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Alright! That's a Hero point for the small problem of being imprisoned at the start of the attack.


There are twenty bad dudes, including El Leader Guy, all Terrorists from the Core book with a few bonuses.


Go to, Tsura.

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Lets get this show on the road.


Take 10 on my escape artist check (Total roll: 26) to slip free from the restraints as a move action. I'm guessing this shouldn't be to much an issue. 


I'll bluff to trick the gunmen on stage to shoot at me and, hopefully, break the glass tank so I can get out faster. Bluff is at -4, since its an interaction skill and I can't directly talk to the guy.


Bluff check to Trick The Thug: 1d20+13 22


I don't like that result much, so I'll take the second chance and take 10 on the second try. Roll total 23, not great, but not terrible.


And then, I'll surge for an extra standard action (Canceling out the fatigue by spending the hero point I just earned), to use the snare power with the trigger (The thug shoots at me). 


Preptive Attack Roll For Triggered Snare: 1d20+8 23 That ought to hit. DC 18 Ref Vs Entangled/Bound


Somebody is in for a surprise  ;).



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Mea Culpa, I should not leave this so long.


DC23 Sense Motive roll for the Thug: 10. He fails like whoa.


And shoots the glass. Going to just assume it shatters. DC18 Reflex save: 8. Again, massive failure. He is Bound.

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