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Merchants of Death (OOC)


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Well, they are still dangling out in the air, but, seeing as your Acrobatics allows Foreshadow to make a 30' running long jump by taking 10, you can leap out there to one of the nearer ones.  He misses his toughness save and is out.  I will let you grab a hold of his rope as a free action (or him even).

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Okay, Fade initially holds her action, but when one of the gunmen spots her and Salnikov, she sends a bunch of throwing blades his way, hitting with a 32.  DC 24 toughness save for the gunman, nope.  She and Salnikov then teleport once again.


One of the gunmen swings at Foreshadow, trying to kick him, not even close with a 6.


One gunman aims and fires at Widowmaker, just hitting with a 17, but the bullet bounces of harmlessly.


The other two gunmen open up at Salnikov's normal bodyguards (who are going for weapons), missing with a 9 and 11.


Widowmaker rushes Dagger, missing with a 19


The four bodyguards open up on the gunmen that shot at them, 2 for each: one hit on each, one a critical!.  Toughness saves (vs crit second roll): 12 and 13, which means one is injured, bruised and dazed, the other disabled and dazed.


Another bodyguard, Incendiary, sends a flame blast at the gunman that shot at Widowmaker, hitting with a 23, toughness save (vs DC23): 12, so he is out.


Dagger will fire his knife launcher on his right arm at Widowmaker, power attacking (-4 atk/+4 dam), hitting with a 22, DC 25 toughness save for Widowmaker, 19, so he is injured, bruised and dazed.


Round Four


34 Dagger (unharmed)

27 Foreshadow (unarmed, 2 HP)

24 Fade (unharmed)

21 Gunmen (3: 1 injured, bruised, dazed; 1 disabled, dazed)

17 Widowmaker (injured, bruised, dazed)

16 bodyguards (4)

6 Incendiary (unharmed)


So, back to Foreshadow.


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