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St. George's Armory (OoC)


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  • 3 weeks later...

Okay, so Kristin is going to try a neat trick first up. She wants to telekinesis-disarm the closest group of 4 (or all of the dudes if she can - it has a 25-50 foot radius) with her area attack.

It's targeted so she has to roll, and I think disarming with a ranged attack is -4 to the roll. But they're hopefully flat-footed so here goes: 19 which would be 15 with the minus 4.

As per chat that should hit people, so now an opposed strength roll (at the rank of the TK 7) to disarm! 24.

All your guns are belong to Glow! (hopefully!)

This attack is distracting so Glow would be flat footed til her next go.

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Glow: 18, Unharmed, HP x3

>Silver Spider: 17, Unharmed, HP x3

Attack: 1d20+8=17

>Reflex save: 1d20+7=26 :argh:

Full disclosure, our enemy tonight is based upon TT's awesome Angelic Vigilante build. Of the 12 they're fighting, 8 are versions without the Blessing or Sword arrays but are otherwise PL 6 versions of the build, the remaining four are as shown at PL 9.

And now their init, 1d20+3=9 Oh sure, now IC flubs a roll...

>Glow: 18, Unharmed, HP x3

Silver Spider: 17, Unharmed, HP x3

Iscariot mooks: 3, 8/12 disarmed.

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PL-6 guys 1, 3, and 5-8 fail and drop. 2 and 4 remain unphased

PL-9 guys

1 is bruised.

2 is dazed and staggered.

3 saved.

4 is bruised and dazed.

Silver's up!

Acrobatic bluff against 3: 1d20+10=17

Check against: 1d20+14

Attack: 1d20+8=26

Reflex: 1d20+7=17

Glow: 18, Unharmed, HP x3

Silver Spider: 17, Unharmed, HP x3

>Iscariot mooks: 3, 2 PL6 minions up, PL 9 bruised x1, 2 dazed & staggered, 3 entangled, 4 bruised and dazed.

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So Glow would be up then?

Cool, let's do the throwing thing.

Attack roll: 10. Oops. Actually let's try that again! Attack reroll: 14 + 10 from the reroll becomes 24.

Grapple check: 32

In the event that Glow wins the grapple she'll proceed to throw her victim at the staggered bad guy. #2 I believe.

Attack roll with thrown villain: 23.

It's a while since I tried this trick, but I believe that should cause a toughness save for both?

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Glow: 18, Unharmed, HP x4

Silver Spider: 17, Unharmed, HP x3

>Iscariot mooks: 3, 2 PL6 minions up, PL 9 bruised x1, dazed, & staggered. 4 bruised x1.

Remaining minions run away through doors by the alter. Hero points for that. Bad guy 4 is going to try something different from his companion, channeling holy fire through his sword at the new comer. 1d20+9=13, guess not.

>Glow: 18, Unharmed, HP x3

Silver Spider: 17, Unharmed, HP x3

Iscariot mooks: 3 #1 bruised x1 & staggered. #4 bruised x1.

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Okay okay. Time for a new trick.

Move action: Acrobatic feint vs the guy who just threw the fireball. Skill mastery gives Glow an auto-25.

Standard action: Attack roll vs the same guy - power attack +2 damage / -2 attack: 9! Whoops! Re-roll: 18! Much better.

Would be a DC26 toughness save for that dude.

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Score! HP are good! I have 3 right?

Also, ouch! Enough of that! Glow's going to attempt to pin the bad guy with her TK so that Spider can take a free shot.

Attack roll: 10. Okay, let's make that 2 HP: 22.

Grapple check: 26.

If villain does beat that then Glow will try to acrobatic feint him with her move action - auto 25 with skill mastery. I think she's tried that before against this bad guy, so he gets a bonus to his roll (+1 I think?) against that. If he's grappled then obviously there's no need for the feint.

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