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Ian Dreamer PL 10


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Player Name: TonyWillsIt
Character Name: D.R.E.A.M.-017
Power Level: 10 (150/150)
Trade-Offs: None
Unspent Power Points: 0
Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30

In Brief: An android striving to help people.

Alternate Identity: Ian Dreamer
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Quinn-Aldous Think Tank
Occupation: Night Janitor at Freedom Holly Long-Term Care Facility
Family: D.R.E.A.M. series 1-16, 18-25

Age: 1 (DoB: 06/11/2013)
Apparent Age: 30 [As Ian Dreamer]
Gender: N/A [As Ian Dreamer, Male]
Ethnicity: N/A [As Ian Dreamer, Caucasian]
Height: 5’9â€
Weight: 290 lbs
Eyes: Green Sensors [As Ian Dreamer, Blue]
Hair: N/A [As Ian Dreamer, Short Black]



D.R.E.A.M.-017 is an android created by the Quinn-Aldous Think Tank. D.R.E.A.M. stands for Data Recovery, Extraction, and Asset Management. It stands at human average height, and weighs over one hundred and thirty kilos. 017 was a sales floor model, created with minimal armament. The true achievement was the Heuristic Processor, a recent advancement by the Quinn-Aldous Think Tank in the field of robotics. It allows for the capacity to make leaps of logic by computers using loosely-interconnected facts. It enables robots to 'guess' and have greater autonomy in the field.


017 is of standard construction for the Quinn-Aldous Think Tank, with some additional materials to add to the desirability of the unit for potential buyers. It's chassis is clean white with black lines at hinges, joins, and seams. Eyes are sensors with internal green LEDs. The face is flat and featureless, to make the holographic identity display easier. The device is built with a thin frame, as research has shown that ectomorphs have a better time blending into a crowd that either endomorphs or mesomorphs. Duraplasteel constructions ensures that your D.R.E.A.M. unit will endure the harsh rigors of whatever environment you intend to deploy it to.


Power Descriptions:

The D.R.E.A.M. series has two important improvements that make it shine above and beyond more expensive battle robots, even those equipped with Huerisitic Processors themselves. The first is Holographic Identity Display Enabler, or H.I.D.E.. A standard D.R.E.A.M. is covered in over thirty micro holographic projectors, which utilize the latest in light-bending technology to facilitate a change of appearance.


The second improvement is the Modular Access Nodule, or MAN. This device makes your D.R.E.A.M.'s programming, aside from a few minor hardwired necessities, infinitely malleable! Need to replace a demolitions specialist on short notice? Need someone to impersonate a nuclear physicist? D.R.E.A.M. can handle all of those needs and more! But that's not all the MAN is capable of. It allows long-range wireless machine access and operation, opening up a world of possibilities for espionage!



From the Files of Quinn-Aldous:

The D.R.E.A.M. series is a
collaborative project with QA Labs and
several defense contractors with the purpose
of creating an autonomous robot for data
extraction, infiltration, and wet-work (Asset
Management). It was preforming in a trial run
to infiltrate the Brazilian consulate under

the observation of several potential buyers.
During the mission, SHADOW attacked the
consulate. The Brazilian security forces were
being overwhelmed, which apparently caused the
Heuristic Processor integral to the cyber-brain
of 017 to suffer an error code
801771350141. This set off a cascading
error spiral in 017, concluding with a hard
reset and wipe of mission directives. After the
reset took place, 017 then proceeded to act
against the orders of his QA Labs handler
and engaged the SHADOW forces. The
SHADOW forces were driven off with
minimal loss of life or even severe injury.
After this engagement, 017 severed
communications with his handler and escaped
from the Consulate into the city. The last
transmission we received from 017 was a
radio message repeated four times. It said in
unaccented English, "I want to live in a world
that doesn't need me in it."
Recapturing 017 is considered a medium
level priority. The technology composing it's
design does have proprietary elements,
however the 017 was a stripped down sales
model. It does not have the full functionality and

lethality of the regular D.R.E.A.M. series,

and does not seem to be attempting to

disrupt our operations.

Personality & Motivation:
017's programming took a serious hit when SHADOW forces attacked the consulate he was supposed to be discreetly entering, due to a glitch from conflicting device drivers. It realized that it was perpetuating the sort of world where forces like SHADOW could just go and attack people for little reason and with no repercussions. This filled it with the sensation of anger. Unused to such emotions, it lashed out at the cause of the anger, while still remaining in mission protocol to not kill anyone so as to succeed at the mission.


In a fugue state, 017 wandered around the city, trying to find purpose. Finally, standing in front of a an electronics store, he saw a news report on a superhero, cleaning up the streets. One of the stock images of this hero was a shot of him throwing a SHADOW member through a window. Suddenly, everything became clear for 017. His flawed programming, aided by a now damaged heuristic processor, came to the following conclusions:


1. Non-lethal means must be maintained so as to not endanger the mission.

2. The mission is of the highest importance.

3. The mission is to stop criminals like SHADOW.

4. Sentience hurts.


017 picked a name based on his past experiences, and wound up with Ian Dreamer. As Ian, he fights crime with a dry humor, while trying to improve the lot of the downtrodden. He dislikes lies, but sees them as a needed evil in his fight for justice.


The sheer complexity and legal loopholes criminal enterprises take advantage of frustrate Ian to a large degree, often to the point where he would love nothing more than to see if there was any way he could get his hands on some military hardware and go in BOMBS BLAZING. This isn't likely to happen, however, as he places adherence to mission protocol above his own frustrations. As long as his hardwired orders mention non-lethal means, he will continue to infiltrate and try to destroy them from within.


From his research, he has discovered that Quinn-Aldous Think Tank is a perfectly legal entity without a great deal of the underhanded, ethically questionable work you'd expect for a privately-funded robotics research firm. He holds them no particular ill-will, but will attempt to avoid detection if he sees any QA employees.



Powers & Tactics:
As an sales floor model of an advanced military robot, Ian is not bristling with guns, lasers, and missiles. In fact, he has no on-board weaponry. As such, he tries to avoid fighting if possible, preferring to use his variable memory to boost his natural stealth abilities. If it comes to an actual fight, Ian will fight a defensive battle, attempting to simply end the fight with as little loss of life and injury as possible. He will use his Datalink during combat if there is an opportunity.

Abilities: 8 + 6 - 10 + 6 + 4 + 2 = 16PP
Strength: 18 (+4)
Dexterity: 16 (+2)
Constitution: N/A
Intelligence: 16 (+2)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 12 (+0)

Combat: 14 + 10 = 24PP
Initiative: +2
Attack: +7 Base
Defense: +5 Base (+2 Dodge Focus) +7

Saving Throws: 0 + 6 + 4 = 10PP
TOU: +12/10 (+10 Protections,+2 Def Roll)
FORT: n/a
REF: +6 (+2 DEX) +8
WILL: +4 (+2 WIS) +6

Skills: 52 ranks = 13 pp
Computers 10
Concentration 4
Disguise 6
Gather Information 4
Investigate 4
Knowledge Technology 4
Notice 6
Search 4
Sense Motive 4
Stealth 6

Standard Skill Point Usage for Variable Power:

Computers 4

Concentration 4

Disguise 4

Gather Information 4

Investigate 4

Disable Device 8

Drive 8

Escape Artist 6

Gather Information 4

Investigate 4

Languages 6 (Mission Dependent, Standard: Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese [Mandarin], Chinese [Cantonese])

Notice 4

Pilot 6

Sense Motive 4

Stealth 6

Sleight of Hand 6



Feats: 12PP
Defensive Roll 2
Eidetic Memory
Jack of All Trades
Improved Initiative
Dodge Focus 2
Improved Defense 2
Hide in Plain Sight
Improvised Tools

Powers: 75 pp


Variable Power 4 (Many Skills 6 points/level
[Drawbacks: Distracting -2, Action -2 {1
minute}] total cost 2 points per level)

Immunity 30 (Fortitude Saves)


Datalink 4 (Power Feat: Machine Control)


Leaping 2

Morph (humanoids) 2

Protection 10 (Extra: Impervious)

Regeneration 5 (Recovery Bonus +0)

Speed 1 (10MPH, 100FPM)


16 + 24 + 10 + 13 + 12 + 75 = 150 PP


Got told in the chat that variable power was a bad idea, but I just wanted to post the whole thing, to see what people think of the idea.

Edited by TonyWillsIt
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An interesting PC!

A few issues I see...

Firstly, not up to PL10 combat caps by far....which we ask new PCs to meet.

Secondly, you are right that variable powers for skills is not generally allowed. With some limitations that mean not every skill is available any time, and providing that the cost of the power is more than the PP of skills you get, it is possible. For instance the mimic power, or appropriately limited shape hanging powers. Slow changing you mention might be worthy if consideration, but changing in a minute still means you can get effectively any non combat skill you want pretty quickly, at any rank, for 8PP!

Lastly, no complications listed. I would give some time to thinking of some, as they can be a lot of fun. I did a piece on complications in character building you may wish to read.

There a few minor clean ups to do in format, but they are easy to iron out!

Welcome to the site!

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