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Going Underground

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Friday 23rd May, in the afternoon some time...


The Subway, somewhere running North into the Centre of Freedom City...


At this time, before rush hour, the subway train was only half full, if that. 


Who where the unfortunate souls to take that train, on that day, at that time?


A stressed out businessman, with flecks of white hair, and a hoarse voice trying, fruitlessly to get his mobile to operate underground, and to wipe the sweat of his brow. 


A young mother and her baby boy, only a few years old, smiling as she plays peek-a-boo


A smiling old man, white haired and dark skinned, tapping his foot to some half-hummed jazz tune. 


Two girls, giggling to themselves over some shared secret, who looked suspiciously like they were playing truant from the last part of school. 


An unkempt man, possibly a beggar, keeping his head down and mumbling to himself, restless, and disturbed. Maybe suffering with some disorder of the mind. 




"Hey speccy-spaccy! what ya doin' here? Cant get enough of ya head being flushed down the toilet, huh?"


Ace was your jock, a tall, blonde, muscular guy with a cruel sneer and big jaw that somehow exuded an attraction, of sorts, to both guys and girls of his age. His wingman was only slightly shorter, and had that faint hint of insecurity, hanging onto the tails of the alpha male. 


And "Speccy-Spaccy"? James King, a guy whom the fates had not be kind to. Thick glasses, bad skin, and the mildest of cerebral palsy that made him clumsy. In another world, maybe James would be blessed with a phenomenal intelligence, but alas, James was an ok student, maybe even above average, but he was not a phenomena. 


"Luh---leave me alone---Ace----" said the damp haired James, fear gripping him in sweat and a tremor. 


"Leave him alone, he says...hahaha!" laughed Ace at his wingman. "Hey buddy, I can't do that, you are my friend!" he said, all evil grinning. 


And who else on that fateful day?


None other than Cho Paige Lee and Georgia Montgomery!



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Unfortunately for "Speccy-Spaccy", Cho's attention was focused elsewhere. Lacking any form of superhuman sense and facing in the opposite direction while talking with Georgia, the whole situation completely flew over Cho's head as she was busy having a (sometimes one-sided) conversation with the other girl about...well, whatever the two would discuss anyway. That said, subways are horribly noisy places and rather bad for conversations.


Sometimes Cho would turn to the young mother playing peek-a-boo with her baby and would smile a bit.

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