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Warp (PL 10) - Freely Seek

Curious Key

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Player Name: Freely Seek

Character Name: Warp

Power Level: 10

Trade-Offs: +4 Defense / -4 Toughness, +3 Attack / -3 DC

Unspent Power Points: 0

Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30

In Brief: An awkward teenage girl and emergent mutant of Terminus energies trying to prove she has what it takes to be a hero.

Alternate Identity: Katharine A. Shade

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Normal, Illinois

Occupation: Student

Affiliations: Claremont Academy

Family: Citrine Shade (Mother), Alexander Shade (Father), Lyle Shade (Brother)

Citrine Shade was the kind of soft-spoken, warm-hearted woman that sitcom producers liked to put in front of a nest of children with a sewing machine. She was an insurance agent, and when she came home father would have dinner on the counter waiting for her; Kat was wary of her. A telepath she was not but she knew her children and would brook no nonsense from them; not like their Dad would. Lyle was the baby of the family. In Kat's mind, he was too young and she was too old to ever get along. She talked to him with her nose in the air and teased him into believing impossible lies. And in revenge, he trashed her things. Or was it the other way around?

Kat's father taught as a head instructor of the biggest dojo in Normal, and all his children grew up knowing the steps and forms, but early on Alexander noticed that Kat was something special. At first, he thought of it as a natural talent. He never said that he was disappointed in her for being born stronger after they discovered what she was. But they don’t meet each other’s eyes anymore.

Age: 16 (DoB: 1997, 3rd of August)

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 120

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Red

Her face is rounded and heart-shaped, with a pointed nose and eyes a little too wide for her face. Her rust-red hair, left free, falls about her shoulder and no further, but usually she ties it with hairband into a tail behind her back.

Kat’s a teenager and it shows—her arms and legs have the lanky, almost clumsy look of a body not quite properly grown. Her figure is girlish, slim and slight, made trimmed and lean with all excess burned away by physical activity and mutant strength. In her day-to-day activities, Kat wears a wide variety of clothes though most often she leans toward the practical, whether jeans or shorts or blouses or hoodies as the year runs through its cycle. She favors greens and browns and sometimes reds.

As Warp, all her clothes are outright black. She lets her her hair fall free and wears an open vest over a close-fitting shirt with a spiral insignia printed red in the center and sleeves that nearly reach her wrists, a pair of thick, fingerless gloves, loose, long shorts with many pockets and a pair of boots.

Power Descriptions:

Warp's early exposure to Terminus energies has caused her physiology to develop differently than a normal girl, leaving her muscles denser and more efficient than an ordinary human's, allowing Warp to bring down enemies many times what a girl her size could.

But Warp’s namesake is her ability to twist space like a rubber band to serve her needs. This power directly relates to her connection to the Terminus, the dimension of entropy which lies between all dimensions. She breaks through the wall to our world and moves along the edge between it and Terminus where distance and time is meaningless before breaking through the other end. With dim flashes of rusty red her silhouette vanishes and reappears across great distances, or pry open portals between two distant places or hide items in a stash between dimensions and more.


“ . . . Look at these records. See the way they flare up? That’s terminus energy.â€

“Why didn’t we pick this up beforehand? Does no one remember the invasion?!â€

“Whoever did this, they did it right. Subtle. Somewhere no one would look too close. It was pegged as ordinary cosmic radiation until they found the Shade girl. More important—look at where it’s centered on.â€

“. . . The maternity ward, it’s centered on the maternity ward.â€

“It’s no invasion, but the Shade girl is proof—at that strength and proximity, mutations can still occur, if rarely. Fascinating.â€

“T-babies. Someone’s been making more.â€

“That much is obvious, doctor. What we really need to know is . . . why?â€


There was no clear, dramatic moment when Katharine realized she was special. No epiphany, no realization in the face of adversity. It came in fits and starts, surfacing and falling back below by turns as her nature fought to exert itself more fully. Kat sleep-walked,

She grew up in Illinois, in Normal Illinois, far from freedom city. Metahumans and superheroes existed, of course, but they were something that happened to Other People, like hurricanes, like miracles. They didn't come to Normal. That sort of thing simply didn't happen there.

Between activities, everyone Kat met was in awe of her strength. She played in martial arts tournaments in her father dojo and won a great deal. It was something she did because it made her father smile and she enjoyed the challenge, while it was a challenge. But it was easy. She tried out in plays with the UnNatural Children’s Acting troupe, and loved it. Loved the nervous feeling in her gut before walking out onto a stage, loved looking at the smiling crowd, loved that it was hard.

One day, the UnNatural troupe was going to perform a depression era piece, and Kat was going to play a major role as street urchin in Chicago, working her way up. She dreamed of it the night before, and when she woke up she was in a dumpster. In downtown Chicago. In her pajamas.

Kat was terrified. Back at home, her parents were terrified. A missing children’s report was filed and some generous soul lent Kat their phone to call 911. The problem was solved before it could make too many waves . . . but Claremont has special sources that kept an eye on these impossibilities.


"I'm afraid so, Mr. Shade. As she is now, your daughter is a potential threat. Not just to herself, but everyone around her. She doesn't know what she is, she doesn't know how to control it, and one day she'll hurt someone badly enough 'I'm Sorry' won't be enough."

"Don't make that face; I know you're a good girl. And you can fix this. You just need to learn how."

"I represent the Claremont Academy. We teach many gifted children like Kat every year; to control their blessings, to be safe, and then go back to living normal lives, if that's what they want."

"Thank you. You'll find that your daughter will receive the very best of care. Please sign here."


For the first time, Kat talked about herself, and all the little hidden bits and pieces of her that she had kept away. Her questions were answered. Kat's parents made noise about moving to Freedom city and finding new jobs to be there for their daughter. But they never did.

Heroes were something that just didn't happen in Normal, but in Freedom . . . they were everywhere. One by one the Kat's irregularities were singled out and brought under her control, and she wondered, surrounded all the while by young superheroes making a name for themselves . . . what would she do with it?

Personality & Motivation:

Some might describe Kat as a social wrecking ball, and they would not be wrong. She's terrible at subtlety, at the murmured half meanings and nuances of verbal communication; so she’s loud, her gestures huge. Even her stance is wide, like she’s claims the ground she stands on. It’s an act, or it was an act that Kat kept on playing for so long that she forgot how to be anything else.

Forget altruism, forget generosity, and forget justice. Kat knows these well and believes in them and they make her a decent person, but they're not the reason she became Warp. She wants to be something, do something, carve out a niche in the world for herself.

She craves praise because they tell her that she's moving in the right direction. Warp might be a hero, but Kat is a girl craving acknowledgment. She’s played countless heroes, gone through the motions, said their witty-one liners and listened to the crowd cheer. Now? She wants more than to pretend. She wants to be one.

Powers & Tactics:

In combat Warp tears through space liberally, closing the distance between targets and her in moments to strike and subdue with bare hands, striking quick and precise to wear enemies down and knocking them out, dodging and weaving out of the way of enemy attacks as she does so. Speed and mobility are Warp's watchwords.


Late T-Baby : Warp's powers come from Terminus influence. It will take more heroics to overcome the fear and suspicion reserved by the people of Freedom City for people like her.

Terminal Terror : Kat has had curiously accurate nightmares about the Terminus for as long as she can remember, and the sight of the Void or an Omegadrone is likely to send her into hysterics.

Secret Identity : Warp's identity as Katharine Shade is not widely known, and she would prefer it stay that way.

Show Off : Kat has a flare for the dramatic even when restraint should hold her in check. As Warp it's even worse.

Student : At Claremont Academy heroics aren't an excuse to skirt schoolwork.

The Show Must Go On : Kat had a great deal of stage training at an early age, and has taken up with an acting group in Freedom. She takes it very seriously.

The Omegas : A local and unsavory group of T-babies in Freedom called The Omegas consider Warp something of a misguided sister or daughter. They would like nothing more than to convince the girl the rest of the world wants nothing to do with her and throw her lot in with them. They know she is Katharine Shade.

Abilities: 4 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 8 + 10 = 28PP

Strength: 24 (+7) [16 (+3)]-Mutant Physique

Dexterity: 18 (+4) [12 (+2)]-Mutant Physique

Constitution: 16(+3) [12 (+1)]-Mutant Physique

Intelligence: 12 (+1)

Wisdom: 18 (+3)

Charisma: 20 (+5)

Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP

Initiative: +4/1

Attack: +5 Melee, +5 Ranged, +13 Unarmed, +13 Mental

Grapple: +12, [+8]

Defense: +14 (+5 Base, +9 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -4

Saving Throws: 4 + 5 + 6 = 15PP

Toughness: +6 (+3 Con, +3 Armor ) [+4 (+1 Con, +3 Armor)]

Fortitude: +7 (+3 Con, +4) [+5, +1 Con, +4]

Reflex: + 9 (+4 Dex, +4) [+5, +1 Dex, +5]

Will: +10 (+4 Wis, +6)

Skills: 56R = 14PP

[Acrobatics] [8] (+12) Skill Mastery

[bluff] [8] (+13) Skill Mastery

[Concentration] [12] (+16)

[Notice] [12] (+16)

[Perform (Acting)] [12] (+17) Skill Mastery

[sense Motive] [8] (+12) Skill Mastery

[stealth] [4] (+8)

Feats: 25PP

Attack Specialization (Unarmed) IV

Dodge Focus IX

Defensive Attack

Elusive Target

Equipment II

Improved Critical II (Basic Unarmed)

Power Attack

Quick Change


Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Bluff, Perform (Acting), Sense Motive)

Stunning Attack

Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

Equipment: 9/10EP

Multi-Tool -1EP

Undercover Vest -4EP (Feats: Subtle)

Flashlight -1EP

Binoculars -1EP

Handcuffs -1EP

Cell Phone -1EP

Powers: 18 + 33 + = 48PP

Mutant Physique (18PP Container [Passive, Permanent]) {18}

Enhanced Strength 8 (Mutant) {8}

Enhanced Dexterity 6 (Mutant) {6}

Enhanced Constitution 4 (Mutant) {4}

Terminal Array ( 30PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power III) [33PP]

BP: Teleport 9 (900ft/Anywhere on Earth; Extras: Accurate; Feats: Turnabout, Change Direction, Change Velocity) (World Step; Mutant, Terminal, Spatial) {30/30}

AP: Teleport 10 (Earth To Moon; Extra: Portal; Flaws: Long-Ranged), (Mutant, Terminal, Spatial) {30/30}

AP: Strike 7 (Extras: Area (Burst), Selective; Feats: Indirect III, Accurate IV) - Warp disappears and reappears in rapid succession, striking all hostiles in an area before appearing where she started. (Warp Flurry; Mutant, Terminal, Spatial) {28/30}

AP: Dimensional Pocket 15, (Mutant, Terminal, Spatial) {30/30}

DC Block

ATTACK                   RANGE         SAVE                  EFFECT

Unarmed*                 Touch         DC22 Toughness        Damage (Physical)

   Stunning Attack       Touch         DC17 Fortitude        Stun/Daze/Unconscious

   Warp Flurry           25ft Radius   DC22 Toughness        Damage (Physical) 

Dimensional Pocket       Touch         DC17 Reflex/Will**    Locked in Pocket Dimension

*Improved Critical II feat applies.

**Reflex to avoid, Will to escape. +1 Bonus to prisoner's Will every round captured.

Totals: Abilities (18) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (13) + Feats (28) + Powers (57) = 150/150 Power Points

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From an ill an tired chap, so take with a pinch if salt...

A few mecalhanical issues...

Concentration and acrobatics break caps. 15 Ranks only at PL10

concentration IIRC is specifically not allowed to be skill mastered.

as per house rules, 1/3 of your attack bonus must be bought as base attack (same for defence)

Alterate save reflex might well be scrutinized on approval. Its not that recommended for powers, fir instance it can be a cheap way to buy a power which should be fort save with the extra cost if affects objects. I'll just note at this point it may be acrutinised carefully on submission.

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