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Origin Story 


Caer Arianrhod, Gwynedd, Wales

The Witching Hour, 1st March 2012


The moon shone down bright on the ocean, though at places of high magic it was difficult to tell what was real and what was symbolic writ large. Only at such times could the real entrance be found to the home of Arianrhod, for her home wasn’t a palace but a prison for the goddess that did wrong by the founder of their order.


Ever since when agents of the Amddiffynnwr o Lleu Llaw Gyffes first formed when they came to age they would go meet the captured goddess. Both to see what they were fighting and to hear a prediction of there future fates, apparently this was never an agreement between the goddess and the Order it was just that she grew bored of the same conversations.


Tonight was the turn of the most current Blodeuwedd, always contentious as the name was so tied to why Arianrhod had been imprisoned by the Order.

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