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Deadly Deposits

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January 3rd, 2013, 1.12 P.M. Eastern Seaboard Bank Building

There were just some institutions that would always inevitably survive the test of time. No amount of technological advancements in e-mails, online banking, or telecommunications would stop the need for the occassional need for a face to face discussion at one's bank. A situation in which Erick Sloane now found himself as he waited behind a long line rehearsing a game of snake between velvet ropes to address some questionable charges to his debit card.

The alternative was of course another fourty five minute argument with the bank representative on the phone trying to explain he had absolutely no need for twenty thousand rubber ducks. An option that a university student who lost enough hours of sleep fighting crime did not even want to consider. The fact that the loudest thing in the building was one of the clocks hanging overhead just went on to show that the day would be one of endless routine. Or as the addage went it was time to hurry up and wait.

Of course Erick wasn't so lucky that the one day he went to a bank in person wouldn't be anything but routine. It wasn't long before a group of seven armed thugs burst on the scene. Each wearing sleek full body metallic hardsuits hiding any and all visible features and armed to the teeth with what appeared to be high grade weaponry. One of which the bank patrons got a first hand sight as the first robber to step through the door began firing from his rifle a series of laser shots towards the roof screaming, "This is a stickup! Everyone down on the ground" E-Sea wasn't known for it's preventitive security measures, it was their hundred percent success rate in recouping their losses that secured return patronage. A fact that was of little comfort for someone looking to get in and out before resting back at his penthouse. Like a costumed vigilante now eternally held up in line.

It's settled. I'm stuck with with the ducks. Maybe I'll start a little rubber duck farm, and the local kids will all cry out there goes crazy duck man. Seriously Lainey's handling my banking from now on. Erick lamented as people all around began cowering while screaming for dear life. Bystanders visibly scurrying off from the outside. Rolling his eyes Erick would drop to the ground with the intention of not standing out as the bank robbery began.

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The armed robbers immediately split off into separate cells. Moving with a purpose destinations already in mind. One trio headed upstairs whilst the others took to the vault. Leaving behind a lone gunman to guard the hostages. It was an organized assault no doubt requiring hours of practice and memorization of the bank's layout to pull it off without issue. How they got such access would need looking into.

As long as the other hostages weren't in immediate danger, Erick was hesitant to make any moves against the remaining gunman. The time would have to be used to think up some sort of plan of action seeing as he wasn't exactly wearing a costume at the moment. So, openly charging for them and tossing in a few cheesy one liners is probably out of the question. Unless I want to be Julie Streeter's latest editorial. I'm sure that could only end well. Lights, camera, accusations! Just who is star former gymnast Erick Sloane?

Ending the awkward silence that the fear of death wrought to the hostages one would let out a booming cough. Apparently he had some sort of bug it was the season for it. The source, an elderly looking gentleman looking no worse for the wear. Normally an act that would go without notice the lone gunman instead had a queer response to the whole affair. Flinching before aiming his rifle at the sickly old man. "Who are you calling out to?! The police? AEGIS? Huh!"

It was amazing how a member of a seemingly organized strikeforce was so jumpy. Adding a whole new air of unpredictability to the heist. An element that no one wanted if things were to go smoothly without anyone getting hurt. Sprawling to his feet Erick would try and get in the middle of the unstable confrontation. "Whoa there. He's just coughing calm down he doesn't want to cause."

"Shut up pretty boy." A quick swing to complete a buttstroke to the side of Erick's jaw made him reel as he was planted onto the grown. Or to be more precise he sold the blow well enough not to raise any questions as he crumpled backwards. "I hear you pipe in again and your looks may not make it to an open casket. Urgh! Alright that's enough everyone hug a wall."

Yeah, he's going to pay for that later. The lobby calmed down some as everyone was redirected to sit lined up against a wall.

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