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Enfant Terrible (OOC)

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All right, let's see if we can get this guy restrained long enough for Eldritch to take hold of him, or if he's going to need some punchinating. Her array is currently in the Damage position.


Move Action: Acrobatic Bluff, DC 27 with skill mastery

Standard Action: Charge Attack to Grapple: A terrible roll! Result is 22


If she hits anyway, her grapple roll is... it's terrible.

Spending an HP! The reroll is a respectable 42. 

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Curtis uses the Blast in his ring to summon a monster to bite Erin. Normally it would hit since she's flat-footed, but Edge spends an HP on her behalf to restore her dodge bonus. (We've let people do that before) 


On Edge's turn, he stunts Blast 20 (spending an HP to cancel fatigue), CDGs Curtis (who can't make such a roll, especially not with Edge anti-LCing him) and takes the guy out

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