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Run! The Gauntlet! (OOC)

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Until Gauntlet NPC gets fully fleshed out, the previous stats:

PL 10, DC and Toughness shifted +4

STR 38 DEX 10 CON -- INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 10 [8 PP]

Attack +6 (Includes -1 From Size), Defend +6 (+2 Flat Footed, Includes -1 from Size) [24 PP]

Fort -- Reflex +0 Will -- Toughness +14 (Impervious +6), Initiative +0, Knockback -18, Grapple +27

Skills: Intimidate 4 [+6 including Size] [1 PP]

Feats: None

Powers: 19 + 13 + 66 + 13 + 2 = 113

Density 6 (x5 Mass, +12 STR, +3 Impervious Protection,Immovable 2, Super Strength 2, Permanent, Innate)

Growth 4 (Large, +8 STR, +2 Toughness, Permanent, Innate)

Immunity 65 (Will Saves, Fort Saves, Electrical damage, Innate)

Protection 9 (Impervious 3, Innate)

Supersenses 2 (Tremorsense)

Disadvantage: Slow to react (-4 to Initiative Rolls) 1 PP.

Total Cost = 9+24+1+113-1=146PP.

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Initiative Time!

Not fully statting these folks as they are only around for a few rounds before Marcus gets (if he wishes) back to "Real World" out of the painting.

They are all fairly able combatants, so:

STR 12, DEX 12, CON 12. Attack +4, Defence +4. Tough +1, Fort +4, Reflex +4, Will +2. Initiative +1

The Aztecs Weapons are +2 Damage.

The COnquestidors have +3 Armour, giving Tough +4, Rapiers (+2 Damage, Crit 18-20), and Flintlocks (+3 Damage, one use only).

1d20+1=12 for Aztecs (15 left)

1d20+1=20 for Conquestidors (3 Left)

A few are in melee range of yourself and each other.

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It is indeed, and Gauntlet will follow!

Round 5

Marcus 2 Hero Points - Unharmed

Gauntlet - INjured x 3

Technically Gauntlet I think is slightly faster, as he is larger, but I will say in this case, he is no faster, as he also has to crash through the hotel, so in actual fact you have the slight edge on him.

You are now outside in the open air!

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Using a bit of a PLOT device here, but someone else has been drawn to the clash of the (beast rune) titans!

Gauntlet is running full out, and as he is immune to fort saves, can keep it up indefinatly. He is ignoring Marcus for now.

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Ok first off, you match Gauntlet in speed with it running all out and you at normal pace - so you could overtake it by sprinting - Ill let you decide that but it may involve some fudging and a CON check to avoid fatigue.

Secondly, could you throw me a notice roll? the DC is 10 and the target is 1000 feet away - so only a -2 penalty for Arcturus' amazing Extended Olfactory senses!

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Even for Gauntlet, that's a miss.


Move Action: Change!!!

STandard Action: Run away!!!


Moving All Out, following Ferral and reaching her.

Next Round!

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