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Pulling Punches (IC)

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The fist landed squarely on the teen's force field, but though the energy construct depressed it didn't buckle, shedding the energy of the blow and leaving Glowstar untouched. The young hero floated on the air for a moment and waited until the crackling energy field died down, then locked eyes with Thunk. "You have a problem with me," he said quietly, "do not try and mess with civilians. Don't try and mess with my friends. Really don't try and mess with my family. Call me and we'll have a throw-down, but don't try to ambush me or I'll do this." Glowstar placed his hands on Thunk's chest and concentrated hard. For a moment the Boardwalk was lit up as bright as day, the strange energies within the teen surging out in a torrent of power. The troll went flying, and skidded a good distance once he did hit the ground.

The fey creature lay in a small pile, smoking from the force of the blow. The pair that had just emerged from hiding froze, then scurried over to their big brother. When he didn't move right away, they each grabbed an arm and pulled him into the shadows. For his part, Glowstar let out a long breath and lowered himself to the ground, his force field fading away slowly. The young man turned to Crow and smiled. "So? Up for another couple rounds?"

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