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Vanguard Charge(Crusader & King of Suits) (OOC)


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And now for the actual stuff to happen then part of.


No need to roll for the two just ahead going towards the hallway entrance opposite Our Heroes.


DC15 Notice roll please Granspear. KoS's 14. Nay.


Catching these folks shouldn't be much of an issue.


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Alright, going to try taking one of the little cleaning and security robots off the wall and placing it so it stares at the ceiling, allowing the King of Suits to get past.


Using Skill Mastery to get a result 25 on his Stealth roll, attempt by the little robot to Notice him: 13. Failed. Escape Artist roll: 19. That does it. DC18 Dex roll to dislodge and move the robot successfully: 13. Failed, reroll(2HP in the next combat): 21. Done.

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Darnit! So sorry Grans.


Anyway, that nets the pair of them a +3 bonus to attack, save and skill rolls in the upcoming fight, and gives them an idea for the same plan that will work very well. Will write it up tomorrow, sorry again.


EDIT: The heavy soldiers are cumbersome enough that they could be taken out early by explosions. The resulting confusion would be enough to take down the leading officers, and the ensuing chaos would make the rest of the soldiers relatively easy to defeat.

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