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Lucy through the Looking Glass

Tiffany Korta

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West End, Freedom City

Lucy woke up with a throbbing headache something that struck her as odd, though right now she couldn’t remember why that was strange thing. She opened her eye’s to see a masked female face filling her vision, now that was a lot more familiar.

“Are you okay? You were attacked and I sent them packing.†there was pride in her voice, it wasn’t something she’d done before.

Lucy sat up causing the woman to step back, she didn’t quite know what to do this was all still new to her. She might be a hero of some type, her face was covered by a blue handkerchief actual everything she wore was blue and harked back to the classic 20’s style.

“I’m fine, just a bump from the fall.â€

She rubbed a rather large bump on the back of her head.

No wait that couldn’t be right? On hunch she felt for a pulse and could hear the steady beat of her heart.

She was alive again.

“I know this sounds a little weird, but what the day and year today?â€

The woman looked a little suspicious but answered the question.


“It’s May 27th 1926.â€

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“The day after my 29th birthday I got drunk and disappeared for a couple of day’s never could recall what happened. Guess I’m going to find out...†Lucy was musing more to herself than her rescuer.

“You're talking like it’s already happened, you sure you're not seriously hurt?â€

“No I’m fine and not mad I assure you, what should I call you mysterious Mystery Woman?â€

The woman bought herself to her full height and struck her most heroic pose, she’d obviously been practicing for this.

“You can call me Bluesgirl.â€

“Oh so are you related to Chester?â€

“He’s y brot... hey wait how did you know?†she delayed slightly “What did I do wrong?â€

Lucy couldn’t help but smile at the poor woman’s as she suddenly deflated shaking her head and she tried to looked understanding.

“No you didn’t do anything wrong, I have the advantage of a long view of all this. I’ve met your Grand-Nephew in the future, it’s kind of complicated.â€

The poor woman had a mix of confusion and disbelief, unlike Lucy this wasn’t as common to be almost mundane.

“How about I buy you breakfast and I’ll try to explain, I feel like I haven’t tasted real food in almost ninety years...â€



And then I can try to work out why I’ve never heard of you before...

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The diner wasn’t standing in the 21st century but Lucy remember it well and wanted to visit the place again. It had taken a few minutes to convince Bluegirl that she was on the level and could be trusted. Whilst the young woman trusted her enough to let her see her in her secret identity she still wouldn’t reveal her true name.


She was pleasant enough company and seem quite chatty about what was going on the city including the possible trial of a senior Mafia boss, the very case that would cause Lucy’s inevitable demise. But right now that wasn’t what bothered Lucy it was the strange looks that the two women were getting from other people in the diner, it had taken Lucy a few minutes to figure out why they were looking, there were a few things about the 1920’s she hadn’t missed and this was one of them.

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