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Devil In The Dark(OOC)


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Clarification: The green quoted text is still Acheron talking. The reason for using it as such was because, while his regular text color popped well, it seemed too strainning to the eye in wall-o-text form

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5 Hellstingers ( Demon, Imp PL 5 / Minion Rank 6 from Core Book, pg 233)


Knowledge (Arcana) Check Results:

Hellstingers are mindless low ranking flying demons that appear and attack in groups. Their existance in the material plane is usually the result of a high level demon entering the mundane world, but stray groups finding their way to the material plane by accident or happenstance is not unheard of. There's rumored to be a surefire way to know for certain which is the case.

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Initiative Order

Hellstingers(5): 13 (Minions)

Pitch: 4 (2 HP)


:arrow: Hellstingers: #1-4 will use Aid Another against Carmen for #5

vs a Defense 10, that's two hits, so a +4 total to attack Carmen in melee.


#5 will Charge Carmen (+2 atk / -2 def)



Next Turn: Pitch

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