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Torrential Troubles (OOC)

Brown Dynamite

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Actually slight correction your Notice is +9 not +8.  Your search is +8.   Not that it makes your Notice roll any less effective factors of five after all.


You could take a Know. Physical Sciences roll if you want to try and figure out the state of the ships due to your analytical senses.  Or perhaps a Physical Sciences/Life Sciences roll to see if what you can gather about figuring out what any of the cargo inside the unknown ship is.

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Relative spread out for the most part with some members close together on the decks. Trying as best to maintain their duty positions.

Fulmen is able to figure out that there are multiple bulk cylinders of some sort of compressed gas. While he is not able to identify the chemical itself he is able to figure out that it is not a natural gas due to the lighter methane content. The possibility of the gas being flammable also gives more reason to err on the side of caution.

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The storm resists Tempests attempt at lessening it with a 25!


In response the storm sends out a bolt of lightning towards tempest.  Hitting with a 24.  Promting a DC 25 TOU save.



So I'm going to go ahead and ask for initiative from you two right after said save as it becomes clear both the storm and the whirlpool are alive.


The storm got a 5


And the Whirpool an 18

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The whirlpool begins speeding up the current tossing and turning the ships and making it hard to stay standing.  Essentially it's an Area Trip effect.  


The Whirlpool gets a 22 on its Power Check.  Opposed by the higher of str or dex by those aboard, which currently is just Starchaser and the various crewmembers who for the sake of efficiency will all share a roll.


The crewmembers all fail getting a 15 on their str. check to avoid being tripped.  Delaying the civilians getting the rescue boat up even longer.





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Switch array to

  • Flight 10(20/35)
  • Water control 7( precise) (15/35)

Then Search 8 + 7 = 15 1000 foot radius( The two ships) = 20 min = 1200 sec; 1200 sec/ 1000 (rapid scene) = 1.2 sec = move action. (dose penetrate concealment)

Then Notice 9 + 20 = 29 :  take 20  = 1 min / 1000 = less than a second = free action

Then Move to StarChaser - move

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The Storm will fire off another bolt of lightning at Starchaser after he ran away.  This one missing wide with a 16.  Our bystanders are now standing and proceed to finish raising one of the lifeboats.


Bringing us to 


Round 2


18 - Whirlpool - 

9 - Starchaser - 1HP

8 - Tempest - 1 HP

5 - Storm - 


To start us off on the Whirpool's turn a tsunami comes for the ship.  It's a small one.  Miniscule +1 damage in the line area it fills.  But the vehicle has more than 15 TOU so no need to even save yet.


So Starchaser is up.

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Sorry about the delay guys, it's unexpectedly turned into a pretty full-on week for me.


For Starchaser's turn:


Free Actions: Switch Array to Flight 7/Super-Strength 3, which should be enough to lift a standard tanker's lifeboat as a light load. Yell at the civilians.

Standard Action: Lift a lifeboat full of civilians.

Move Action: Fly towards the docks at full speed. 


At Flight 7, they should be able to reach the docks in a single move action, right? Possibly even get back to the ship as well? He'll be moving at 1,000 MPH, or 1 mile in a round.


Should be able to do an IC post tomorrow.

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No need to apologize.  Holiday season and all, even without that it's a busy time of year and real life comes first.  Anyways yes I'll say you can reach there and back.  Lifting the whole thing should only constitute a move action with his strength imo so two move actions for the whole round.  Which amounts to the same thing but actually doable what with no Move-by Action.

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