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Just Another Night at the Vampire Club [OOC]

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No bodies in alleys. If a body's been left in the alley, we've progressed to the point of straight hostilities.

Perhaps Custos saw some of the distress after the last attack while on patrol and alerted Etain? Or maybe she heard about Nick going out to investigate while he was getting ready at the Parkhurst?

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Airoo, you gave me a great idea for a stunt!

Spending an HP for this one, of the main magic array. It kind of fits with his hold "Painting" Magic.

ESP 3 (1000 feet, Extras: Portal (+2) )

To be honest I don't know exactly how to build this, It could be Selective Affects Others Area, but he would have ample points to stunt it anyway. Basically, he is showing a "TV Screen" on outside.

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Etain can clearly make out four vampires - and yes, her magic sight does recognize them as undead magical creatures of a sanguine disposition - standing in the darkness, some dressed in typical Goth wear, others more dressed in the "hipster" style (of the Fifties and Sixties, rather than modern day). Magic is lingering on the air - some of it seems vital and powered by blood, while the rest is morbid and powered by the death energy running through the undead forms.

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