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The Kids Aren't Alright (IC)


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Bayview, South Bay St., 2012, April 7th, 12.45 P.M.

The day dawned clear, the air was warm, the world hummed quietly and smoothly into gear, and a truly beautiful day was born!

The new weekend was welcome to the young heroes-in-training that frequented Claremont Academy, and most of them hurried out the gate or took to their dorms in a flurry of excitement, eager to pack as much into the coming two days as they could.

This eagerness was by itself normally harmless, but with individuals granted powers beyond those borne by the majority of the world, they could turn dangerous in an instant. Which was what made the fierce argument two Claremonters were getting into on the sidewalk that much more dangerous.

Two young boys, one a towering hydrokinetic, the other a shorter, more powerfully-built teen with the power to move at near-light speeds(without affecting his mass, oddly enough) had just discovered they had diametrically opposing views on politics, and a slowly-built friendship was quickly being eroded...

"That's just what HE said!"

"Oh yeah, like that guy's all you need to know about the WHOLE philosophy of-"

"Quit tiptoeing around the REAL issue, man! You just don't want to admit that's all your thinking leads too!"

"Oh yeah!?"


It certainly wasn't going to peacefully resolve itself, and a fight between two powered students would draw attention, questions and thought best left unturned, unasked and unmade.

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Subito wasn't the sort to be much less than eagerly enthused about whatever he did, and so it was with a leap and a bound that the stocky teen crossed the open portal, landing with a cheery thud on the pavement that slightly widened a tear in his shoe. With a muffled "Oh, come on" he glanced at the damage, shrugged it off with a "Eh, I can fix it later" and took off rapidly down the street, humming a marching song the Blue Dame was teaching him dating back to the 1600s.

He was in high spirirts, not least because he fully intended to go and spend the day with his cousin, who had perked up surprisingly after the recent crisis of the Proteus incident. he had to admit, from what he'd heard over the phone it was a pleasant change from his usually dour kinsman.

It was just about when he had gotten to the part where they went fishing in the Sunset Lake in Liberty Park when the argument started beside him. Changing course with a spin of his heel Subito walked up to the two antagonists, took them easily by the shoulders, and placed them next to each other several feet from where they had been staring each other down.

Looking at them both he demanded flatly "Guys, you're not gonna change either of your minds after yelling at each other, and if you keep at this you're going to get us all in trouble, so apologize, calm down, and QUIT IT.You want Summers to have to answer any more weird questions?"

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Saturday, it would normally be a work day, but luckily someone traded hours with her. She had some hectic hours during the week, but it was worth having the whole weekend off. She even got to see the game last night! That's the good new, the bad news being that it was a loss. Oh well, Sunday is another game. Still she has all day to explore Freedom City. It is a bit chilly for this time of year for her, then again, growing up in the warmth of the Miami sun and then going to the Jersey winter was quite a change for her. Spring needs to spring already! Though her problems are instantly negated when she hears two boys arguing about... politics. Oh boy. She would have rolled her eyes and walked away from this scene, but they happen to be Claremont students. So their disagreements could be disastrous out in the open public. Also, it looks like someone is trying to calm them down. Which is great, but it still has the potential to turn ugly. Leaning on a nearby wall, she watches from a safe distance where she can can still hear and see everything.

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The reaction of the two antagonists to Subito's remonstrations was..not quite as severe as he might have wished. With sulking glares directed at first him then each other, they complied with little grace


"Me too. I shouldn't have bro-" the sandy-haired telekinetc stopped mid-word and with a shrug of their shoulders they went along their way, which incidentally looked to be the favored hangout of Claremonters, the Bayview mall.

The small cluster of other students quickly scattered, some snickering to each other, comparing the bulky junior's efforts to those of the upperclassmen famed for their ability to shut people down with a quirked brow. The rest just seemed glad a crisis had been averted.

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That guy was alright in Karly's book. He took care of business without a single blow. Sure, it was a bit pushy, but sometimes harsher words are needed. Scanning the boy's aura he was frustrated. She hoped she could change that. Walking over to him she smiled, "Hey, nice work you did there, man. You understand the score." She offered him a handshake, "I'm Karly Parker. I go to Claremont also." She crossed her arms and nodded, "I'd like to repay your kindness. Do you need a ride anywhere? I can take you there." Indeed, Freedom is a big town and if this guy was a native, he could show her some of the more interesting stuff!

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Subito had just begun to get back on course when the voice behind startled him out of a brief reverie, the subject of which was almost instantly forgotten, much to his inner dismay. Not letting it show all that much, he sauntered over to Karly, extending his left hand when he got close enough "Nice to meet you Karly" he said warmly, with only a shade of grump left at the altercation from several seconds ago "My name's Subito Sondo, not really sure I'd call that a 'kindness', they were kinda bein' a danger to the rest of us, more like a 'duty' I'd say" he put his hands in his pockets and regarded the girl with puzzlement "A ride? Well, I was just gonna take the bus to Lincoln, but since you offered sure! I-" he stopped, snapping his fingers as he realized something rather important "Right! I need a few things for this fishing trip I'm going to take a friend of mine on, you wouldn't mind taking me down to the Bayview Mall, would you?" he asked politely(which compared to his regular manner of speaking was..unusual) "It's just a few miles down that road and to the right, can't miss it, and we won't need be there long at all" he said, gesturing down the glistening tarmac humming with the gentle stream of cars passing by.

The day was still sunny, the breeze drifting in from the sea was gently stirring the leaves and bushes, and Subito suspected he might make a new friend by the end of the day.

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Karly lightly curtsied as Subito introduced himself. She would probably have to get used to hearing that word, 'duty', a lot. Duty was a kind of kindness, she guessed. If you didn't care enough for others you wouldn't be doing your duty. It made sense in her head at least. "The mall," Karly questioned rhetorically, "sure I can do that! Before we go anywhere, I must ask if you mind holding on." Karly pointed over to the motorcycle parking area. There sat a lone black motorcycle, a Honda Phantom. She smiled, "I understand if you don't."

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The young paragon laughed aloud. "Don't worry, I've ridden behind my sister on her bike enough times to know holding onto the driver is extremely necessary." He looked her up and down for a moment before adding "You look a bit taller than me, hopefully that'll even out our difference in weight a bit. I'll do my best to help keep balance."

The boy glanced over at the motorcycle, then stopped his gaze midway between it and Karly, returning to it again for a brief stare. After a slack-jawed second he quickly closed his mouth with an audible click and looked back to to the girl "That is an awesome bike" he said reverently "I'll be extra careful" he assured her, swinging neatly onto the passenger seat and donning the extra helmet hanging from the side, grumbling a bit at how tightly it fit his head. Once that was done, he calmly readied himself for the quick trip.

Odds are this won't be too difficult he thought cheerfully

Do not be so sure, evil is ever-lurking in this city reminded the Blue Dame, her powerful voice thrumming through his head.

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The ride through the pleasant roads of Bayview, with the bright spring sun shining down like a boiling white gem, was a smooth and peaceful journey. Not a single sudden turn needed to be made, green lights all the way, and the number of cars on the road was far below the norm for a Freedom City weekend.

With a slight crunching sound Karly's motorcycle slid neatly into the space she'd selected, the driveway being plentifully supplied with open spots even twenty feet from the mall's front doors. Birds fluttered in neat loops and spirals through the air filling the sky with song, the few clouds streaking the clear blue sky were ribbon-like and far in the atmosphere. Small groups of students(Claremonters and non) were slowly streaming in and out, many of them giving appreciative calls and waves at the bike and its driver.

It was all but a perfect day.

Which made the two people standing on the roof of the mall all the more unusual...

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The ride had been a lot more fun than Subito had expected. Gotta remember to try and be a passenger on bikes more often, it's a lot less stressful than even flying he thought cheerfully, taking off the helmet as he carefully disembarked, swinging one leg over the back and planting it firmly on the ground before he followed it with the rest of his tough weight. Giving his head a shake to get his springy hair back into its accustomed mass of curls.

Rubbing his head and tossing the helmet back onto the seat he said to Karly "Thanks a lot! I barely ever get to ride a motorcycle, forgot how fun it is!"

He glanced at the mall, continuing "Alright, shouldn't take too long to find the....what..?" he stared dumbly at the people on the roof for a moment before saying bluntly "That's bad. We should get those people down before something awful happens" he glanced worriedly at Karly, asking her nervously "Do those look like anyone you know from Claremont? I can't tell from here."

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