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Vanguard Charge (Voltage and Stormbreaker)

Thunder King

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July, 2012

Dr. Green's Volcano Base

Upon dropping King of Suits and Crusader off at the base, Voltage popped in and picked up Stormbreaker. The two of them appeared in what seemed to be a hangar, with a large air worthy vehicle sitting front and center.

The hangar was expansive, with massive doors, containing numerous small air craft. The roof was high into the air, giving it roughly a thirty foot ceiling. The hangar was conspicuously empty.

"Remember, we're here to be loud, disruptive, and too dangerous to ignore." He said, eying the vehicle. Suddenly, a well placed blast struck the fuel tank and detonated it. No doubt, the sound would be heard throughout the base. That was exactly what he wanted. He had calculated, without error, the exact trajectory, distance and force of every piece of debris, ensuring that the explosion would cause no harm to himself or Stormbreaker. The heat from the fire rose into the air, turning on the automatic sprinklers that now poured water onto the burning wreckage. Luckily for Voltage, his powers were unaffected by the presence of water if he so chose.

"That ought to do it." He said, lifting the vehicle into the air with his powers and slamming it into the back of the hangar. "Might as well knock on the front door..."

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Voltage finds the good captain waiting impatiently, with what would be arms crossed if she'd had a second. As soon as they're gone, her crew has orders to make their way to the base and start raising Hell.

In the base, she doesn't say a word, and Voltage needn't have said anything either; she's already on her way to the tightest cluster of aircraft she can find. She makes no calculations, nor concerns herself with guarantees of safety as she gathers a swirling vortex of air, sudden lines of vacuum ripping and tearing at the primitive aircraft, before releasing the air again for even greater damage, and she continues the cycle, her hand in a claw-like gesture, ripping and tearing at steal with talons of wind against as many of the vehicles as she can wreck before their hosts arrive for the party.

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Voltage continued to tear through vehicles, detonating and destroying what must have been millions of dollars in equipment. It was then that the doors opened.


"Dr Green told us you'd be here." Came a voice as a burly looking woman stepped through the door. "We're supposed to take you to him, but I can't imagine you're gonna go nicely, are you?"


Another figure suddenly landed, this one a rough looking gentleman covered in what looked like ice. "Like you gotta ask. These hero types never just give in."


Voltage just silently nodded at Stormbreaker.

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