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Wacky Alternate Character Versions

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So this is inspired by on-and-off conversations in Chat over the last few days, plus some brain bugs of my own. (And a bit of inspiration from >this thread.)


The idea here is to make a post where you just throw up some quick descriptions of a fun/wacky alternate version of your character, a sort of "What If" thought exercise.


I'll start it off, but if you come up with another "What If" scenario, feel free to add it to your post as a sort of "challenge" to the rest of us!


Character Alternate Version Ideas:

-"What If They Were A Transformer?" Mainly about "what sort of vehicle or object would they turn into"; per our "rules", it has to be a vehicle (real or fictional), or an object (like a gun, stereo, etc), and cannot be an animal (not even a dinosaur or dragon or whatnot), except perhaps as a 3rd or 4th form, or as your robot form (so you could be a humanoid who turns into a jet who turns into a dragon, or a jet that turns into a dragon, but not a humanoid who turns into a dragon).

-"What If They Were A Pokémon?" I feel like this one explains itself!

-"Which Lantern Corps Would They Belong To?" We're including all 9 (Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Indigo), but if you pick White there's got to be a reason (since they're theoretically the most flexible/powerful but also the rarest)! Heroic Black Lanterns are permissible.

-"What If They Were An Apple Product?" Don't feel constrained to a normal apple product! Make something up, come up with some whiz-bang features for it.

-"What If They Were A Spider-Man?" Specifically going with the idea of the Spider-Verse here!



As more ideas come, they'll be added!


Remember, this is for-funsies, though if you get an idea for a thread or whatnot, hey, more power to you!

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What If They Were Transformers?


Thoughtspeed: Tricked-out Mazda RX-8 R3; done up like a street racer, including spoiler, body lights, undercarriage lights, etc. Primarily black with green highlights. Robot form is small and nimble, wields two swords that can be charged with energy, as well as a gizmo that emits blinding light pulses. Equipped with a cloaking device that doubles as a blinding strobe system, usable in robot or alt mode. Loves speed.


Nevermore: A fully-custom armored motorcycle. Equipped with a short-range jump pack. Forearms in robot mode contain multitools. Excellent in hand-to-hand, but only armament is two light stunner cannons.

Raven III: Upgraded to an armed and armored car. Greater array of both tools and weaponry at his disposal. Able to fly for short distances in robot mode now.


Sun Walker: A Subaru Baja. In robot mode, wields a staff that can turn into a multi-section whip, as well as emitting energy from either end. Able to stick to most surfaces.


Gabriel: An AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter done up in the Irish Air Corps color scheme, equipped with several Long Range Acoustic Device sonic weapons. In robot mode these merge into a powerful sonic rifle he wields. Helicopter blades merge into a large spear. Forms an arm on the Freedom League Combiner (name pending).


Cobalt Templar: A Triple-Changer, capable of being either a helicopter (A King Stallion that can mass-shift to be able to carry other Transformers, as well as switching to a gunship mode similar in configuration to the Direct Action Penetrator variant of the UH-60 Blackhawk) or a wheeled APC (either the ICV or MGS variants of the Stryker IFV, and again able to mass-shift to carry other Transformers). Often serves as a the transport for the Liberty League. In robot mode he is heavily armed, able to reconfigure his weaponry on the fly for most any situation. Forms the torso of the Liberty League Combiner (name pending) (yes I know he's not really the leader but he's the beefiest guy among them).



Which Lantern Corps Would They Belong To?


Cobalt Templar: Green Lantern, because Will and Constructs.


Sun Walker: Indigo Tribe, sweet staff included. Just, ah, no brainwashing. 


Nevermore: Sinestro Corps, again minus the brainwashing.


Thoughtspeed: Harder to say, possible Star Sapphire Corps.


Gabriel: Blue Lantern Corps.



What If They Were Pokémon?




What If They Were An Apple Product?




What If They Were A Spider-Man?




EDIT: Point conceded, I am uncreative! I shall add Apple Products and Spider-men to both the Master Post and this post!

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Spider-Verse argues that What If You Were Spider-Man has plenty of variety.

Okay! Miras's vehicle form would be a banged-up delivery van, the sort of thing that could fit into any part of the city and not look out of place. In fact it can look like any delivery van, since her special ability is a holographic projector that lets her change her outward appearance. In addition to her robot form she can also turn into a mix table and a full sound system.

I have no idea about Pokémon. Something that's only found in a city? She'd be an evolved form, anyway. She'd be a Blue Lantern, since her own story is one of hope and transformation. As an Apple product she would be an iHoodie, which only comes in white but has inner pockets for all your iDevices. As a Spider-Man she'd be Kamehla Kahn if she used her shapeshifting powers to emulate Peter Parker instead of Carol Danvers.

Blue Jay actually has two vehicle forms, an ATV and an ultra-light gyrocoptor. In both forms she's usually in a camo pattern, which mysteriously changes into a blue-and-white pattern when she transforms. As a robot her weapon is an energy bow. As an Apple product she'd be an iBow, which can synch with your other Apple products to record speed, adjust pull strength, and suggest ways to have a better form. As a Spider-Man she'd be him in one of his more techy phases. Spider-trackers and special tech-tech guns built in a basement lab to defeat the menace of the week. She'd be some kind of bird Pokémon that's only found in the wilderness.

Corona is... incoming after I think a bit.

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What if they were a Transformers


Bloodline would be some heavily modified post-apocalyptic Jeep (whatever model, probably a recent Jeep Renegade), obviously. The kind of thing you'd expect out of Mad Max or something. It would transform into a rather bulky robot with, of course, a large gun which would also just stick on top of the altmode.


Kharag is ???


Cho or Rampart would probably be ???


What if they were a Pokémon


Kharag is a Legendary Fighting/Psychic Pokémon.


Need to add more later...

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