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Following the Thread[OOC]


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So then, time for some investigative superheroics. We shall assume that there is no way in heck anyone there could catch La Renarde Bleue sneaking into the building, and getting into the office is similarly a non-issue, so no rolls required there. Once inside, feel free to roll whatever seems best to find out what happened. For context she has around 30 minutes to find some clues to what happened before the next patrol stops by.

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A quick look around reveals to Blue Fox that the bookshelf holding the tomes on fly-fishing are nearly free of dust, in contrast to the others. They're well-used and frequently bent at the corners, but aligned absolutely perfectly and listed in precise alphabetical order like the other more technical books.


Something's been stuck behind them to hide it.

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For the sake of continuation, basically what's needed here is either Gather Info, using Mind Reading to catch any hints of the name Aquarius(supervillains and their lackeys tend to think oddly like that), or whatever else you think most useful.

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