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Neon Exposure (OOC)


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Free Action:  Omen draws his Escrima Sticks.  Thanks to his Quick Draw feat this is a free action.


Move Action:  Omen moves to try and acrobatic bluff our pyromaniac friend.  He takes a Fast Task Challenge to accelerate an the Bluff into a move action at a -5 penalty.  Getting a 26


Standard Action:  Assuming he's within 5' to take a step during his action, Omen follows up with a swing of those very same Escrima Sticks with a roll of 29 which should bring with it a DC 21 toughness save.  23 if he the Acrobatic Bluff succeeds due to sneak attack.


Edit:  I forgot that Bluffing sets up a sneak attack as well.  I always forget that.

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Seeing as it's gone back around to Omen.  He'll do just that. 
Following up with a bit of a smack, Omen getting a roll of 21 on the attack roll with another DC 21 toughness save.


Taking a move action after to Taunt with the -5 hit to his bluff skill (making it a fast task) after, so he can set up an opening for Errant.  Alas the -5 hit was brutal getting a 16 opposed by Bluff, Sense Motive, or Will (whichever is best)

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Seeing as being paralyzed is a helpless condition.  Omen can go ahead and take a coup-de-grace as a full-round action.  Which auto hits/crits. With his Escrima sticks should be a DC26 toughness save after the increased damage.  .


As it is a Coup de Grace attack if he is still conscious and takes damage following the blow he will have to make a DC21 Fortitude save

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