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The planet Za'ak

Over two thousand years agob


Several hundred members of a gathered Za'akis tribe were all stunned in silence, collectively unsure whether to truly believe their eyes.  Their king, their very living god, who had existed for countless generations, had been defeated in single combat by one of the strange off worlders that had come to Za'ak from the sky.


Even as some of the gathered Za'akis began whispering to one another, Darr Val-Ren walked over towards the prone form of the Za'akis' god-king.  Standing over six feet tall with a powerfully built physique, the dark orange skinned Naram was dressed in a black uniform with red with golden yellow trim diamond patters on the shoulders and upper torso.  A long red cape floated slightly in the breeze behind him, a few tears evident from the battle that had just taken place, but otherwise the Praetorian of the Delaztri Empire showed little sign of the conflict.


Standing to one side of the gathering was the rest of the small group of representatives from the Empire.  Most of the group was made up of four Delaztri dignitaries and military officers, green skinned humanoids with two sets of eyes, one right above the other, and a series of ridges that began at their foreheads and went up to the top of their heads.  The last member of this group was at thing humanoid female with pale, almost white skin and soft features.  She had long purple hair, and similarly colored eyes which had watched the battle intently.


Darr extended a hand to assist the prone figure in returning to his feet, even as the Praetorian spoke in a language that neither the figure nor any of the gathered Za'akis could understand.  But even as he spoke, the figure, and those gathered, 'heard' in their minds a translation of his words, courtesy of the purple haired female.  <You fought honorably, but now you must fulfill the promises you made in our agreement.>


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Kharag grunted as he got back up. Bruisde, battered, but unbroken, he punched the ground before lifting himself up, wiping off the thick, oily purple blood from his bruised face. The wounds would heal, in time. Not a single scar would remain from this encounter. At least no physical scar.


"You have your victory." he conceded. "I have my end of the bargain and you have yours; I've led my people, united them." Kharag spoke, preparing for yet another speech. He knew he had to reassure his people and maintain a strong grip on them. Once they had been led entirely by force, but through the years he had still managed to acquire their loyalty through sheer inspiration. After dragging the Za'ak out of the mud, he knew they wouldn't turn away from him so easily. Under his leadership and guidance, he had advanced his people beyond their more primitive state; their science had advanced by leaps and bound. Still, it hadn't been enough to take them off this planet. It would have still taken centuries to do so.


Now he had a new option available to advanced his people to the space age. "Listen to me, people of Za'ak! Warriors of the Shakrasi tribes. Of the Kulder, Veskess, Madrazi, Azarr and Seresth!" He kept listing off the various tribes, clans, houses and kingdoms he had conquered and united under his rule. "Today, a new path has opened itself to us. Althought it may come at a small price, we have finally our chance to expand into the great celestial realms, to reach these distant lands I, your King, have told you about. Greatness awaits us. Prosperity." He clenched his fist. "Glory! THE VERY STARS WILL RUN PURPLE WITH THE BLOOD OF OUR ENEMIES!"

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Darr gave a nod at Kharag's response, translated by Chrystaa, the purple haired Praetorian mentalist. As Darr began his response, Chrystaa again translated fro Kharag. <The Delaztri Empire will honor its agreement. Your people will have a place among the Empire’s subjects, to be transported from this world to other worlds within the Empire.> Darr then stepped back towards Chrystaa and the gathered Delaztri dignitaries, as Kharag turned to address the members of his people that were present.

The gathered Za’akis clans fell silent as their king began to address them once more. Despite their initial shock at seeing Kharag defeated, they took inspiration in his words, and a loud cheer erupted as he finished the speech.

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After adressing his advisors and representativeof each major tribe and clan of his empire, Kharag changed to something more ceremonial, althought it would no doubt still appear quite primitive and garish to the Delaztri. But tradition was tradition and now this wasn't a challenge anymore, but politics...and politics demanded something more formal.


The Delaztri dignitaries were soon approached by Kharag's servants and invited to join the God-King in his throne room. No doubt that he wanted to still make for a powerful impression, even in his defeat. His throne stood at the top of his palace, a large ziggurat-like structure made of stone at the bottom of the mountains, at the center of the sprawling city of Kachsak, his capital. A city of stone, carved from the mountains, with great walls and tunnels and ledges carved from the rock. Smoke erupted from chimneys, primitive workshop and recent creations, the result of decades of accelerated technological advancement as the Za'akis had mastered more advanced metallurgy as well as discovered gunpowder.


At the top of the palace, Kharag waited in his throne room, sitting inside the jaw of an enormous skull; some massive creature, no doubt slain by him and turned into a throne, plated with gold. A creature so large that the inside of the mouth had stairs in order for the king to reach his throne. Around the throne, his advisors and generals were gathered.


Slouching inside it, Kharag waited for the aliens to arrive.

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Dar Val-Ren, Chrystaa and the Delaztri dignitaries and military officers made their way into the city of Kachsack at the invitation from Kharag's servants, taking in some of the sights of the carefully crafted city.  But their path was direct, and they did not waste time in making the long journey to the throne room atop the ziggurat-like structure that served as Kharag's palace. 


When they entered the hallway, the group made their way forward, to stand before the throne in which Kharag sat waiting.  One of the dignitaries stepped forward, giving a small bow of his head before he began to address the God-King of the Za'akis.


<You have truly led your people to great accomplishments King Kharag.>  Chrystaa translated.

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"Yes, but even I have my limits. There is only so much I could advance my people in centuries. I've known of you people, living in the stars. Your tale is written on the walls of the caves." he explained. It seem that Za'ak had found itself visited by aliens in it's past. The God-King looked down and sighed, aware he had lost. In fact, that loss was still burning deeply in his mind and had nearly shattered him for a brief moment. He had never truly known defeat until now.


Rising from his seat, he walked down the stairs and arrived face to face with the dignitaries. "From here on, however, the advancement of my people is in your hands. They will serve you as long as you honor your promise. Treat them with honor and dignity and they will never fail you.


The alien paused. "I only ask to take us to the lands of the stars and share with us your gifts."

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The Delaztri dignitary gave a small bow as Chrystaa provided a translation of Kharag's words.  He then began to speak again, with Chrystaa continuing to provide translation.  <The Delaztri Empire is made up of a great number of beings, from numerous societies.  All are welcome and given opportunities to thrive, so long as they are loyal to the Empire.>


<Although it will take a bit of time, we can certainly begin the process of relocating your people to other worlds within the Empire.  There we can better introduce them to our culture, and educate them in our technology.  I believe we can have the first transport ships here within a few days.>

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"Then do not delay." replied Kharag. "However, I expect a difficult contact, which is why the first of my people I will send you are dignitaries and tribe ambassadors; people used to dealing with outsiders. As much as I want to send my greatest warriors right away, it simply is not the right thing to do." Althought not always known for his wisdom, the Za'akis God-King had at least learned the lesson of sending in smoother talkers and charismatic individuals to important meetings rather than ferocious warriors. A few wars could have been avoided if he had learned such lesson earlier.


"I will send you the greatest, and sharpest minds of my empire to yours." he eagerly said, as always, aiming for excellence and showing a display of his achievements, as it was expected of him.

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The Delazatri once again gave Kharag a slight bow, as Chrystaa continued providing translation of each side's words. <A wise and prudent plan. Your dignitaries and ambassadors can certainly help provide us with information on you people which will assist in making their removal more efficient. It should be little over a day after I am able to send off the message for a ship capable of carrying these chosen ones off world.>

There was a brief pause, and then the Delazatri began to speak once more. <With the plans for beginning the recolonization of your people and their incorporation into the Empire set to begin, that leaves one other issue to discuss. That is your status and position going forward.>

<For nearly as long as there has been an Empire, it has been protected by an elite force of individuals possessing great power. Dar Val-Ren,> the Delazatri dignitary indicating the powerful Naram who had only a short while ago bested Kharag, <is one of the Imperators of this group, the Praetorians. You are truly a great warrior and it would only be fitting that you join the Praetorians.>

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"I see." Kharag said, as he started to walk around in circles, arms folded, looking at the Delaztri representatives. He had already found himself forced to bow to a greater power and certainly wasn't keen on lowering himself any further. Still, the offer made sense. Finally, he walked back to them and stood right in front of them.


"Very well then, it is decided that I, Kharag, God-King of the Za'akis will join your...Praetorians."

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