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Needle in an Haystack (OOC)


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Well, I figured the two would pull a Mr. Rooney from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and go case malls and the like looking for her.

But seriously SC, looking at the Gather Info rules on finding people (I had kinda forgotten they were there), it kind of makes it too easy (taking no more than 4 hours really with Taking 10). The interesting parts of this story will really be the journey and what they learn along the way (and how they choose to react to what they learn). So in a way, I sort of see it as a number of Gather Info “rolls†that are spaced out over several days.

So, there are a couple of early avenues I had in mind (one of which I think I might have mentioned in chat (or a PM)). Which order you want to do things is up to you.

First, you can go down to the docks like Harry mentioned in your last IC post.

Second, I had an idea for an NPC that Harry knew when he during his last couple of years on the force. A fairly young tech guy who is a photo and film analyst for the police (examining photos for when they might be altered, filtering grainy film to try to identify a perp, that sort of stuff). The backstory I had in mind was that, thanks to his senses, Harry realized the guy had a drug problem. So Harry helped get him cleaned up before anyone else on the force learned, thus saving the guy’s job. So, he owes Harry big time.

Then of course there is always getting out on the street to talk with contacts and see what they might know. (Some phone calls could lead them to various new contacts depending on what Harry might want to look for).

Also, regarding your last IC, I checked with AA, and Claremont is not publicly known as a school for metahuman teens. It is something of an “open secret†within the superhero community, so, I guess the question is would Harry know much about it at this point? (not saying he wouldn’t).

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Yeah, I didn't of course want Gather Info to act like a homing beacon, more as a link to the next thread. As such, its more of a plot device.

I'm pretty happy with any of the above. I suppose the Docks would be the obvious place to start looking, but Im not sure if that is a rich vein to mine. I leave the options to you.

Re: Claremont. I understood it was an "open secret". Which means it puts the Mess and the Hound in a tricksy position. They are, after all, both metahumans - Hound for all his many decades, and the Mess for at least a year. This makes it tricky to exactly know what they would know about Claremont.

Owning up here, I have always never really been interested in Claremont. Teenage Supers - or at least the conglomeration of teenage Supers is of no personal interest. Its one of those "I'll ignore it" blind spots for me. Other people are interested in it so it ticks along of course, which is a good thing.

As, to be Frank, I dont really want to get involved in Claremont - as an institution - (I am fine with the individual characters in it) - I think the best thing for me, personally is just to fudge it and say that Mess and Hound know of it vaguely as a place where they have teenage superheroes, but that all, and that alone. It would probably fit with there own status, without having to get to involved and without giving away enough to break this thread!

Of course I don't object to having Claremont in the thread (especially as if thats where Tsunami is), its just I personally find Tsunami a whole lot more interest than the X-men acedemy institute! I hope that makes sense.

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