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Dynamic AP's


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I'm planning on making a character who has Dimensional control and I was wondering how dynamic ap's would work out for mix-and-matching the various dimensional states.

For example: how would you work out a dynamic array of the 2-D and 4-D forms? Do I have to have all the powers with fixed costs before assigning the remaining costs to the ones with variable costs?

The rationale for this would be his time spent as a plaything of higher-dimensional creatures ala WoD True Fey.

Thanks for the help!

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And how do you picture that working, mechanically? 2D form is Insubstantial 1, Invisibility, and Penetrating on Str damage; 4D is Insubstantial 3, Penetrate Concealment Hearing & Vision, and Enhanced Str/Super-Str.

I'd advise you to not make them Dynamic, just keep them in a regular Array.

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