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Ranger (PL 10) - Gankun

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Player Name: Gankun
Character Name: Ranger
Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)
Trade-Offs: Attack +3 / Damage -3, Toughness +2 /  Defense -2
Unspent Power Points: 0
Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30




In Brief: High tech bounty hunting power suit crash landed and fell into the hands of a hotshot police officer. Used his skills and the suit to hunt outlaws, seeking revenge for a friends killer.

Alternate Identity: Rubin Powers

Also Known as: HunterMech,
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: New Jersey
Occupation: Ex-Police Lieutenant, Bounty Hunter
Affiliations: Freedom City Police Department
Family:  Thomas Powers (father deceased) Carla Powers(mother)

Age: 30 (DoB: Year 1984)
Apparent Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Hispanic American
Height: 6ft
Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Rubin is a young attractive male in peak shape. As a former police officer in a city of meta humans, he trained to be in top physical condition, muscular, yet lean. He has short brown hair and a shaved face with handsome eyes. He normally goes out wearing dark brown pants and a long coat. Once visiting space, he occasionally wears a light space suit, not effective, but stylish.


Power Descriptions:
Though talented for a human being, Rubin has no powers of his own. He has a solid aim and is quick allowing him to fight back against meta-human criminals, however that could only get him so far. His dexterity approaches human limits, but bullets never could outclass laser beams. Now to fight outlaws and villains, he uses the HunterMech power suit, a pretty much one of a kind battle armor designed with everything a police officer/ or bounty hunter could ever need.


As a intergalactic bounty hunting suit, the armor is fitted with state of the art tech not available on Earth. The suit is armed with a laser bow that fires energized plasma bolts with different settings for sniping, rapid fire, and snare. The bow is even fitted with explosive missiles, but has limited charges for this.


The suit contains an exoskeleton capable of increasing the user's strength and reflexes. The Helmet contains a visor for tracking down targets as well as a heads up display for targeting shots with the Laserbow and analyzing the surroundings. A flight system gives the user flight up to 250 mph. The suit provides life support to enable bounty hunting in all environments. To help in the hunt, the power suit contains a cloaking device to get in as close as possible. For defense, the suit is made with exotic, very durable metals. The armor plating protects the user to allow them to focus on the offense rather than constantly dodging. 


To further aid in bounty hunting, the power suit is equipped with a large database to use on all assignments. The database syncs with a translator chip to allow the user to understand any language in the system with reading and listening. It also converts anything said by the user to Galactic Standard if turned on. Additionally the database has enough intel on major players, wanted outlaws, and galactic locations.
    Rubin Powers was the son of a police sergeant of Freedom City who was killed by a meta-human bank robber who didn't hold back with his powers. Rubin was only 8 when he lost his father and from that moment on he wanted to become the best cop to avenge his father and help protect the city his father died for. He was a star athlete and student and became the top of his class at the police academy. He graduated from the academy alongside his childhood friend Jack Johnson. Johnson had been there for him since his dad died, from high school to the academy. The two were close and were unstoppable as a pair. For humans in a city of super villains, Powers and Johnson were able to go toe to toe with bad guys other officers couldn't touch. Powers had a good shot while Johnson provided the detective work, catching any details. Powers and his partner stuck fear in the hearts of the street thugs roaming the city for years. However this all changed one day during a abnormal dispatch near some woods. Earlier that day some space debris had hit the city, most of the junk burning up in the atmosphere, but a few chunks hit venues here and there. The duo were occupied all day checking out calls of damage.




    HunterMech, a discontinued line of power suits made for a major crime lord in the galactic underground. Only three suits were said to be made, the resources needed for them were considered to be far too expensive for the benefits of one super weapon. While research was spent into an army of more affordable battle suits, the remaining suits were given to bounty hunters in the service of the crime lord. The suit's image became infamous through most of the galaxy as a hunter that showed no mercy. Highly deadly and armed with a powerful laser bow, the name HunterMech struck fear into those that knew its power. Over the years however, the suit was "inherited" or stolen by other hunters or outlaws seeking the weapon. Though not all of the users were outright evil, most associate the suit itself with a merciless killer. Most official galactic police forces recognize that warrants and bounties apply to the user themselves, not the suit. Though with the user's identity hidden, most forces just place the bounties on the suit.

    It is still unknown as to why the power suit happened to be in the same space as Earth, but a nearby vessel suffered from an internal explosion resulting in a weapons cache to crash land in New Jersey, USA. The cache broke apart in the atmosphere resulting in multiple pieces of space debris hitting the surface. Most chunks contained nothing but metal or very minor space tech, but one cache landed in a park's forest without too much damage to the inside. Nearby officers Rubin Powers and Jack Johnson happened to be near the crash and went to investigate.


Powers and Johnson received a call about some strange lights and sounds coming from the city park. They pulled up to the woods and went to check out the lights beaming from behind some trees. However, rather than gang thugs, the pair were greeted by a band of space bandits. Powers and Johnson knew how to handle average thugs and maybe even low level meta humans, but these bandits were on a whole new level. The two were able to take cover behind a nearby boulder, but the energy rifles made short work of their defenses. Powers managed to disarm two of them, but the third guy fired a shot right into the chest of Johnson. Their standard issue vests would have stopped a bullet, but the energy blast went right through the Kevlar. Powers responded by firing a few rounds into the alien's shoulder, one of which got through the armored space suit. The alien retreated away on some hover-bike while Powers attended to Johnson. He lost a brother that night and the alien got away. Powers went to check out the reason the space bandits were there in the first place. He discovered a metal cache that was looked like it weighed a ton. It was lifted into the station for analysis while Powers delivered the news to his partner's folks. Powers wasn't quite the same ever since. For the first time the duo wasn't strong enough to stop the bad guys. All his life he trained to fight back against criminals or even meta humans, but wasn't able to save Johnson. He was sent on leave after the loss, the police therapist suggesting he take it easy for a while.



Upon analyzing the cache, the station quickly identified the contents as a battle suit and heavy weaponry. It resembled the power suits that some heroes of Freedom City wore, but this particular weapon seemed different, more ruthless. It was deemed to dangerous for further analysis and was planned to be sent to a vault lead by the Freedom League. Powers sneaked into the lab and wanted to see what his partner's life was lost over. The power suit had a dangerous look to it. He agreed that it shouldn't fall into the hands of space pirates like them. Just as he was about to leave he slipped and rested a hand on the  chest piece. The suit lit up and scanned the setting. It then showed a holographic display onto the table in a wide variety of unknown languages with many images and faces. It then hovered on a particular profile for a while, the alien that shot Johnson. The image disappeared and the suit then opened up. Then Powers could hear the steps from down the hall of the relocation team sent to secure the suit. Office Powers paused as he wasn't sure what to do. That suit was his only lead on the guy and it was about to be locked up for who knows when. Secondly it opened as if it was calling him to it. With one reckless act he stepped into the suit as it then closed up and took off through the station's ceiling.


The suit then ran a tutorial and explained its basic functions. From that point on Rubin Powers decided to be known as the Ranger, a police officer / bounty hunter to track down the intergalactic outlaws plaguing the city. The suit always pointed him from target to target as Ranger kept an eye out for the alien he first encountered to get his revenge.

Personality & Motivation:
           Rubin Powers was a young hotshot cop, and always acted recklessly and as if he was invincible. Though he's smart and keen to pick up on things, he can act rash and be stubborn. He has a good instinct, and never looks back when following it. He's a talker and quite charismatic, even known for taking things lightly in the middle of a situation. Though when it comes to dealing with outlaws, Powers takes his job seriously, wanting to strike fear into the criminals.


           His motivation is to protect his city and catch the bad guys. Through his line of work he understands that the world contains villains too dangerous to be left alone. Powers aims to track them down using his police skills and knowledge. After acquiring the power suit, Powers hopes to use the technology to round up the super-villains and galactic outlaws too powerful for FCPD to handle single handedly.

Powers & Tactics:
         For combat Ranger relies on the power suit. All of his defenses and attacks are related to the suit. Not to say that he is weak without it. On the contrary he has his police training to rely on when fighting low level thugs or meta humans. But for any outlaws with intergalactic bounties on them, a light pistol isn't going to cut it.


         When going after a target, Ranger first consults the power suits database to see what intel he can get. The suit isn't the most up to date resource, but occasionally it picks up a signal with a new bounty or outlaw not too far away. From there Ranger uses his police training to try and scope out the villain, perhaps find his motivation and next target. Then with stealth, Ranger can close in on the target and attack from  a strong location with the Laserbow.

Alien Tech: As HunterMech is a state of the art bounty hunting powersuit from space, there is plenty about the suit Rubin doesn't understand about it. Many features have been deactivated or damaged in the crash, and currently he has no way of repairing them. Furthermore, though Rubin has the basic functions down, there are still many features he is unable to use effectively, being inexperienced working with alien tech.


"Borrowed": Since the power suit came into Rubin's possession by chance, there is likely someone looking to reclaim the weapon. The memory was conveniently wiped during the reboot so the last user to possess the HunterMech suit is unknown. Someone who had the suit in his possession at one point is likely well armed and looking to reclaim it.
Payback: As the previous users of the battle suit completed plenty of assignments over the years, there are plenty of outlaws waiting for a chance to get payback at the HunterMech suit, assuming he was the once who captured them the first time. Nor do they really care that the user is a different people. Any space outlaws who happen to catch wind of the suit being at Earth are bound to plan a revenge attack.


Wanted: Though Rubin's time in the suit is short, many organizations have a price on his head ( or the suit's head in reality.) With the merciless acts done by previous users, the bounty on the HunterMech's head has increased to a large amount. Whether criminal organizations or official police groups, many are after the individual. In some cases, such as galactic police groups, diplomacy can convince them that Rubin is a different person, however in most cases they won't care who is in the suit.


Normal Identity: As Rubin now quit his police job, he's had plenty of free time to fight bad guys and outlaws. However he doesn't bring his suit with him on a daily basis, especially when he investigates. If his identity were to come out, he'd be an easy target. (Not to say that he wouldn't fight back!)
Abilities: 4 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 6 + 4 = 28PP
Strength: 14 (+2) / 24 (+7)
Dexterity:  18 (+4) / 26 (+8)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 8 + 6 = 14PP
Initiative: +4  /  +8
Attack Bonus: +4 , +4 melee, +7 range  /  Base +6 , +6 melee, +9 ranged, +13 LaserBow
Grapple: +6 /   +13
Defense: +6 (Base 3, Dodge Focus 3)  /   +8 (Base 5, Dodge Focus 3)
Knockback Resist: -1   /  -6
Saving Throws: 3 + 2 + 4 = 9PP
Toughness: +2 (+2 Con) /   + 12 (+2 Con, +10 Armor Plating)
Fortitude: +5  (+3, +2 Con) /   + 8 (+3, +2 Con, Enhanced 3)
Reflex: +6  (+2, +4 Dex) /   + 10 (+2, +8 Dex)
Will: +7 (+4, +3 Wis)

Skills: 64R = 16PP
Acrobatics 2 (+6) / (+10)
Computers 2 (+3) / 6 (+7)
Concentration 4 (+7)
Diplomacy 4 (+6)

Drive 2 (+6) / (+10)
Escape Artist 2 (+6) / (+10)

Gather Information 8 (+10) / 13 (+15)

Intimidate 4 (+6) / 12 (+14)
Investigate 6 (+7)

Knowledge (civics) 5 (+6)

Knowledge (galactic lore) 0 / 10 (+11)
Knowledge (streetwise) 5 (+6)

Language 2 (Spanish, French)
Notice 4 (+7) / 8 (+11)

Search 4 (+5) / 8 (+9)

Sense Motive 6 (+9)

Stealth 4 (+8) / (+12)

Feats: 12PP
Attack Focus (Ranged) 3
Attractive 1
Connected (Police favors)

Dodge Focus 4

Precise Shot 2

Quick Draw 1



Through Power Suit


Attack Specialization 2 (LaserBow)

Improved Aim

Powers: 79 PP

HunterMech(Device 16; Hard to Lose; 80 PP Spent;)  [64PP]

Armor Plating: Protection 10 (+10 Toughness) [10PP]

Cloaking: Concealment 2 (Sense - Sight, Flaw: Passive) [2PP]

Exosuit [31PP]
      Enhanced Attack Bonus 2 [4PP]
      Enhanced Defense Bonus 2 [4PP]
      Enhanced Dexterity 8 [8PP]
      Enhanced Fortitude 3 [3PP]
      Enhanced Skill Intimidate 8 [2PP]
      Enhanced Strength 10 [10PP]

Flight System: Flight 5 (Speed 250mph 2200ft/rnd) [10PP]

Galactic Database [5PP]
      Enhanced Skill Computers 4 [1PP]
      Enhanced Skill Gather Information 5 [1.25PP]
      Enhanced Skill Knowledge Galactic Lore 10 [2.5 PP]
      Enhanced Skill Language(Galactic Standard) [.25PP]

      Enhanced Feat Attack Specialization 2 (LaserBow) [2PP]
      Enhanced Feat Improved Aim [1PP]
      Enhanced Skill Notice 4 [1PP]
      Enhanced Skill Search 4 [1PP]

Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP]

Translator Chip: Comprehend 2 (Languages: Read All, Understand All) [4PP]

Visor: Super Senses 4 (Direction Sense, Extended Vision 1, Infravision, Tracking 1 (Vision)) [4PP]


Laser Bow(Device 5; 25 PP Spent; Easy to Lose)  [15PP]

BP: Sniper Shot: Blast 7 (DC 22; Feat: Improved Range 2(350 ft inc); Progression Range 1(7000 ft) Extra Penetrating 5 ) [22PP]
AP: Missile Shot: Blast 7 (Range 70 DC 22; Explosion Area 70ft; Flaw: Unreliable (5 charges)) [14 PP]
AP: Multi Shot: Blast 7 (Range 70 ft, DC 22; Extra: Auto fire(interval 2, max +3)) [21 PP]
AP: Taser Shot: Snare 7 (DC 17; Improved Range 1 (175 ft inc)) [15PP]

Drawbacks: (-4) + (-2) + (-2) = -8PP
Normal Identity (Full Round to suit up.)[-4PP]
Vulnerability(Electricity, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Minor[+1]) [-2PP]
Vulnerability(Magnetism, Frequency:  Uncommon, Intensity: Moderate[+50%]) [-2PP]
DC Block

ATTACK        RANGE    SAVE            EFFECT

Unarmed       Touch    DC22  Toughness Damage (Physical)
Missile Shot  70'      DC17  Reflex    Damage (Energy);  DC 17 Toughness, 70ft Radius
Multi Shot    70'      DC22  Toughness Damage (Energy);  Autofire (Interval 2, Max +3)
Sniper Shot   350'inc  DC22  Toughness Damage (Energy);  Penetrating 5
Taser Shot    175'inc  DC17  Reflex    Snared

Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (9) + Skills (16) + Feats (12) + Powers (79) - Drawbacks (8) = 150/150 Power Points

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Okay Gankun, a few things for Ranger.


First, you list him as PL 7 in the title, when he is PL 10 (you can edit that by selecting Full Editor).


In skills, we do not really use the Profession skill here.  You already have the skills a police officer would likely need (kn: streetwise, investigate, gather information, intimidate, diplomacy).  I would take the 6 ranks from profession and possibly boost those other skills.  Or, you might also want to pick up some ranks of kn: civics (knowing the laws you enforce) and maybe a langue (like Spanish).  All the other skills look good.


For Feats, instead of Connected, maybe Benefit: Police Officer?


For the Huntermech, first, you should note that it is hard to lose.  Also, you list it as a rank 17 device, when you have only paid for a rank 16 device (64 pp).  You also only list it as having 80 active points, which is also a rank 16 device.


Also, when I total up all the stuff within the suit, I get 81 pp of powers, so you have to drop a point somewhere.  But, I have a question that might make this easy.  For the Translator Chip, is the limitation meaning that you can only speak and understand (and read) Galstandard and no other languages?  If that is the case, it would be far, far cheaper to just move that into the Galactic Database and buy the language Galstandard for one skill point.


A couple of things with the Laser Bow.


First on the Sniper Shot and Taser shot, the Improved Range feat only increases the range increment of the attack, it does NOT improve the maximum range of the attack.  So for both attacks, the max range is 700 feet.  The Sniper Shot thus has a range increment that equals the max range, while the Taser Shot has two range increments before hitting its max range.  If you wanted to increase the maximum range, you would need to take ranks of Progression: Range.


For the Multishot, the max autofire bonus it can achieve is +3.  Autofire gives a bonus equal to half the attacks base damage or +5, whichever is LESS. 

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Ok, I fixed some of the typos and rearranged some of the skills.


I clarified the translator a bit more. I revised it such that he could understand foreign languages, but moved the Gal standard communication to the language skill.


Also I fixed some of the Laser Bow range stuff. Shifted some of the feat to progression range.

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Sigh, I could have sworn I posted in here last night.

Couple small things with the laser bow array Gankun.

For Sniper Shot, 1 rank of Progression Range would give you a max range of 1,750 feet, not 7,000.

For Missile Shot, the explosion area would be 35 feet.

For Taser Shot, 1 rank of Improved Range would give you 140 foot range increment, not 175.

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