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Dig for Victory (OOC)

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Before we get, or don't surprised, its a notice check DC 15.

Given the poor lighting, -4 if you have no accurate sense that is operating. Slick has accurate olfactory that will do the business for rotting corpses!

However, Slick at -2 due to be shaken.


Makes it...

And initiative roll

1d20+3=13 not so good...

THe zombies...

1d20-1=2 even worse!

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OK there are four pumped up zombies (base stats, with +8 STR, +2 Att, +2 Def, +4 Protection). Shouldn't be a huge problem for us.

Slick - 13 - HP 1 - Shaken (-2 attacks, defence, checks)

Mad Dog- 7 - HP 1 - Unharmed

Zombies - 2 - Unharmed

And we start with a pitiful straight attack from Slick


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