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What's in a name and costume, anyway? (Open)


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April 12th 2014 10am, Claremont, Near the Athletic Field


Laying on the ground, with some sketchbook open, Cho is is half-concentrated, half enerved for...some reason. What reason? "Mmn...no." She says to herself, tapping the pencil against the book, face half-contorted in a pensive grimace, before she start scribbling again. Using her pencil, Cho tries to draw some general shape of a human body, althought it's clear she doesn't quite have the artistic talents to make it look good. Then, she start to draw a costume on the human-like shape. "Okay so, boots. The belt! And the cape!" Scribbling in the book, the girl is drawing some rather stereotypical superhero costume on the poorly-proportionned shape, cape, boots, gloves and all.


Then, next to the drawing, she start again, drawing something similar, albeit with a somewhat different style. The process is repeated several times, sometimes straying away wildly from the original style, as if Cho was trying out different thing. "No, I can't wear that I'd die of shame!" A page is ripped off the book and reduce to nothing in a glowing detonation. Whatever was on that page was probably better not seen by anybody else, she realized. It's a question of taste and decency, after all. One has to make a good impression with their costume.


"No wait, the cape would dangle and get stuck. No cape! What about the symbol?" She says, still talking to herself. "Gah! I don't even have a name, what am I supposed to call myself?" Rolling on the ground, she sighs in exasperation as it turns out finding a good name and costume is a lot more difficult than one would imagine.

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Gene King was more intellectual than physical, but even he could only play so many video games when it was so nice out. He always enjoyed running, and being quick on his feet was a useful skill when fireballs and bullets were flying. After the second mile he felt the need to take a break, though, and so wandered off onto the grass.

Pretty quickly, he spotted Cho sitting on the grass. He wandered over and gave her a wave before splaying down on the grass next to her. "Hey, Cho. How does it go?" He raised his head and took in her sketch pad and pencils. "Working on an art project?"

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"U-um...I guess?" said the girl, glancing at her book, full of...less than pretty scribbles. It's like if someone was practicing drawing superheroes, however, Gene can likely make out that it's supposed to be designs and concept for costumes, which range the whole gamut from ultilitarian and loaded with gimmicky ideas to sleek and form-fitting. From the dark to colorful. From the classic to completely out there, if not outright silly. Annotations often adorn them, usually telling the reader what colors the costume should be.


"Okay, no wait, let me asked you; you picked a name, right? I mean, you know, superhero name. How did you do that?" With a sigh, the girl slumps her shoulder, almost looking like she's giving up on the subject at hand. "Look, I don't have a name. I've been in Claremont for months and I still don't know what to call myself. Well, that and the costume; I can't keep that Claremont suit forever."

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"Yeah, I know what you mean." Gene laid back on the grass, staring at the clouds. "Mr. Marquez turned me onto it. He gave me a biography of Alfred Nobel. Did you know he came up with dynamite? He thought it would be good for mining, but then they started putting it in artillery shells and he started feeling bad for all the people his invention had killed. Um. I mean." Gene sat up on his elbows so Cho could see his face. "You know what I mean, right? And anyway, since I'm still figuring how to use my powers without blowing stuff up, it seemed like a good name to me." He laid back down. "I can't keep it forever,,though? Being twenty-five and being called TNTeen is just creep, you know?"

He sat up and looked Cho's designs over more closely. "So you're trying to come up with a name? What do you have so far?"

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As he look, she simply hand him over the book, filled with her terrible drawings and some accidentally slightly burned off (or rather, desintegrated?) page corners. As previously mentionned, the costumes run all the possible gamut when it come to costume style, with the more revealing ones crossed out furiously, sometimes tearing apart the sheet it was written on. So it seems Cho doesn't particularly feel like wearing something revealing or feels unconfident about it. Even a suit carefully made and tailored to show off a powerful physique for the sake seems out of question for her...despite how she seem to have though about.


A few sketches are clearly inspired by none other than the Centurion himself, albeit with some details changed. However, it's clear the general effect is definately, in those designs, to evoke the man himself. However, these are all crossed out for some reason. A few more evoke Captain Thunder or Lady Liberty but, again, Cho appears to be unsatisfied with those. "I can't really think of something that's really my own or would look good!" Indeed, some of the more...original...designs are quite frankly hideous awful or outright silly.


"Oh and for the name? I got nothing! But, yeah, same problem as you; it need to be a name that can stick, you know."

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