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Drank their Milk (IC)


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October 13th, 5:34 PM

Bus stop at Freedom City University, near the Math building

Drake Bannings was tired. This last week was a mess... he'd travelled across the country on a bus, didn't have an apartment yet and was staying in a Motel 6, and had been running around the city applying to the three local universities. He'd just got out of a meeting with a professor whom he was meeting with to talk about the postdoc stuff, though he was fairly sure something was off with the man for holding meetings with people starting at 5PM. Didn't these profs ever need to go home or something? Well, there wasn't much to do but wait. Thankfully this wasn't the most uncomfortable of bus stop benches he'd ever waited on.

Across the street, there seemed to be some big commotion at a frat party. Well, it was a party, and he knew very well how wild those could get. Probably would be resolved rather quickly when enough people dogpiled in to stop the party. And then someone fell out a window from 3 stories.

Drake sprinted over to help the fallen victim, who... surprisingly was alright. The guy was already on his feet, and whooping with excitement to several other overly excited fratboys, who started following him down. His muscles popping, he rapidly ran across the street and suddenly flipped over the bus that was just pulling up--it hadn't even opened its doors to let off passengers yet.

That... wasn't good. Drake quickly summoned up his Costume with energy from the depths of the cosmos, and drew his device. He nearly shouted out his old battlecry before he remembered that he was supposed to be dead, and did his best to make one up on the fly. "Stop, by the will of the stars!!" Yeah... that could use some work.

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The drive over hadn't been horrible. Jasmine was about thirty minutes ahead of schedule after getting over here from work. She was supposed to surprise her dad and lead him back to her place for a birthday dinner, but it'd be about hour until he got out of the meetings. So she sat in her van, reading a book absently as she reclined the seat. It was off and no music was playing, but she heard a very pounding thumping. Looking up she glanced out her window, and across the parking lot at a bus stop her eyebrows went up as she saw the bus starting to tilt,

"What in the world?!"

She didn't need that much time to prepare, She climbed out through the back and emerged from the van full costume as Catalyst with a pistol in each hand. Running over to get a better view of the situation she saw someone else, probably another hero appear with a rather strange battle cry,

Huh, did heroes still do that anymore?

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Liz Moya was not a happy person. She was failing her trigonometry course, mostly because she kept getting called away during tests to deal with various inhuman or superhuman threats, but her professor was being singularly unhelpful in letting her reschedule. Frankly she didn't know why she'd ever need to be able to calculate sines or cosines on the fly; the American school system was far too scattered for her liking, but at Langston Albright's insistence she had scheduled a meeting with the professor, late at night. Of course, he hadn't diegned to show, and she had essentially wasted an hour or better, all told.

She clomped down the steps of the math building, fuming internally. She was considering changing into Starlight and sweeping through the Waterfront distract, to try and vent her frustration on some hapless criminals, but the sudden crash and brunch of the bus' glass and metal body caught her attention instead. Her lips curved into a thin smile; here was someone that was practically begging for a superhero to come after them.

Of course, she couldn't risk transforming out in the open. The heroine ducked back into the building and ran to the bathroom; there she exercised her power and in a heartbeat, transformed into the tall, slender, alabaster heroine Starlight.

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The Fratboys were amped up. The one who had flipped over the bus was now Hefting cars, while the three other enraged ones went after Altairion. Two were still disoriented after their fall, and missed Altairion; the other one landed a lucky blow right to his face, but his cosmic armor was just barely able to block it before it could do damage. Despite its lack of effect, the supercharged fratboy couldn't help but let out a whoop after striking such viscious contact with an opponent's face. He turned quickly to his buddies to get high-fives while the sounds of crunching metal ensued in the background from their one out of control friend flipping over another car.

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Altairion, unfortunately, was slow to react to the thug's onslaught, and took a blow to the head that his cosmic armor barely blocked. When he could react, he immediately took off 50 feet into the air, and away from the building. He begans summoning a snare to catch the one who hit him, but looked back to see that the three that had assaulted him were struggling with some kind of sticky binding that had rendered them unable to fight. Whoever did that, Altairion would have to thank them later. He turned his efforts to the original one who had fallen out the window, who had grown bored with cars and was approaching a group of frightened bystanders. He took aim with a bind of his own, summoning cosmic energies to ensnare the raging fratboy, and fired: a nice clean hit, leaving him helplessly bound.

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Catalyst lined up her fire on the thugs she could see and shot out two paintballs at each. The chemical mixture exploded into a mass of PB foam that completely entangled two of the thugs and bound one completely. She glanced over at the other hero she guessed doing something similiar, though she kept her distance,

"Vandalism of public transportation, huh, isn't it a little early for you guys to be drunk enough to think that was a good idea? I mean, it's barely an hour after five."

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In the bathroom, Liz Moya finished transforming into Starlight. The aline heroine appeared in a blaze of light, banishing the evening murk with a point source of light that melted the lingering shadows. She took a deep breath, swept her gaze over the scene, and let it all out in a disappointed huff. It seemed like the other heroes already had the situation well in hand and didn't really need her. She kept a frown off her face -- she'd really been hoping to vent her frustration on some hapless criminals -- and walked over tot he heroine in the hazmat suit. "Is everyone alright," she asked. "Is anyone injured?"

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