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An Ounce of Prevention (IC)


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May 12, 2013

10:45 pm


Having an informant was a wonderful thing in the Fens. It made all the legwork of crime fighting a lot more bearable, even when the information came at an unexpected time. He could barely remember where he'd met the young man who had referred to himself as 'the Skeptiq'--spelling and all. He wasn't sure how he kept finding him on his patrols around the Fens, but the kid had eyes and ears everywhere, and he'd taken a particular liking to dropping clues into Clark's lap. While Clark hardly trusted the little weasel, he couldn't really complain. 




Today's tip: a warehouse recently bought by a local 'business' was housing a ton of illegal weaponry, and there was a huge gun buy scheduled to go down that night. Alerting the authorities wouldn't do much; constrained by legal process, Crusader could see the problem--one that he didn't share.


He watched from a nearby rooftop as a white car pulled into the warehouse; as the sliding metal door went up and down to let it in, he spotted at least four men with guns, all wearing the black leather vests with the Motor City Mauler motorcycle club patches on the back.


Well. Time to clock in.

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Crusader couldn't hear what was being said. He didn't really need to; once he had slipped inside, he managed to read lips and body language well enough to get a fair estimate of what was going on. His source was right, though... there were enough guns down there to start a small war. He didn't see anything super-dangerous like RPGs, but he estimated that 90% of what was down there was illegal.


He wasn't a fan of guns. It was the type of aversion that grew over time--one that only being shot at multiple times could give a person. Being shot wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, and while he didn't care to repeat it, he refused to give in to the fear or worry of having it happen again. In his experience, there were things far worse than bullets out there. Still, getting these off the streets and out of criminal hands was a priority.


All he had was his shield. He had, of course, considered asking for help in the equipment department. The King of Suits seemed well versed in that sort of weaponry, and he remained one of the few heroes he knew that didn't have any special powers to aid him. It was too late for regret though...


Time to dive right in.

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