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Sifting Through the Ashes (OOC)


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If there is enough accelerant to scoop up, I think Hound might take that back and investigate it. I think thats a base DC of 15, +5 for outdoors, and probably several additional difficulties (as pert Investigate skill). He could take 20 for a full 27 roll.

Of course that is depending on the answers of Eliska - I'm just sounding this out!

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Do the Hound / Mess (probably Mess) know any street gossip about local gangs? (Lets call it taking 10 on check for 17). Of course, that may be irrelevant.

On the way back to the Barn, Hound will make a few more phone calls to gather information (again, taking 10 for 22). See if anybody around the Fens has heard talk of accelerants or incendiary devices.

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Okay, Mobster 2 isn’t doing anything right now due to Mess’ intimidation roll success.

Mobster 3 is going to try to grab Mess, gets a 22 for his attack roll, which hits.

He goes for a grapple, getting a 32 for his grapple check. Need an opposed grapple check for Mess.

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