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I Cast a Spell On You! OOC


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Gather Information

DC 10: Many know of Lantern Jack, the mysterious restless spirit who guards Lantern Hill. But since early October 2009, there's been something else seen patrolling the cemetery. Something just as mysterious, but corporeal.

DC 15: It's some sort of revenant, a non-mindless zombie. It's surprisingly personable and talkative, and it claims to have been active all up and down the east coast for about a decade. It likes to be called "Dead Head."

DC 20: It's tough -- monstrously tough -- but not in the "blades don't pierce its flesh" the of way. It appears to be as easily damaged as any average, normal person, but damage done to it is repaired at an astonishing rate. It can also separate parts of itself and control them across any distance, contort/dislocate itself so as to fit through most any space, and animate the dead as simple mindless skeletons and zombies.

Knowledge (Arcane Lore)

DC 10: Zombies are a very basic form of undead, used primarily for simple and repetitive tasks, like turning mill wheels and for guarding areas. Despite what some movies say, zombies can be put down by any sufficiently strong force, not just damage to their brain.

DC 15: A revenant is a more advanced form of zombie, one possessing most if not all of its mental faculties. Revenants are created for one specific, complex task or series of tasks, but some revenants arise spontaneously to complete some intensely personal mission left unfinished in life.

DC 20: Dead Head sometimes acts like the former, but seems to be the latter. The conditional "seems to be" is because the unfinished business that should be driving him isn't clearly identifiable. Dead Head claims to be "fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves," but such altruistic motives are not the sort that give rise to an undead.

DC 25: Dead Head's been active since January 2000. Unknown to the world at large, on New Year's Eve of 1999/2000, Baron Samedi and Malador the Mystic worked on a ritual together, fueled by the heightened anxieties of the populace who feared something horrible was going to happen on "Y2K", to summon some manner of pseudonatural entity into the world. They were stopped by Adrian Eldrich (and by Samedi betraying Malador at a crucial point), but the energies gathered were not completely dispersed, and some made their way south... to where Dead Head was first seen.

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