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OOC for >this thread.


Alright, this is the thread for the younger folks: Miracle Girl, Miss Grue, and Uplink. Their goal: to end the chaos in the eastern side of the zoo and rescue those caught in the crossfire without hurting the animals. To make things OOC-ly clear, I've provided a map and a brief description of current events. Special thanks to the Saint Louis Zoo, standing in for the Hanover Zoo.


Eastern Half of the Zoo:



East Side Story: Heroes can respond to these crises in any order; they may inform how you want your hero to arrive.


The hyenas have taken over the Lakeside Cafe, where a school group had stopped for a snack. They have badly injured a teacher, who is unconscious in the dining area, and trapped the rest of the group in the bathrooms.


The monkeys and birds are working in teams to steal wallets, cell phones, jewelry, and other valuables from visitors and staff. They are piling their loot in the south entrance's gift shop, which is being guarded by the lions.


The snakes have taken over the reptile house. Constrictors are holding several zoo personnel hostage in order to keep the police away. Venomous snakes are lurking in the basement, defending the disabled power generators.


Antelope and buffalo are working together to attack those who approach the Red Rocks area, where the gorillas are bringing computers, zoo equipment, and other valuables too big for the monkeys. A school group is trapped in the sculpture garden.

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