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ODK Does America! (OOC)


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DS42 says he has an NPC on the way that plays Bass Guitar. We'll have hired her on to do this tour. For now, We'll just assume that she hits a DC 30 on perform with skill mastery. Eddie wouldn't have hired her with any less ;)

Her Super Name would be Bass Girl, and her Civvie name will be Erin Barloot.

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Okay, perform checks!

Eddie hits DC 32 on singing and Dancing automatically with Skill Mastery.

Alexis hits DC 30 on drums automatically with Skill Mastery.

As previously mentioned, Bass Girl hits DC30 with Skill Mastery.

Eddie will assist Warren/Bass Girl from time to time on guitar (buy using his VP to buy up to Max Ranks) and scores another 32 on this check. which will add +4 to all of Warren's checks. (DC10, +2 to his score, +1 for every 10 points they get over DC10).

We should probably consider Bass Girl's check as a separate instrument.

So far it's:

Singing: DC 32

Dancing: DC 32

Guitar: +4

Bass: DC 30

Drums: DC 30

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