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Diamond in the Rough (IC)

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Recently one of the more popular girls had taken it upon themselves to introduce Cerys to all that society had to offer. This normally consisted of dragging her of to some event or other and then forgetting all about her.

Tonight it was Baseball a game she didn’t really understand it wasn’t Rugby, which was the extent of her sporting interests. So once she had been forgotten, which hadn’t taken long, she had snuck off to a quiet corner put on some music and tried to catch up on some of her school work. So engrossed was she in her work, and with her stealth abilities undiscovered, that by the time she was finished everyone had gone home. Well almost everyone. Packing up she noticed a group in the gloom clustered around the middle of the pitch. Her goggles gave her enough detail to suggest they were up to no good.

She was just moving closer to get a better look; she didn’t figure she would need stealth at this distance, when trouble struck. She felt a hand firmly on her shoulder.

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Totally unprepared Cerys panicked as she was lifted up by the unseen assailant. He then preceded to frog march her towards the crowd of people

Whilst Cerys wasn’t exactly on form she was still well trained with habits that automatically kicked in. Three of them looked like straight up jocks, they wore those jackets that were popular among there kind, they were sports men not fighters and shouldn’t be too much trouble. The other three were more problematic they looked like gangsters and were probably armed if it came down to a fight they would be the trouble.

“Well look what I’ve found.â€

With that all eyes turned to her. She knew what she said next would determine what happened next. The problem was she had nothing to say.

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Cerys had to think fast these were not the patient kind of people. She adopted a rather scared and passive demeanour.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t be here, I just lost track of time. My parents will be worried about me.†She dropped into a Freedom accent, though it had just a trace of her own.

The groups went into a huddle to discuss what to do with her. The Gangers just wanted to kill her, no surprise there, but the jocks seemed a lot more reluctant. This would be handy it spread dissent between the two groups.

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After a few more minutes of heated discussion she was made to sit down slightly away from the rest and a guard put on her.

Good they were concentrating on business at hand and not on her. And only one guard to deal with. She had left everything but her clothes in the bag, back at the stands, so she couldn’t just disappear.

“I don’t suppose you could just let me go? I promise I won’t tell anyone.â€

The guard sneered and pointed his gun at her “No I don’t think so.â€

Oh well it was worth a try, though she hadn’t really hadn’t expected him to.

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She waited until the discussions become particularly heated, and her guard got distracted by the chance of a fight breaking out.

She wasn’t going of anything fancy and as the guard wasn’t expecting her to cause trouble he’d gotten far closer than he should. She simply kicked out with her feet knocking the startled guard to the ground. The she pirouetted up onto her feet.

Whilst she could have go straight onto the rest of the gang but it would have got messy really quick so she made for the cover of the stands, blending into the shadows. All this was achieved before the gang could even react to their fallen college.

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