’t stop without a fight.

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"Sure, I'm not one of the important ones, but I've still got tricks up my sleeve you wouldn't believe. You can always runaway. "
Mirror said before casually pointing a finger at the Thug with the shotgun, a bright beam of light emitting from his finger and trying to hit the weapon. He smirked under his mask. It was fun, he had to admit, to be able to best someone so easily, and save some shop owner a lot more money then if he hadn't shown up. He'd have to work on hist abilities though, he could just tell he was making a mess here.
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Completely surprise by the beam of light the thug’s shotgun flew from his hands. He must have had his hand ready on the trigger as it went off as it was jerked from his hand destroying what was probably a priceless piece mirrored vase.



Though he was briefly taken aback he quickly recovered drawing a knife to attempt to stab mirror whilst his friend tried to hit him with the baseball bat. They didn’t quite hit each other but there attacks wildly missed their mark.

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"Now why would you do that? That vase never hurt you. Looks like I'm going to have to teach you boys a lesson."


"Sooo cliche."


Ignoring Mary, Mirror takes his cane off his shoulder, and swings it at the thug with the knife. The cane wasn't anything special, sturdy for what it was, but rather plain. He'd have to get something a bit more ornate, and even more sturdy given time. For now though, it'd work. A couple of thugs like this would be easy for someone without powers, and just a little training.
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Mirror’s cane stuck a solid blow and the man staggered backwards, though he still somehow keep his feet and more importantly kept hold of his knife. His partner wasn’t happy with this turn of events but he kept fighting.


“I told you this was a really bad idea.â€


He swung his baseball bat but it was no more accurate than his previous assault.

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"Of course it's a bad idea, I mean, even if I hadn't been the one to show up, there's plenty of other supers, and cops running around this city. Honestly, if you want to rob somewhere, the least you can do is go at night, then there's less to worry about. Robbing somewhere in broad daylight is about as dumb as it gets, for a crook."


Mirror said before he twirled his cane around, and jabbed it into Thug 2's stomach. A stomach blow like that was far less likely to kill then anywhere else he could hit, and would be painful, and probably leave him stunned. 

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With a crack the thug spun around and crashed to the ground, knocked unconscious by Mirrors cane. It seemed to put off the less committed of the two who gave a slightly half hearted swing with his baseball bat before dashing towards the door, the bat clattering harmlessly to the glass covered floor of the shop.

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Turning, a slightly peeved Mirror gestures with his cane, making a beam of light emit from it, and attempts to hit the thug in the leg, hoping to drop him to the ground without hurting him to badly. He'd check on the downed thug later, the one escaping was his priority.


"Ohhhh, ouch. Looks like this one is going to be hurting in the morning. You hit him pretty good, shame it probably won't teach him anything."


"You just watched me take out a shotgun, you think running will work that easily? Now, my advice to you is to stay where you fall, and wait for the cops. You keep trying to get away, you're just gonna keep getting hurt."


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The beam struck the thug causing him to cry out in shock but he somehow managed to carry on moving. Without pause the man flung open the door and dashed out on the streets attempting to lose himself among the crowds milling around the area. Few hadn’t yet figured out what was happening making things more difficult for Mirror.

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"That...that stupid thug. He's still trying to get away with this?"


"Either he's brave, has a boss he thinks can take you, stupid, or some combination thereof. I'd be careful Alton, never know what you'll be walking into, if you even manage to find him again."


Mirror sighed and took off after the thug, trying to follow him into the crowd.




Mirror called out, hoping that someone would get what he was doing, and help him by moving and making it easier for him.

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The citizens of Freedom were probably those most use to the presence of Superheroes, and villains, and tended to react when one turn up on the scene. The crowd parted as if carefully choreographed allowing Mirror an almost perfect line of sight towards the fleeing thug, who seemingly out of town looking around in shocked disbelief.

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"Oh, that was easy. Thank you everyone."


"Hmmph, must be used to heroes."


Mirror says with a flourish of his cane, a thin beam of light erupting from the tip and aimed at the the thugs back, hoping to knock him flat, and stun him. He wasn't going to let this thug get away if he could help it, though he did hope the police would arrive soon so he wouldn't have to deal with some angry thugs waking up anytime soon. Mary on the other hand, seemed excited that he was actually fighting, and was almost literally bouncing up and down where she stood.

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With a well aimed blast the second thug went sprawling to the ground finally having been taken down. As he did a little murmur went through the watching crowds and even when he did recover he wouldn’t be leaving in a hurry.


Almost on cue the sound of sirens were heard off in the distance, Freedom Cities finest would quite soon be on the scene.

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With a little twirl of his cane that brought it up to his shoulder, he sighed with relief as he heard the sirens. Relaxing, he weighed his options, and decided it would be best for him to stick around until the cops got her, at the least, just to make sure that neither thug managed to get away somehow.


"Awwww, the fun's over."


Mary said, pouting slightly before plopping herself on the ground to wait, head resting in her hands. Thankfully she was a spirit, or Mirror would have to warn her that doing something like that would probably get her dress fairly dirty, though she didn't always appear to him wearing it. Whatever she wore followed a general black, red, and/or white scheme, but was usually a Victorian dress, or something more modern, almost like a goth-punk.

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The uniformed officers rapidly arrived on the scene and quickly took control of the scene arresting the two thugs in short order. For now they kept a distance from Mirror, some heroes liked to keep their distance from the law until they were ready, especial the cowls of the city.


There was something not quite right about it all though they seemed to be looking for something or someone fom the shop that was apparently missing. Perhaps they were waiting for one of the detectives to come onto the scene?

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"Hello officers. Sorry about the mess."


He said as he gestured at where the one thugs shotgun had broken somethings.


"However, that's not why I'm over here. I came over here to talk to you about your confused looks. Whatcha looking for, maybe I can help."


He asked as he looked around, not stepping past the door as of yet, waiting for their response. Once upon a time he might have hung back like the rest of the crowd, but now, thanks to Mary, he was actually going to see if he could help. Especially when he was already apart of the entire situation.

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The cops looked rather relieved when Mirror decided to help them out by cooperating, greating him with smiles, though they still seemed to be confused about something.


“We’ve arrested the two assailants but we could really do with a statement from you, either now or back at the station. We don’t normally need statements from heroes but we will in this case.â€


Mirror could see why without the officer saying anything more, the shop didn't seem to have any occupants inside, though he distinctly remembered someone being in there when trouble started.

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Alright, tell me what you need from me, I'll give you everything I can."


He responded as he looked around the shop. He knew he had seen someone somewhere in there when the thugs were here, but he couldn't see anyone know.


"Maybe they're outside in the group of people. Got out of the way. Be a bit boring if that was true, but most people are boring anyway."

Mary said as she wondered through the shop, her body just phasing through anything in her way she didn't want to bother with going around. She usually just went around, Mirror had a few guesses as to why, but when she couldn't, or it'd take to long, to Mary, she just went through it.
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Suddenly there was a strange change in Mary’s attitude, Alton with his link could feel that something was wrong in the location. Mary scuttled around to behind Mirror hiding away from ironically a mirror.


“There was something there in the mirror, something very bad. It’s gone now though.â€


The mirror seemed unremarkable apart from the holes from the thugs shotgun blast.

And so far Mirror hadn’t come across anything that  frightened Mary, very little could, so this was probably a very bad thing.

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Mirror's brow furrowed beneath the mask as he stepped closer to the mirror to look inside. After a few seconds, he turned to the cops and spoke. 


"You might not want to hang around here for to much longer. I'm not sure what, but there was something wrong here. Very, very wrong, and likely very dangerous. Whatever it was, it's gone, for now, but you might want to get out soon, once your out, Those thugs might know something, I doubt it, but you might want to ask them about it, or let me."


Mirror kept himself between Mary and the mirror quite on purpose, and turned back to it, still trying to figure out whatever it was that was in there, or might come back.

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  • 2 weeks later...

One thing you learnt quick in Freedom City was when a Superhero asked for something you tended to follow their order straight away. The two cops were quickly out of the shop and moving people a little further back just in case. Mirror was left all alone in the shop with only Mary for company.

Though from the sound coming outside it wouldn’t be long until they had company again, a recently arrived detective seemed determined to enter the store. Mirror had only one problem to solve how could he find out about were the young woman had gone?

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"Okay, Mary, I want you to describe in as much detail what you saw. Even when the detective gets in here, keep going."


Mirror said before, hesitantly, pressing his gloved hand against the glass of the mirror, tempted to try shifting through it, see if he couldn't somehow follow whatever was in here. Shaking his head, Mirror turned away and opened the door to the outside to let the detective in, though he kept his eye on the mirror he had just touched, this was something he had never come close to dealing with before.


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The detective introduced herself and Detective Khan and was apparently hiding her annoyance at the whole situation pretty well. She even managed an almosts friendly smile. She strode into the store without seeming concerned about whatever had caused the store to be evacuated. Looking around the store the detective gather all the information that she thought she needed about what appeared to be a simple robbery.

“While I appreciate all the help you given us would you care to explain why you asked my officers to leave this shop? This seems a pretty straightforward case of robbery.”

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