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Opening Bids (OOC)

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So, not really trying to accomplish anything with the talking other than delay a bit to give Omen a chance to be suited up before any action starts :)  But, I cam make a Diplomacy roll or something if you like. 


Also, making a Gather Info roll (via Well Informed) to see what Velocity knows about Smash.  And got a 31!

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No need for the diplomacy roll.  Alright let's see a 31 being as impressive as it is let's see what I can come up with.


I would say that Velocity knows that Smash is a common staple on FCPD's most wanted list.  A member of the four man band known as Larceny, Inc Smash is the dim-witted muscle of the group.  Armed with both incredible superhuman strength and durability to accomplish that role.  A former boxer, he's known to live up to his name down to the last letter with a simplistic single minded pursuit of destruction.  Obviously not the brains of any operation.  She's unaware of what he went through to have given him his current physical and mental state.

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Okay, guessing we are in combat time now.


Velocity will run up to Smash and hit him. Using Defensive Attack for -3 atk/+3 Defense (making her total defense a 28 for now). Her attack roll is a: 22. If that is a hit, it is a DC 28 toughness save for Smash.


She will move-by attack, so she moves back to where she started after making the attack.

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We are indeed.  That is indeed a hit.  And seeing as her strike is a +13 damaging move his impervious is ignored, Smash gets a 19 for his toughness save.  Failing by 7 and thereby bringing him down to Dazed and Bruised.


Round One

Velocity (59): Unharmed, 2HP
Omen (18): Unharmed, 1HP

Smash (5): Dazed & Bruised-GM

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And Omen would attempt to turn around and do as requested moving up to get to the captain's deck.  Only to get interrupted before doing so by the woes that is a sudden interruption of Get Away suddenly scaling the yacht a sonic boom following behind her and bringing a reflex save with it.  The intensity is less than normal so only a DC17 Reflex save to avoid, and if either fail it's a DC22 Toughness Save.  Not counting Evasion of course.  The Boom is just low enough not to bother Smash so not even going to roll for him avoiding its effects.


Omen's actions were interrupted for this round and the unexpected attack comes with a free Hero Point for Velocity and he.

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Man, Velocity has had rather rotten luck with making low Reflex saves (her best save!) recently.  She just missed it with a 16.  But, she has Evasion 2, so the damage is still halved (rounded down I believe), making it a DC 18 toughness save.  She handily makes that with a 27.

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Omen lucked out and just barely makes it with a 17 a little close for comfort than one would prefer for the best save but not going to say a word when Velocity did worse with a better save.


Smash is off in La-La-Land so this will end the round.  And on to...



Round Two

Velocity (59): Unharmed, 3HP

Get Away (44): Unharmed-GM
Omen (18): Unharmed, 2HP

Smash (5): Dazed(Until the Start of Velocity's turn) & Bruised-GM

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Smash gets another 19 which with Bruised drops to an 18.  He's not having a good day failing again by 10 this time.  I don't know why I wrote 7 last round when it was a 9.  Bringing him down to Bruised 2 Staggered & Dazed.  He's on borrowed time now let's look at that knockback  after his reductions it's a 3 so he's sent flying 5 feet.


Seeing as smash is a liability now, Get Away repeats the process for her Sonic Boom this time running in circles round everyone and moving as fast as she can in doing so, now a DC19 Reflex Save, and DC24 Toughness Save.  Moving back next to Smash when done.  Smash somehow makes the reflex save with 21 the half damage means he's impervious to it.


Omen gets a 29 so he's in the clear. 

Free Action:  Switches to his Stun Gun in his array

Move Action:  Taunting Get Away which is at a -5 due to the penatly an 18 opposed by Get Away's Sense Motive of 16

Standard Action: Ready that Stun Gun for when Get Away comes a charging again.

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Alright the bridge is full of full body mirrors standing up on every side.  Making it difficult to peer out while steering.  Speaking of steering there is currently no one actually piloting the boat.  The short chubby man who came to inform about when the auction would start was lying unconscious in front of the wheel.  His face just as flushed as it was earlier.  Whomever was piloting the ship was nowhere to be seen.  It was almost as if he had disappeared without a trace.

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