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And Crimson makes three

Tiffany Korta

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Grier Ave, Lincoln, Freedom City

“I’m not sure I quite understand?†the young woman sat bouncing a her baby on her knee staring dumbfounded at a piece of paper

Nicki Dee sat there patiently looking for all the world like the perfect business woman in her plain dress suit and practical suitcase sat by her feet. She patiently explained the offer she had made not moment’s before.

“It seems the business you previously work for made an error in his benefit’s I’m here to offer you the balance of what is owed.â€


“Are you sure about that?â€

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Nicki knew the Alesha well, though technically they’d never met, when she was a villain for hire the two had worked for a third party stealing a obnoxiously expensive diamond for a very corrupt businessman. Alesha wasn’t a full on masked villain, just a minion working for a big villains organisation. When Nicki had heard she had got out of game, probably because of the baby, well she thought she’d give the woman a chance for a new life. Just like other’s had done for her.

“I can’t reveal too much but my client has asked...â€


You better come see this.

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I thought I asked you to stay in the car?

I am this is something that you couldn’t miss, try the window.

It was rare that Merge was so straightforward in her requests so she must be trying to tell her something serious.

“If you’ll excuse me for a moment.â€

Merge Trois wasn’t wrong looking out of window Nicki could see the unmistakable form of an 8ft tall red skinned woman stomping up the path to this very house.

“Crimson Crush.â€


“What here? I thought they’d just let me walk away. I promise I took nothing from them...†the poor woman was on the edge of tears.

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Nicki would have thought the woman would still be in Blackstone after the last time the two of them had met. And that time she’d had a lot of help taking the woman down. But she couldn’t let poor Alesha down.

“Go upstairs and take the baby with you, call the police and whatever happens don’t come down.†Nicki said it was absolute authority she knew the woman would respond to such commands.


And thought the woman was on the verge of panic she obeyed the command almost instantly. Now all Nicki need was a plan a quick Crimson wasn’t exactly the most subtle of people.

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Crimson was not a happy person she had ordered by her bosses to rough up some little woman she hardly remembered to make sure she wouldn’t talk. She was just about to smash the door

when someone answered the door.

The woman who answered the door looked like she had stepped out of a 60’s sitcom in the little gingham dress and her hair done up in a bouffant hairstyle.

The woman looked familiar to her thought for the life of her she couldn’t quite place the face, so she must be the woman right?


The woman gave Crimson a massive hug before stepping back and taking hold of her hands.

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“Crimson is so lovely for you to visit us, please come in and I’ll make you a coffee.â€

Without waiting for a response she dragged the still confused Crimson into the kitchen, something that the befuddled woman didn't notice that most people couldn’t do. Crimson stood in the kitchen trying to figure out exactly what was wrong with all this.

“So why have you come visit me Crimson?â€

Ah yes her reason for visit she was on better ground here, but wasn’t she meant to be in charge here.


“You shouldn’t have left like that Alesha we’re worried that you might say the wrong thing to the wrong person.â€

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“You know what this remind me off?â€

Crimson look on blankly so “Alesha†continued.

“That movie with Vivica Fox when Uma Thurman turn’s up to get revenge for her leaving the team.â€

Crimson was still trying to process exactly what was going on.

“You think we could do the fight in the kitchen, you know when you catch up with what happening?â€

Finally Crimson not the most patient of people smashed the kitchen table into splinters out of frustration.


“Cool let’s do this, though I might have to charge you for the table.â€

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WIth that the kitchen was filled with a multitude of Merge’s though maybe the kitchen wasn’t the best place to try and fight a 8 ft woman, Merge couldn’t seem to put enough of her in one place to score solid hit on the massive woman.

How could she manage to miss someone so big, and with so many chances to hit?


A witty retort and reveal was on her lip’s when Crimson who didn’t seem to have any problem’s hitting any Merge, and more importantly the right Merge was a simple straight forward punch to the nose. The last thing Merge saw was a very satisfied look on Crimson’s face before she blacked out.

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And Nicki woke up to the concerned face of Alesha and a much more professional face of an EMT. That was one of the downside of being linked to Merge all the time, Merge might take the damage but she tended to suffered the consequences. When she let Merge turn back up she wouldn’t have the bare the massive headache she had right now. She was probably one of the few people on the planet who could suffer a hangover from someone else’s drinking. Not that Merge ever seemed to complain as she reached for the bottle.

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It didn't take long for Nicki to find out exactly what happened it seemed that Crimson Crush was quite happy to trash the kitchen before the police turned up and the minor league villain decided to leave the scene of the crime. It didn’t take much to convince the police that she was struck but the giant woman on the way out of the house.  


The police seemed happy with the whole story and after taking statements left the two women alone probably to get the professionals to help track down Crimson Crush, if they weren't on the case already.

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But all this left Nicki with a whole new problem. What was she going to do to help Alesha out now?

Then an idea dawned on her it was. It seemed a simple enough an idea and it shouldn’t be difficult to convince the young woman it was a genuine offer. It sounded far to good to be true like the person suggesting it had taken a massive blow to the head...

“My client has another more inclusive deal that I think you might be very interested in...â€


Then she laid out for an increasingly shock and surprised Alesha exactly what she had in mind to help the younger woman.

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“And you're sure it’s all be sorted out?â€

Jordan International Airport, later that day

“Yes I’m absolutely positive, just like the half dozen time you’ve asked. The data record’s are perfect, I’ve got someone who a natural with computer’s.â€

She didn’t like using her brother’s talent’s like this but Alesha deserved as much of a new start as she did. But this seemed like the right circumstances and every month he seemed to have more control of his power whilst living in part in the real world. It gave her hope of a full recovery one day.


“When you get to Emerald city go to this apartment it’s all in your new name along with credit card, driving licence and even a well stuffed bank account.â€

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Truth be told the apartment and identity was one she’d set up as a bolt hole in case everything went pear shaped in Freedom City during her less honest time as a criminal. Though she’d made sure that everything was as legal as it could be now, all the monies involved were made through perfectly legal means.

“Now go before you miss your flight.â€

“How can I ever thank you?

“Just live your life to it fullest capacity.â€


After a quick hug the young woman and her baby left to start their new life. Well this time she’d made a difference for someone it felt good and it wouldn’t be the last, Nicki had a lot of people she had to make difference to before she made up for what she had done before...

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