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Cat and Mouse (OOC)


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Foreshadow is easily able to make the jump across.  Just as he rolls up to his feet and starts moving into deep shadows, the flood lights flick on, bathing the rooftop in light.  It is an area visual Dazzle, so a DC 20 Reflex save to avoid the area effect (reducing it to half even if you miss thanks to Evasion 2).  If you miss the first save, you get another DC 15 Reflex save to avoid being temporarily blinded.


The three guys up on the rooftop all have goggles that make them immune to the Dazzle.


They make Notice checks, but only one manages to spot you.

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Actually, you should be at +3 on your roll, as I see your Ranged attack bonus is only +6 and it is -3 to hit.  But, even with a 12, that is enough to hit one.  You also need to make a second attack roll for the second target (as you make an separate attack roll for each).

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I'm reminded of how the one consistently good thing about the Topher Grace Spider Man movies was the obligatory slowed down Spidey Sense reaction scene.  That's all close means to him  :D
So let's start with some flippy stuff giving off an Acrobatic Bluff: 1d20+22 33
If he wins that opens him up to Sneak Attack, which will be followed up with Autofire Throwing Discs vs Thug 1 (DC20*), DC -2 if Acrobatic Fluff fails: 1d20+7 9...that is a hilarious moment

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