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My Brother's Keeper [OOC]


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Sounding you out here GS :)

What would you like story wise? Mess' ability to stop bleeding, namely his healing lethal damage power could be, on the basis of descriptors anything from life saving to ineffective (due to damaged organs)

I'm happy with whatever, so its really what you would like in terms if Ben and Crusaders development.

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I've been thinking a LOT about this, ever since Freddy suggested it to the detective. It was honestly an angle I hadn't considered. I came up with an idea that doesn't necessarily end with Ben's untimely demise; it's feasible that his injuries could leave him comatose instead. That creates several new plot hooks that could be used--mafiosos worried about him coming out of said coma, for instance. And it's far less likely to send Crusader spiraling into a dark place.

That and it gave me an idea for a sidekick for Crusader--his brother's spirit in a battlesuit. :D

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I should probably give Mess that skill, eh, next edit eh?


If its ok with you, as its largely fluff, it fits, and Crusader is not actively concealing the fact, ill go with your gut (and mine) and say that Mess at least has an inkling that the Crusader can handle himself? let me know if that doesnt sit ok with you as GM and ill edit.

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Man. I'm so bad at this.


Now we're at the part where things will probably get physical. What we have here is 4 Thugs (M&M Core, p229), and Frank "the Riveter" Mazziari.


For a quick ref on the Riveter (who I will likely make a real NPC entry for soon):


Att +10, Def +10, Tough +10, Fort +12, Ref +7, Will +7, Init +2, Grapple +22

Skills: Intimidate 10 (+10), Notice 7 (+7), Search 7 (+7), Sense Motive 8 (+8)



Of course, Crusader and Mess are still very much out of sight so.... um... ...yeah. Gonna have to work some of this out IC. :P

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