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Date with Destruction (OOC)


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Voltage is genre savvy. He knows that when you have a big guy and a small girl, the small one is always dangerous in a more insidious way.

Blasting; 29

Also, trying to figure out who these people are;

Using computers to substitute for gather information (as per the Online Research feat), and using his mental quickness so they're both free actions;

44 for Mindfire

...also 44 for the big guy?

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Okay TK, Voltage easily hits Mindfire, and she only makes a 21 on her toughness save, so she is bruised and dazed.

So yeah, he easily figures out who Mindfire is, and information on what her abilities are. She is wanted for a number of murders in Emerald City, and even more assaults. She is high on AEGIS wanted list in Emerald City, and has hospitalized and/or tortured a number of their field agents. Voltage is also able to locate a report by a AEGIS field analyst that identifies her true name to be Emma Jeffries and that she appears to have spent some time in some exclusive psychiatric hosptials for most of her adolescence and early adulthood paid for by her deceased father, former mob-lawyer, Michael Jeffries.

You also get info on Bonebreaker (the big guy), who is also wanted for a long list of crimes. He is known to be superstrong (able to lift over 300 tons) and very, very tough. (I will think up some more information on him as well to add).

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Okay, some more info on Bonebreaker, sorry for the delay.

Andrew Davis is a former professional football player who was banned after his rookie season for use of illegal enhancement drugs. With the help of good lawyers he managed to avoid any criminal conviction. He then disappeared for a couple of years, before reemerging as the supervillain Bonebreaker. He generally works as muscle for hire, and thus far has managed to avoid capture.

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TK, I found this post by Kenson regarding how bruises affect other saving throws against damage. I probably looked this up sometime in the past to get the reading I had on the issue. But, in the interest of keeping things moving forward, we will go with Voltage making his save against the attack.

Bonebreaker’s attack on Velocity is a 14.

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Beginning Round 3:

Velocity acts on 55 (2 Hero Points)

Voltage acts on 16 (1 bruise, 4 Hero Points)

Mindfire acts on 12 (2 bruise conditions)

Bonebraker acts on 9

Velocity’s attack, with +2 dam/-2 attack from Power Attack = 22.

Bonebreaker’s toughness save vs DC 30 = 25. So he takes a bruise and is dazed and knocked back 5 feet.

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As mentioned in chat, Voltage picks up another bruise, but otherwise is fine.

Round Four

Velocity 55 (2 Hero Points)

Voltage 16 (2 bruise, 4 Hero Points)

Mindfire 12 (2 bruise)

Bonebreaker 9 (1 bruise, recovers from daze just before Velocity acts)

Velocity's attack roll against Mindfire is a 16, so she misses as well.

Voltage is up.

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