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[Shared HQ] Parkhurst Hotel

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From the Diary of Nick Cimitiere

April 4th, 2011


We've finally got renovations on the Parkhurst done. Rene, Crow, Arcturus and I managed to lay the wards that'll let us know when intruders get in. Changeling and Warlock put up the glamour that keeps the Parkhurst looking like it did before we moved in. The Astorias, Millie and Joe helped finish the reconstruction, and they know all the signals for setting off the wards. And the spell array's up and running, even if the conflicting energies are a bit hard to wrestle -- divine magic, necromancy, fae magic, mind magic, pretty much everything but infernalism. We've managed to keep it all stable and warded, but I'm gonna be doing some more research into keeping it all running without either muting the effects or causing the whole thing to overload.


Now, if only we could find a way to get pizza delivered here...



30 EP (10 EP from Changeling, 5 EP from Nick Cimitiere, 5 EP from Crow, 5 EP from Dead Head, 5 EP from Rene de Saens)

See also: Unreal Estate

Size: Large (2 EP)

Toughness: 10 (1 EP)

Features: Combat Simulator, Communications, Concealed, Defense System (the Parkhurst Ghosts), Fire Prevention System, Infirmary, Garage, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Personnel, Pool, Power (7), Power System, Security System (the Parkhurst Ghosts), Workshop (22 EP)


Communication 10 (Mystic Communication) [Anywhere on Earth, Dimensional 2, Subtle]

Emotion Control 10 [Area Burst, Limited to Calm]

ESP 9 (Scrying Pool, including to other dimensions) [20,000 miles. Dimensional 2, Visual and Auditory, Medium: Water]

Nullify Magic 10 [Area Burst, Selective Attack] (hex-buster)

Obscure 10 [All Senses, Limited to ESP]

Regeneration 10 [Affects Objects Only]

Teleportation 10 [Anywhere on earth, Long Range, Accurate]

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